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Use default ppeffects with 1.4

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristotelis, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    This makes sense, didn't think of that. So the auto-exposure works with whatever "balance" of darker/lighter colors appear on the screen huh? I wonder if it does so dynamically, one could simply zoom in/out and check the exposure difference.
  2. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    yeah its live, enable dev apps, open hdr settings app, open driver eyes app, adjust fov and watch the exposure change (should work).

    no idea how games like gtav pull i off but they actually work like the eye does which is really nice and not immersion killing like yebis approach
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  3. semtex79

    semtex79 Gamer

    I wasnt really satisfied with the PPon image quality of 1.4.

    So, here is what I did:

    Create a Copy/paste default_PP.ini (from the default.ini) and switch off:


    In-Game I tuned the exposure-multiplier(?) to 70%

    This made it for me. Maybe others wanna try..

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  4. semtex79

    semtex79 Gamer

    BUT --- I really love 1.4 ... Keep goin' Kunos!!!!

  5. gundi

    gundi Gamer

    I have the same problem with new weather files:
    Way to bright horizon and sky with pp off!
    Better, but still to bright with pp on, even with natural mod 2.8 :(

    One cause seems to be the [FOG] BLEND parameter in weather.ini:
    For mid clear I changed it from the standard 0.8 to 0.2 - now pp on looks really good, pp off still a bit to bright in the distance, but ok.

    This does not change the bad look in showroom though - don't know, which weather file is beeing used here?
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  6. semtex79

    semtex79 Gamer

    Showroom effect is not weather related. ;)

    If you're talking about blurriness try to disable [DOF] and [CHROMATIC_ABERRATION] (which I think is a lens-effect (?) and happens in areas of high contrast (?) ... bit of guessing here..)

  7. F430_458_F12

    F430_458_F12 Alien

    The page up/down keys regulate the relative brightness.
  8. Paul Nunes

    Paul Nunes Gamer

    You're screen shot looks pretty nice. What setting are you using other than modified weather files? I did try your files and got better results but not quite what you show.
  9. mandaryn

    mandaryn Gamer

    1.4, GTX 580 @ win7x64, 359.06 WHQL.

    Screenshot_rover_mini_monza_17-12-115-12-25-4.jpg Screenshot_rover_mini_ks_brands_hatch_17-12-115-12-27-17.jpg
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  10. mistery

    mistery Hardcore Simmer

    I would like to be able to use PP but it has considerable hit on performance and for some reason there is a huge fps loss when joining MP servers with PP enabled. This huge hit where I get 2-4 fps lasts about 10 seconds but it's bad enough for me not to want to use it. That said, I did not try it with 1.4 yet and hope it's less of a resource hog.
  11. Red Or Dead

    Red Or Dead Racer

    I read somewhere that HDR has 40 fps hit..
    Hotlaping at Nord with HDR off i get 280~360+ fps and with HDR on (all ultra, DOF and FXAA disable) i get 150~180 fps. (Shadows in both cases at Low and disabled in graphics.ini)
    That is not 40fps difference...

    HDR off seems better to me and i like the distant fog..
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  12. F430_458_F12

    F430_458_F12 Alien

    WOW! How are you getting 280 fps? I'm using an oc'd msi 270, getting 100 fps with mostly high settings...I know the x version AMD cards are better, but the 280 isn't even the top of the line card. Is it your CPU that gives you the boost? Or lower graphical settings?
  13. Red Or Dead

    Red Or Dead Racer

    280 is only for a moment. For the most part is 320+. Thats with aa ×4 af ×16 world detail ultra reflections off shadows low. My cpu is 4.8 8core but it doesnt go over 35%
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  14. Berry

    Berry Alien

    @Red Or Dead: It depends on your hardware, mostly, for me HDR has a 20 FPS hit, I get about 65-70 FPS with it on, and nearly 100 with it disabled.This is with 4X AA, 16x AF and FXAA enabled, reflections medium with low refresh rate, shadows and overall quality high, and S1 Sport ppfilter with Chromatic Aberation disabled.As far as I've found, AC is very CPU-dependant, a 400-500mhz boost in core clock on my i5 3570K gains about 10-15 FPS, which is a very big FPS gain...
  15. ziozeus

    ziozeus Racer

    You get 25% fps gain... people should always talk about % gain. And it's a lot. Also, I think saying AC is cpu dependant basing it on what you see in your system is not correct imho. Probably you have a better card then a gtx 660 which I have with your same cpu, and I'm quite sure from the benchmark results that I'm gpu dependant
  16. Berry

    Berry Alien

    I have had a GTX 980 for 1 month, the difference is more or less the same, the GPU isn't bottlenecked by the i5 in any case, so it's the same situation with the 750Ti, but a CPU overclocked easily revealed about 15 FPS in the case of the 980, and about 12 FPS with the 750Ti.That's not bottlenecking, that's obvious improvements from the CPU OC.
    P.S: The 750Ti is slower than your 660 :p.
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  17. rycil

    rycil Simracer

    @Berry Well, you get a gtx 980 and you didn't notice any difference with the old 750 Ti... Please let me barely believe this ;)
  18. Berry

    Berry Alien

    That's what you understood? For f....sake, seriously, some of you people can't even understand the essence of a post, how can you drive properly? I was talking about the CPU bias that this game has, never have I specified that there isn't a difference between those GPU's.I have had a GTX980 for a month, because my old GPU died and I borrowed one from my friend, I have played AC with it, and I have noticed the following things that I have posted in my post above yours, same thing with the GTX750Ti.Have I now brought it to a level that you can comprehend? :)
    (P.S: Drunk post, sorry if I'm too cranky)
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2015
  19. Volkoz (Tom)

    Volkoz (Tom) Gamer

    The screenshot has been done with no ppfilters and average settings. It sure can vary if monitors are calibrated differently. I play with a projector, well calibrated, but still a projector. I don't like over saturated colours, being able to see more shades than average, so it might influence my calibration and it might appear more saturated on HD TVs or monitors.

    Also, the screenshot is @ Nordshleife mid afternoon, it may vary on other times and other tracks.
  20. esox71

    esox71 Alien

    Deleted:Wrong thread
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2015

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