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Videos ac (ripped content = ban)

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Digiprost, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

    Videos of Ac in Imola and Vallelunga three screens and recorded with the gopro.

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
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  2. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

    New compative Imola:)

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  3. Hi Digiprost, grats for your beautiful videos!
    Just a note: the name of the track in 1st video is Vallelunga (in italian, Villalunga means "a very long, big, luxury house" while Vallelunga means "long valley"). Not a big mistake, everyone will get the name of track, but just to make you aware :)
    Thanks again for your work!
  4. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

    I'm sorry, thank you very much for the correction;)

    A new comparative vs Project Assetto in lotus cars with 49 in Monza.

    a greeting
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  5. GeraArg

    GeraArg Simracer

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  6. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

    Villalunga circuit comparison to real life

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  7. Kitcarson81

    Kitcarson81 Rookie

  8. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

    hello, please faulted my previous video (delete) this video is good :)

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  9. spaRTan

    spaRTan Rookie

    thanks for the great videos.
    one thing you'll notice is that the darker concrete is way too dark in AC compared to RL.

    i noticed that on almost every track now.
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  10. AndiiLMS

    AndiiLMS Gamer

  11. nice car :p
    i do some lap on magione and i uploading a new video with 458 italia on vallelunga :D

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  12. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

    Showrrom the Assetto corsa where he teaches all cars.

    a greeting
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  13. Andrew McP

    Andrew McP Gamer

    Yes, I did have time acceleration turned on, just a little. :)
  14. GeraArg

    GeraArg Simracer

  15. Cranck

    Cranck Hardcore Simmer

  16. DarkShinryu

    DarkShinryu Racer

  17. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

    A few laps with the Ferrari in vallelunga with different cameras

    a greeting
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  18. Nobleninja98

    Nobleninja98 Rookie

    Hot lap in Imola with Formula Abarth

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