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Volume slider for transmission please!

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Speedster911, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Gamer


    I love you guys!

    I love your product - bar none the best physics I've experienced in any console driving game to date. I love the clean and crisp look of the game, and dear God - good job on the sounds of the cars!!!

    My only complaint with the game is that the transmission whine is just abnormally loud in certain cars that don't have it in real life - like the LaFerrari, 599XX Evo, Huracan Performante and many others.

    The motor and exhaust sounds are so brilliant but drowned out by the the high-pitched trans whine, which I find extremely unusual. In a striped-to-the-bone GT race car, the trans whine is loud but why these road cars with reasonable cockpit insulation? The 599XX-E is a track car I understand, but the trans does not whine like that in the actual car.

    Please, oh please Kunos - I know you're very busy but please release a small update to include option for adjusting transmission volume. I'll buy all your fantastic products on PC and Xbox with eyes closed in future and regret not purchasing this masterpiece earlier.

    Please consider this humble request. It's a genuine issue that's seriously affecting the gameplay/fun factor with some of the cars. It's a quick and easy fix - so please release a small patch for this, can you?

    Any other way to let the developers know???
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2020

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  3. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Gamer

  4. Speedster911

    Speedster911 Gamer

    Is no one playing this game anymore on Xbox One? Because I can't get enough.

    Unfortunately, it kills the experience every time I have to hear that ear-piercing trans whine in cockpit view driving my favorite cars that don't whine like that in real life.

    People, please add your thoughts so that the devs take notice. Thanks!
  5. Long norton

    Long norton Rookie

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