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v1.0 BoP Discussion

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Chriss, May 30, 2019.

  1. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    Anyone willing to add complete set of Silverstone lap times over the weekend? :)
  2. Borbor

    Borbor Racer

    Quali at Barcelona last year wasn't that bad. The fast guys didn't really get hammered by traffic.

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  3. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Seemed like most were lucky to get 1 clear lap in each qualy session due to traffic yellows and reds.
  4. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    If anyone wants to really test bop do it on cold medium and hot temps not in hotlap mode.
  5. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    yep, most of us here go for 60-80l of fuel and try to simulate race pace, not quali pace
  6. nimp

    nimp Racer

    I'm doing all cars on all tracks atm. Different method than in this thread though. Gonna post when I'm done. Edit: Added my Barcelona times for now.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
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  7. Chriss

    Chriss Racer

    thanks @nimp, looking much forward to your results!
  8. Borbor

    Borbor Racer

    I know, I was there in the garages.

    How much time do you need? The tires come out of ovens, the front runners are pros. You really don't need more than two fliers at most to get **** done.

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  9. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    Actually the Gallardo is quite quick in a straight line, but too understeery (at least for me) to achieve overall decent laptimes.
  10. tw1st

    tw1st Racer

    Maybe some M6 driver can share their thoughts about the M6 after 1.0. Did you notice some changes to 0.7? Got a lot of problems with the car on all tracks after 1.0 with over 100h of driving this car in the early access.
  11. nimp

    nimp Racer

    Haven't finished testing all tracks, but the M6 is stuck in the bottom third performance wise now. More in line where it should be as per real BoP.
    The 0.7 version was beyond ridiculous.
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  12. fabT

    fabT Alien

    I used to drive the M6 before v1.0 and it was overkill on tracks such as Misano.
    Usually it was about 1 full second faster than anything else.

    Since v.10 i drive the 911 GT3R, which is a bit of an underdog.
    Feels slow and clumsy, but i love it.

    Anyway, somewhat BoP does wonders even at Misano, see below 911 vs. M6 fighting at point blank ( e.g. 1:00 onwards ).

    As you see the M6 still has a rocket engine, the 911 can barely keep up using slipstream and abusing TC/ABS and track limits.
    This said the Porsche is more agile and has an edge in braking.

    I think after BoP overall the BMW is still faster, but the Porsche is not that far.
    The 911 can do some 1:34, there, which is not bad.
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  13. fthomann

    fthomann Rookie

    + 1.5 sec slower on the nürburgring...
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  14. tw1st

    tw1st Racer


    that's huge
  15. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    What do you guys think about the Lexus? Is it maybe too easy to drive for how fast it is or vice versa?
  16. James P

    James P Simracer

    The one car i have really grown to like is the gen 2 Bentley. To begin with i was so slow in it i may as well have been going backwards.

    The more i have driven it the more i find out its character. Great grunt down the straight, can really abuse kerbs, brakes are mighty and is ultra stable. The medium to high speed corners are where it really shines, it just keeps on gripping.

    It doesnt get unsettled when putting on lots of steering lock either, understeer is not really an issue.

    Its biggest weakness are changes of direction and slow speed corners where its size and weight are tough to hide. Tracks like Brands and Nurburgring i find it is tough to keep front running pace.

    On tracks like Spa and Paul Ricard though it flies. Its so easy and predictable on the limit, easily a car i could drive for an endurance race over multiple stints.

    I think this is another fine example of how this sim works and why its physics are so good. At first i hated the car, couldnt drag a lap time out of it, but then you do a few laps, learn its behaviour and before you know it, it becomes your go to.. crazy!
  17. Leynad

    Leynad Racer

    I did about 4-7 laps with each car around the Nürburgring with aggressive setup. I did already faster times with the Ferrari and BMW prior to 1.0, but this test was more about simulating race-pace while staying on the track. I was spinning twice (Lambo & Porsche) and had maybe three off-tracks.
    Lexus: 1:55,45 (handling: 9/10)
    Bentley 2018: 1:55,66 (handling: 10/10)
    Porsche: 1:55:84 (handling: 7/10)
    Lambo: 1:56,07 (handling: 5/10)
    McLaren: 1:55,68 (handling: 9/10)
    Ferrari: 1:55,97 (handling: 7/10)
    Audi: 1:56,23 (handling: 6/10)
    AMG: 1:56,06 (handling: 7/10)
    BMW: 1:56,6 (handling: 6/10)
    Aston Martin: 1:56,3 (handling 9/10)
    Jaguar: 1:57,3 (handling 9/10)

    The Lambo has IMO an awful aggressive setup and i usually use a tweaked safe setup. Especially getting out of the last chicane is unsafe with the Lambo and all curbs causing slow-downs it seems and there are too many you want to clip. I did some laps more with the Ferrari because it was not performing as i hoped. Understeer on entry to mid-corner and needs probably the earliest braking for T1. Not agile in the tight corners unlike the better handling-rated cars. AMG has lots of corner exit oversteer with this setup and feels unique from the handling. Might be competitive with a better setup and some getting used to. The McLaren is IMO the best mid-engine car and did surprisingly well. Much later braking than the Audi and Lambo, fun-factor close to the Porsche, but probably a bit better out of corners and less twitchy. I started with the Lexus and tried it again after the others with similar lap-time, so it wasn't my concentration that went down and it's the easiest car to keep under 1:56 by far. With the Bentley this wasn't that easy and the Porsche was more like a lucky lap. The Nissan is missing here, but it would be in the low-mid 1:56 range, even i made one 1:55,8 with it on the edge. The NSX is not competitive as the other cars missing.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2019
  18. 571691752

    571691752 Rookie

    Genuinely I do not know exactly how to do the set while considering the balance between suspension and the aero, sometimes really frustrating, and I do know the feeling of a super understeered car, cuz AMG is quite similar, reduce the downforce it just become more ez to spin off, or magnify it, then I become the slowest on the straights & corners , just so confused how to make a proper setup
  19. Louis Apex

    Louis Apex Rookie

    I'm happy to share my results on Monza
    5pm - optimum track condition - hotlap mode
    Aggressive setup with all cars, I was just adjusting the TC on the fly
    ACC 1.0.2

    Ferrari - 1'49"7
    Mercedes - 1'49"4
    Porsche - 1'49"5
    Honda - 1'50"5
    Lexus - 1'48"9 (so easy to drive)
    Jaguar - 1'49"0
    Aston - 1'49"5
    Bentley 18' - 1'49"6
    BMW - 1'50"0
    Nissan '18 - 1'49"5
    McLaren - 1'49"8
    Lamborghini - 1'49"4
    Audi - 1'49"6
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  20. 571691752

    571691752 Rookie

    So that was basic Aggressive Setup right? Would that automatically fit all these tracks in a primary way?
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