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Videos ac (ripped content = ban)

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Digiprost, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Max Caputi

    Max Caputi Gamer

  2. Digiprost

    Digiprost Racer

    Test real-time telemetry with the Corvette C6R at Nurburgring, these tests will look telemetry in real time on upcoming races live.

    a greeting
  3. denni578

    denni578 Hardcore Simmer

  4. Euroracing8

    Euroracing8 Racer

    Here a lap with the Ferrari F14T at Monza.
  5. Dan253

    Dan253 Gamer

  6. Strond@@@

    Strond@@@ Rookie

  7. Ryo9231

    Ryo9231 Gamer

    Why? If you see al the videos I charge are with the real car in the thumbnail. It's not misleading, it's a thing I do to see how similar the real car and the in game car are. Anyway I say in the title that the video is about assettocorsa, and we are in the video section of Assetto Corsa Forum...
  8. ECGadget

    ECGadget Racer

    Brands Hatch And A Cobra... not me driving again. xD

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  9. Gloso

    Gloso Racer

    New video today! My review of Transfagarasan North with the BRZ drift. I hope you enjoy ;-)

  10. Nathan.

    Nathan. Gamer

    Some fun I had following Isaksen. :)

  11. Dan253

    Dan253 Gamer

  12. victor86

    victor86 Racer

    E30 drift version on semislicks around nord = fun
  13. Talpa

    Talpa Simracer

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  14. Alejandros

    Alejandros Gamer

  15. Gloso

    Gloso Racer

    New video today! My GG Monster Skin for the Datsun 720 King Cab. Link at the video.

    I hope you enjoy ;-)

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  16. DeXteRrBDN

    DeXteRrBDN Simracer

    Truck hunting Ibizas:

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  17. Ric0cheTed

    Ric0cheTed Rookie

    Just a quick clip of me in the MeLaren MP4-12C with custom skin. Would of liked to upload full run but my internet doesn't suffice.

  18. baronesbc

    baronesbc Simracer

    E30 DTM Transfagarasan Attack!

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  19. Gloso

    Gloso Racer

    New video today at Shibuya Street Circuit with the Datsun 720 King Cab GG Monster Edition. I hope you enjoy ;-)
  20. ADRIANF1esp

    ADRIANF1esp Gamer

    Gameplay with the Ferrari F14T (Beta - Mod), the video is a lap at Monza Circuit with four simultaneous cameras.

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