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v1.0 BoP Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Chriss, May 30, 2019.

  1. junneh

    junneh Gamer

    I have focussed my efforts with Merc on traction (since it has none :p). Generally I took atleast 1 click of rear springs away, gave it more agressive ARB, and some more Diff.

    For the Aero balance ive just been messing around abit so its safe to lift / eau rouge and blanchimont are easy flat ( Less rake on the car, or higher rear wing ) This needs some more testing tho, since I have no idea wether it does better in a high or low wing setup, and where the splitter should be.

    Im also driving the car in Map2 now, it does not seem slower, but the torque is also less brutal.

    I tried the car for a short bit in Misano, and it seems the preset there was already better then spa.

    The zolder times were on aggresive setup, with sometimes some more TC on some cars.
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  2. Ping2High

    Ping2High Rookie

    I think we should really focus only on the practice session cause that shows the "real" race pace of the cars, with 62 l you dont get anywhere near 1.29 around Zolder.
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  3. nkohout

    nkohout Gamer

    @Aristotelis Does ACC model the difference in track surface abrasion and how it affects tire degradation?

    :cool: <- Me thinking about fields full of [redacted popular car] in one hour races that aren't at Paul Ricard.
  4. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    yes sir it does. Also on different surfaces, kerbs etc. For example the red lines at paul ricard eat tyres for breakfast
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  5. junneh

    junneh Gamer

    1.29 is quite easy with 62 liters in practice mode too. Small test with porsche, 62 liter, practice mode, same weather, zolder; 1.29.61. This is in 2 laps so there is more to be found even

    The real pace of the car will only be visible after alot of setup tuning and alot of laps, with 1 alien per car.

    This comparison is more a shootout of how well the Presets are per car.
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  6. junneh

    junneh Gamer

  7. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    Exactly. Those of you familiar with statistics will know that this comparison strictly speaking does not tell us too much. That's why I'm still not convinced to make an "car performance ranking" or sth similar out of this. Apart from what I've already written here, the tables show that
    a) each car has its own flavor and strenghts and weaknesses on different tracks
    b) that most of the standard (aggressive at least) presets work quite well for many cars on many tracks
    c) that a small number of cars is really slower than others (Honda/Acura NSX at least)
    d) if driven right, many different cars can win races at each track. It's not only about fastest kph but about reliable and stable in-race laptimes (thus the focus on 62l of fuel and "comfortable race pace", not running for the best eva possible quali laptime)

    Btw still interested in further entries though! If somebody did a comparison e.g. for Silverstone or Barcelona, please post it here or send them to me :)
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  8. DBurns

    DBurns Rookie

    agree with point c, the 2018 NSX is quite slow like real life, i think 505 should replace the original NSX with "EVO" version, at least more compatible
  9. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    The EVO version arrived in 2019. You will get it with the 2019 update later this year
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  10. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    No, the content should reflect what was driven in the real series season. The Evo version will come for the 2019 season.
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  11. junneh

    junneh Gamer

    Myself am quite curious which car has the best acceleration (on usable/normal wing settings), is it still the Bmw you guess?
  12. I feel the new Bentley and Mercedes are up there as well. The Mercedes still reaches one of the highest speeds at Spa down the Kemmel Straight despite having to lift for Raidillon.
  13. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    sombody of you willing to submit data / lap times for Silverstone and Barcelona? Then we would be nearly complete :)
  14. James P

    James P Racer


    Have done a few race runs this afternoon on the Nurburgring.

    Conditions were 28% air temperature, free practice mode (not hotlap), 80L of fuel and runs on 7-8 laps. All cars were using the preset aggressive setup.

    Times were the following:
    1.55.644 - Porsche GT3R
    1.57.001 - AMG GT3 (couldnt string a lap together in this thing)
    1.55.780 - Audi R8 GT3
    1.55.641 - Lexus GT3
    1.56.112 - McLaren 650
    1.57.205 - Bentley GT3
    1.55.854 - Ferrari 488
    1.55.928 - Aston GT3
    1.56.0 - BMW M6
    1.55.876 - Huracan Gt3

    These were my findings from a consistent run with the fastest time from my stint listed above.

    What I think it shows are how different each car is and how different people suit those cars. For me the Ferrari, Porsche, Lexus andAudi were both easy and quick for me. The 650 GT3 was the easiest to drive but doesnt have quite the ultimate pace, whereas the Bentley and the Mercedes I just couldn't figure out or squeeze any front running pace out of them.

    If anything this exercise has shown me what cars suit me and which dont.

    Looking at my times it looks like we would have a good close fight on track :)
  15. Diablo_rf

    Diablo_rf Hardcore Simmer

    I'm doing barcelona mate...=)) Just don't have much time atm. But will finish next week.
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  16. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    thank you! I've added those to the first post. Nice driving by the way!

    Once more a proof of how different the flavors of the cars are, and how each car suits someone else's driving style best. I sometimes wonder why the cars perform so well on tracks close to where they were "born"... Porsche at Nurburgring, Bentley at Brands Hatch, Lambo at Monza... I need to re-check the McLaren though. I also found it very easy to drive but as you can see from my lap times, on no track I am able to be "really" quick with it. Probably need to spend more time with it. Similar finding I had with the Mercedes by the way. At Brands Hatch very hard for Qualifying, even with customized set-up. But was a beast for its race pace, very stable, very consistent. Running TC at 8/11 there with the Merc by the way... to safe the tyres during 1h stint.

    Yup :)
  17. James P

    James P Racer

    I agree, the McLaren just goes wherever you point it, it seems very stable and isn't pitch sensitive like a lot of the other cars out there. It never males you sweat behind the wheel and is very predictable. I wonder if it just lacks peak downforce compared to others? I wonder if the devs or @Aristotelis could elaborate a bit more on that? Maybe we are both just driving it wrong?!

    Yeah the Mercedes just wants to fight you on every corner exit, the torque band seems very aggressive and when it comes in you just have to hold on. The front end on it though is mighty and mid corner it is very strong. I just lose too much time on the exit at the moment. I will start to tweak the setup this week to see if I can make it better.

    For me at the moment I am quickest in the Porsche over a stint. It suits me and I find I don't have to overdrive the car to get laptime out of it.

    I will do some runs at Silverstone this week and post my results. Haven't driven there yet so my times may be a little slow whilst I get up to speed, but it will be useful to see what cars are strong there nevertheless.
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  18. ericcantone

    ericcantone Rookie

    Great test.Its very useful for everyone.
  19. The old Nissan is a way do slow. sorry i dont have times. But i think around 1 second slower than the new one.
  20. Bogies

    Bogies Gamer

    So I took the R8 out to paul ricard and i noticed that at the end of that mad straight it easily achieved 290+kmh without a slipstream or anything, haven't tried any other car there after full released.
    So is that like a normal speed to get with an R8 there ?
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