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US racers - where are you?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Keith Briscoe, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Ok, sorry if this just sounds like complaining but tonight was pretty typical of what I see... very little MP population during the evening/night in the US. At 8pm Central time I think I saw absolutely ZERO. Perhaps servers/MP was down? Don't know, but it is not uncommon to see very little activity in the US evening.

    On the other hand, sometimes I can work from home and let's just say I find a way to "multi-task" and get a few laps in... this is when I see full servers (all of our European friends).

    Raise your virtual hands if you are US based and want to get some action during the weekday evenings :)!!!
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  3. I be one o them.
  4. RReed43

    RReed43 Hardcore Simmer

    Me too!!
  5. ijac

    ijac Gamer

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
  6. That's what I'm talking about... Thank you! I just registered. Perhaps there are even more of these leagues / servers, etc. and this post can be a way for people to find them (Moderator: understand if you delete if I've crossed a line).
  7. I am in a same boat as op. Wondering where are the us racers. I am actually going to start a server and discord channel to bring us community together. It’ll have some spice to it, events and prizes, but that will be announced later. As of right now, feel free to hook me up for some runs in the evenings.
  8. Tigerteeth

    Tigerteeth Simracer

    I feel this needs an appropriate rally cry....

    This dear non uk forumites is Delia Smith. Top TV cook and occasional drunk.
  9. ChivasRx

    ChivasRx Racer

    Good post OP. was thinking of posting similar as there maybe one server going on when I usually try to get some racing in, 4:30-5pm pacific. Although I would call for all American’s, north and south to show up. I’m on almost every night so am always looking for servers to run on. I assume we’ll see more participants when the game releases end of May, at least I’m hoping that’ll be the case.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    I'm in the North 1/2 of North America, central time, and have been thinking of trying MP for a while, but need the timing and ping to work, so will be watching here.
  11. Count me in, I’ve been observing the same situation during weekday evenings. Nice to see some USA interest! I’m in the Eastern time zone.
  12. ChivasRx

    ChivasRx Racer

    As far as pings, I’ve joined several servers with Pings higher than 200 and they have been rock solid with no sign of any adverse issues that usually goes along with higher pings. Just join in and see how it works for you.
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  13. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Simracer

    Pretty much all servers are 250ms+ for me and it's fine overall.
  14. RAWthentic

    RAWthentic Rookie

    I run into this every night. Make sure to join my server if it’s late. But I’ve realized if I come online with say 4 people we have the most populated server already and anyone who does see this jumps in.
  15. mouloudahou

    mouloudahou Rookie

    Hey looking to join the discord if there's room :) I don't know the link for the discord
  16. RAW - which is your server? I'm not online/MP now, so not currently viewing the list.
  17. Mouvoi

    Mouvoi Rookie

    I don’t have server. Is there a discord room already created that we I can join once you’re online?
  18. Juxtapuh

    Juxtapuh Rookie

    really hoping this game does well in the americas, its tough getting into league races as most are hosted from across the pond. its not the latency so much as its the timezone
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  19. ijac

    ijac Gamer

    @Juxtapuh (and anyone else) come join our league at cmsracing.com. We run races at 8pm Central time zone.
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  20. Look for USA east coast corsa server. I’m lapping around there right now:)
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