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Videos ac (ripped content = ban)

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Digiprost, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. AndiiLMS

    AndiiLMS Gamer

  2. No aids
    Default setup...hope you like it!
  3. eldiablo155

    eldiablo155 Rookie

    My first experience was on Vallelunga , and I felt like in the real track !
    I still have to learn how to tweak my car setup , and even my driving setup was a bit aggressive , but it looks so good so far ...
  4. ADRIANF1esp

    ADRIANF1esp Gamer

    Muchas gracias, amigo. :) / Thank you, friend. :)
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  5. K.Raikkonen

    K.Raikkonen Racer

    Hi Guys! Here's my new SlowMotion video. Hope you like.

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  6. F1Racer

    F1Racer Racer

    This one might be slow and boring but it's not for excitement.. :)
    Its a slow-mo of a lap in Imola with the 458 in order to appreciate things like car behaviour, physics, tyre model etc.
    This is a drift-free video. I was more concerned with completing a decent lap in it's entirety without going off.

    Even the music is Italian :)
  7. SimRacer925

    SimRacer925 Simracer

    X-Bow @ Magione.. = FUN! :D

  8. BMW GT2@Imola
  9. Bleifuss

    Bleifuss Gamer

  10. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

  11. RottweileR

    RottweileR Rookie

  12. Paps

    Paps Racer

  13. Ethan Dean

    Ethan Dean Hardcore Simmer

    Couple of mad skidz from multiple angles.

    Not really a serious video, just mucking about. I haven't really done much with my render settings either, so meh quality and blinding saturation. Ah well.
  14. Music for soul...tnx Kunos!!!

  15. K.Raikkonen

    K.Raikkonen Racer

    Hi!! I just finished a new video, Ferrari 458 Italia, So funny!!!

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  16. Bleifuss

    Bleifuss Gamer

  17. Max Caputi

    Max Caputi Gamer

  18. stabiz

    stabiz Gamer

    Here is some I have done:

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  19. Chanur

    Chanur Rookie

    very good videos stabiz

    my favorite Z4...;)

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