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Videos ac (ripped content = ban)

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Digiprost, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Euroracing8

    Euroracing8 Racer

    Here a lap with the new Mercedes SLS AMG at Nurburgring Sprint.
  2. ADRIANF1esp

    ADRIANF1esp Gamer

    Gameplay with a new car added today, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and the lap is at Nürburgring GP circuit.
  3. Alejandros

    Alejandros Gamer

    New SLS in 4k :)

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  4. AndiiLMS

    AndiiLMS Gamer

  5. Jabrone

    Jabrone Racer

    OMG Yes!
  6. rauf00

    rauf00 Racer

    @Torcano, nice driving, i wasn't enough brave to drive thru Ring with Cobra, so respect for taking it for a spin at this crazy thin mountain road!

    McLaren MP4 GT3 like Blancpain race at Nurb GP, starting with, let's say funny moments [​IMG]
    If anybody miss fwd cars, there's Seat Ibiza at yt, feel free. Have a nice weekend guys, school is coming ;)
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  7. Gloso

    Gloso Racer

    Spanish translation for the AC update 0.22 ;-)
  8. rosh555

    rosh555 Racer

  9. Ak1504

    Ak1504 Racer

    Assetto Corsa [HD++] ★ Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ★ Nürburgring Sprint

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  10. realracingriv

    realracingriv Rookie

    Amazing car and amazing stage to do some drifting :cool:

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  11. Swir80PL

    Swir80PL Rookie

  12. adi518

    adi518 Hardcore Simmer

    Is it possible to go online with that track?
  13. Oh Yeah.....it is a blast online...
    Here is the newly updated AI.......not bad AI, not bad at all
  14. adi518

    adi518 Hardcore Simmer

    I just recorded some cool drift laps with ACR Safferson. I plan to edit and upload it later. Do you want to go online with the alpine track? I got some time now. :)
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  15. Jeffo696

    Jeffo696 Simracer

  16. Mrav1337

    Mrav1337 Rookie

    Here is my video of SLS on new configuration of Nurburgring.

  17. baronesbc

    baronesbc Simracer

    SLS Vs F458 (AI 100%), the SLS is spectacular :)

    the AI instead needs a lot of work...
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