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Videos ac (ripped content = ban)

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Digiprost, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. iViking

    iViking Rookie

    Out of gas?
  2. joaopneves

    joaopneves Rookie

    My first video!

  3. Euroracing8

    Euroracing8 Racer

    A lap with the BMW Z4 GT3 at Donington Park:

    And here, a lap with the Enstone GP (Lotus E22) at Silverstone:
  4. rauf00

    rauf00 Simracer

    Wow, so many good vids, Assetto becomes more and more popular. And has no doubt great reputation, cool.

    Just a GT class race thru Snoopy's Ring with Vette ;)
    Full info ab setup under vid.
    08:40 replay
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  5. joaopneves

    joaopneves Rookie

  6. Prostix85

    Prostix85 Rookie

  7. f1simgames

    f1simgames Simracer

    A lap @ Mugello driving McLaren MP4-12C.

  8. chargingcar

    chargingcar Alien

  9. Carbon14

    Carbon14 Hardcore Simmer

    SLS Trailer with the original music, before it was changed for obvious license reasons.

  10. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    A run up the Transfagarasans pass in a 240r s3 while following AI I made for the track as a test to see how it drives.

  11. Joshkerr

    Joshkerr Alien

    Lap on Longford_67 with 2014 Kutch 2000sl mod


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  12. rauf00

    rauf00 Simracer

    Lovely Cobra at Old Hocke, this time i wear proper race gloves to drive this beast ;)

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  13. Joshkerr

    Joshkerr Alien

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  14. Rivvern

    Rivvern Rookie

    Having some fun with my friends. Swedish language.

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  15. ZioYuri78

    ZioYuri78 Hardcore Simmer

  16. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Talk and Drive you say, well I raise you Talk and Drive while straddling the Shelby Cobra on Peyregrosse - Mandagout rally stage without falling into the valley.
    (Apologies for the slight profanity in a few bits, the track is too scary for me to handle and my sissy brain resorted to talking about different analogies of "divine excrement" rather than focus more and drive better). :p

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  17. realracingriv

    realracingriv Rookie

    Some rally with the Lotus Evora at Shomaru Pass :cool:

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  18. Prostix85

    Prostix85 Rookie

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