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VR support in Steam

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Cote Dazur, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    Why it does not say that ACC support VR on the store page in Steam? I am pretty sure it was there before, as it been removed? What is going on?
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  3. morpwr69

    morpwr69 Racer

    Because its so bad. My guess is too many returns because of it.
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  4. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    It is not bad for me, pretty good actually.
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  5. morpwr69

    morpwr69 Racer

    Sure as long as you don't mind fumbling around because you cant map buttons for it that worked in ea. This game is a mess as it stands. Shame really I was hoping for something much better then something that should have been a ea release.

    Im pretty sure nobody could run a full field with decent fps in vr. Having to run asw all the time is ridiculous.
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  6. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith Gamer

    Agree, why all this Sinister maneuver?

    How do you do driver change in VR ? The change driver box in the pits is blanked out and then my car won;t start for the rest of the race (Career VRmode) not sure about pancake mode? Also in some cars the huds are not transparent and can't be clearly visible as parts of it are blocked by the car chassi etc. Cheers any one else experience this issues or similar? Also when starting the Career mode it ask you sign up driver 1, Team name , and Driver 2., Why? who is driver 1 and who is driver 2 Is that me is that the AI? No explanations or guidance to move forward , Cheers .Love the driving experience, The rest is ...........at this point.
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  7. Priappe

    Priappe Rookie

    Yeah wanted to post the comment of a friend who uninstalled immediatly the game yesterday xD he's an drive sim enthusiast gamer tho, with a full rig and an occulus rift.
    So from the beginning the game is blurry as hell and the menu command are not very easy to use. It was solved with just a modified ini files which was ridiculous. Now with 1.0 he cannot even start and choose a career or hotlap or ... and it runs even worse than before (verylow fps, blurry, no menu command etc.).
    It's too bad i'm playing on a single screen and i m not ready to stop playing this game. My point is obviously, that devs should start working on that quickly because i m pretty sure it will harm the reputation of this game, and it's a really good game !
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  8. FX2K

    FX2K Racer

    As a workaround set resolution scale to 99% or 101% and if you use Pixel Density, set it outside of the game using Oculus Tray Tool or steam VR settings.
    Bit silly that all these bugs still exist, not to mention the blurryness of everything that you have to find tweaks and spend hours trying to compensate for it to get a somewhat clearer image. User experience in VR sucks, triple screen correction sucks (more blur)... not so bad on a single screen though. Except for... "Fatal Error".. that sucks the most.
  9. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Actually I am on ASW 45 in ACC since always, and when VR works, then it works such that it is as smooth as any other stuff I do in VR at 90 frames. Its framerate of 45 looks to my eyes like fps 90 in AC1 and RR. I would be unable to tell the difference. The issues with VR are due to many other symptoms.
    I did my driving with full car field since months. Mostly race practice, sometimes race starts. Frames stayed at ASW 45. Graphics settings mostly around high, some epic, some low and a few are off.

    I once tested in Raceroom, which runs in VR with frames 90: I enforced ASW on, 45 frames. My eyes were not able to see the difference. The 90 fr4ames creiterion gets overestumated. The new Rift model(s) also run with lower frames. "90" is not engraved in stone for all eternity.

    Pragmatism functions best on these things: what works, works. Dogmas are not relevant.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
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  10. morpwr69

    morpwr69 Racer

    If you cant see it fine but many can . I never said that was the reason it was pulled I only said it was ridiculous. Things like menus obviously hidden behind cars,no way to map useful buttons or use a mouse like ever other game in vr, need to recenter every time you switch cars, should I go on? Thing I find so funny is this was any sim but ACC the pitch forks would be out. But instead half the people make excuses for this garbage.
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  11. You make a good point and then completely invalidate your own argument with frankly absurd comments.

    I think it would have been far better to list this as a non VR game with say, experimental VR or like Dirt Rally 2 say VR to follow later in the year.

    The VR experience is at best in a late alpha/early beta state and has a long way to go (much the same as every sim I've ever played with early VR support).

    I think the reason people are cutting Kunos some slack on this is because they have a history of delivering on their promises.

    But leaving aside the obvious problems in VR, it's far from garbage. On the contrary, it shows to me the enormous potential of this title going forward, which I think we can all agree is something to look forward to.
  12. morpwr69

    morpwr69 Racer

    Ill agree they do but when 6 months from now? It took AC along time before it was actually good. It has potential but so does every other bad game. There is just so much either not finished or just poor choices like the career. FFB isn't even good with a DD wheel. Im not one to normally complain about stuff in games and normally don't even notice the stuff others do but this is just bad and obviously really rushed.
  13. Achokaracho

    Achokaracho Racer

    I play ACC with an I7 2600k, nvidia GeForce GTX980Ti, 8Gb Ram and a Windows Mixed Reality Headset.
    My VR settings are pretty screwed down, shadow on high, antialiasing epic temporal, otherwise most settings on mid or low.
    In the distance, the objects are slightly pixelated, but the vehicles and the track, so the things that matter, are easy to spot and presented quite clean.

    But I am not a graphics fanatic.
    When I started playing computer games 34 years ago, on a C16, the graphics, LoL, I do not have to say much about that.
    But I played anyway, because it was just fun.
    VR is a new technique that is not as widely used as other techniques on the PC.
    That's the C16 or C64 of today, if you like.
    That's why I'm not upset.
    I just play and enjoy the feeling of being immersed in racing. The immersion is unbeatable.

    I can drive perfect races on my Old Wood Calculator with 24 AI vehicles.
    Rarely it sometimes comes to stuttering in the presentation or framestuttering.
    But this is more due to my slow CPU and ancient hard drive.

    I am convinced that in half a year at the latest we will have exactly the same experience in ACC as in AC1 or iRacing in VR.
    Until then, I will exchange my PC for a new one to enjoy the game in full glory in VR.

    All in all, I have to say that I am really surprised at how well ACC runs in VR on my computer.
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