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Video Interview about Console Version, Virtual Reality, Drifting and F1

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by VinR, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. VinR

    VinR Rookie

    Hello fellow AC enthusiasts,

    a few weeks ago, I got the chance to attend the Assetto Corsa launch event for the console version in Vallelunga. Here's our interview with Marco talking about the console version, delay of the launch, drifting and virtual reality.

    In addition to that, we asked Aris about the new UI on the console version and if the UI of the PC version will be adapted to it as well. Furthermore, he indicated that there will be "suprising news very soon" regarding upcoming Formula 1 models in Assetto Corsa. Aris also explains, how they managed to reduce motion sicknes with VR.

    Read more about the event and the interview on my blog. Please scroll down for the English version. ;)

    Cheers and #keeponracing,

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016

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  3. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    More classic F1, and historic tracks... bring it on :)

    Where's Sterling and Fangio's 250F got to? That's going to be fantastic in this physics engine.
  4. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    Finally F138 or SF15? :) waiting for modern F1 car since AC release

    There is not many who drives historic F1... Its why modern F1 car would be great
    LChaves and Protoduct like this.
  5. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Many people still play GPL, I love it when people generalise because something doesn't interest them...

    I'd like to drive a modern F1 car in the sim, as an F1 fan it will be interesting, but seriously how many people will have the skills to drive them properly online without crashing every other corner?
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
  6. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    our league ;)

    It is not about how hard to drive... its about speed, passion. F1 car requests fast reaction on very high speed. You get wheel spin or control loss in corner - need very fast reaction. Game without modern F1 car is not complete game :) Doesnt matter how Kunos gonna call it... they can call it Formula A or whatever... but it should be modern F1 :)

    F138 and SF15 are already in the game... So many times seen in Stefano cars list. So I assume there is just licence issues - hope its all resolved now.

    rF2 has modern F1 car, iRacing got F1 McLaren 2015... AC must have it too :) As league admin I know about big interest in it. So, hope its coming soon.

    By the way - thanks for good news from Aris :)
    LChaves and Mogster like this.
  7. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    I don't disagree that modern LMP1s and F1s would be good for AC, I just hope the dev's continue to throw historic fans a bone occaisionally :)

    I still stick to it that outside organized leagues F1 servers will be a complete mess...
    KillZoneGB likes this.
  8. f1webberfan

    f1webberfan Simracer

    Lotus Exos ... *cough* ...

    Good interview OP. Nice channel! Good start. Wish you best of luck.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2016
  9. LChaves

    LChaves Hardcore Simmer

    AC has given a lot more "bones" to historic fans than modern thus far.
    f1webberfan likes this.
  10. Forgot10

    Forgot10 Gamer

    I don't think that the manufacturers are too keen to share the data about their fresh cars with anyone at all. :) The F138 is last generation and totally different, the SF15 is another story.
  11. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    It is not F1 car *cough*
  12. f1webberfan

    f1webberfan Simracer

    Then what it is? Hmm?
  13. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    Dont you know? :) First of all in real life its kinda prototype of openwheel car. Its not made following any F1 regulations. Its made for people who wants to get F1 experience of G forces... It has high downforce and not F1 engine at all, but gives you an idea what G forces F1 drivers experience in F1 car. But actual car is nothing to do with F1.

    Lotus Exos S1 - I would call it mod F1 car made by Kunos - as well, nothing to do with F1 - Kunos fantasy.

    Even if you check lap times, or top speed - you can tell its slow and not even close to F1.

    I would say, Lotus Exos S1 is more GP2 car. Lap times very close to GP2 car.

    So, there is no modern F1 car made by Kunos in the game.
  14. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    SF15 already in sims in Ferrari stores in Europe... So its already there and made by Kunos :) Just has to be added for us
  15. Trezoitao38

    Trezoitao38 Simracer

    There are alrealdy 4 F1 cars of Lotus, but only one Ferrari.

    And, I think it could be a good surprise a Mclaren F1 car.
    Mogster likes this.
  16. VinR

    VinR Rookie

    Thanks, f1webberfan! :p I'm happy, that you enjoyed our video! There's a lot more cool content coming in the upcoming weeks and months, so make sure to subscribe to our channel and follow us on Facebook. We're having a few unboxing videos, more Assetto Corsa videos and real racing videos planned.
  17. f1webberfan

    f1webberfan Simracer

    I quote:"it has more downforce then a F1 car?" Answer:"Yes". V8 ... Alright ... :)
  18. LChaves

    LChaves Hardcore Simmer

    Cars that have participated in the FIA F1 World Championship maybe?

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