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VR Support - Yes or No?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Derek Speare, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    There is no 'none'. Lock to horizon is on or off, the latter meaning the camera is locked to the car. I see the pros and cons with each. Personally, lock to horizon on feels weird in that it makes me feel like the car is moving around me and I'm in it, but somehow detached.

    RHM does a pretty good job of blending between the two. It would make a lot of sense to incorporate that sort of thing into ACC.
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  2. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Sorry, not sure what you mean. Which settings are you talking about? Don’t remember a lock to anything option in AC.

    My head isn’t locked to anythingin the game, I set the initial head position for the car with the Ctrl+Space option until I’m happy and that’s it. I can move my head any way I like including getting out of the car and looking around. When I lean a bit through fast corners in real life my head movement is mirrored in the game
  3. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    It's in the view options: 'Lock onboard camera to horizon'.

    Lock isn't the most appropriate term because you're obviously still able to look around freely. The difference is when the car pitches or rolls, try it on the Nordschleife and it will be immediately apparent.
  4. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Lock onboard cameras to horizon is unticked, under g forces Locked is ticket and slider is at 0%. Have done at a guess 400hours on the Nordschleife with no issues at all, feels real and natural
  5. Eyello

    Eyello Rookie

    Can you go a bit indo detail? It would be interesting for me to see where your issues are.
    I personally suspect the night scenes are a big issue with all the dynamic lights and shadows (AND mirrors), I honestly don't think this would even run on a Titan well if you have just two shadow casters per Car.

    The only way this all works great would if you find ways to optimize it like sharing/batching shadow renderers, instancing or whatever to get singlepass rendering in VR. But from what I know, some of those techniques at least require a Pascal Nvidia card which a lot of people don't have, talking about VRWorks.
    And that still is not out of the box but requires custom asset and rendering setups.

    Also I wonder, are you using deferred rendering?
  6. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    I'm certainly not suggesting you change anything, just helping you understand what the settings are.

    If lock to horizon is unticked then your view is 'locked' to the car, in that (if you don't move your head) it will remain static with respect to the car. Some people argue this is unrealistic, and even say having lock to horizon *on* is necessary to prevent motion sickness.
  7. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    Stefano has already stated that they won't be using the VRWorks branch of UE4.
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  8. kunos

    kunos Alien

    I don't have any issue :) and no, this thread has clearly showed that it's not worth trying to explain anything.. ppl will either not read, or read whatever they want to read regardless of what I write.. so ya, waste of time.

    Once we'll have precise news we'll share with all of you.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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  9. Haiden773

    Haiden773 Hardcore Simmer

    I've heard the same thing, that lock to horizon makes some people sick, but they are fine with it unlocked. I know I tried it a long time ago, but then switched back. Don't remember it making me sick, though. I think I'll give it another shot to see what the difference was.
  10. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    can't edit post above for some reason

    anyway i'll check back in a few months, when they decide to let us know whats happening with VR i can give them a precise decision whether they will recieve my money or not
  11. Psit

    Psit Alien

    We will all be patiently waiting on your decision!
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  12. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Don’t think changing is an option after 1145 hours of AC in VR :) I don’t believe I have ever actually done a lap on a monitor as didn’t start running AC until I got my CV1

    In real life you are locked to the car as well then, I get that your eyes compensate in reality as you are looking in to the distance but in VR it’s still the same thing, you are focused on something in the distance so I find the same result as reality, no motion or vibration issues. Maybe I’m just very use to it all now
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  13. M-Bimmer

    M-Bimmer Simracer

    Good to have VR support if u have HTC vive pro...or just invest & upgrade from the old pixel era (rift & vive).
  14. Rosko

    Rosko Hardcore Simmer

    I prefer how the camera works in AC over Pcars2, even with lock2horizon off in Pcars2 it doesn't look right to me. The early videos of ACC look like they have done a good job with camera motion.
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  15. Icky427

    Icky427 Racer

    hey if you like it as is then its all good. honestly i ran it the same way for probably 600 hours of playing ac, mostly in vr. i didnt really notice it until i ran transfagarasan in the e30 dtm. it was so bumpy i couldnt hardly see where i was going because the world was going up and down so much. yes, your eyes will compensate to a point. next time youre in a car in real life push your head against the headrest and youll see what i mean.
  16. Rosko

    Rosko Hardcore Simmer

    Im interested to know a bit more about this, VR works sounded really exciting as a VR enthusiast because i would be throwing money at the chance to place racing flight sims & other games like elite with a bit more smoothness. Is it just that it's too new or is it simply a pia to implement considering the numbers of Pascal owners are possibly fewer? Nvidia seem to imply that its simple to implement it. Maybe its a case that it effects & causes issues for everyone else?
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  17. Micii1

    Micii1 Racer

    I 2 wonder the same. Why not vrworks in any game? Money?
  18. Eero

    Eero Simracer

    There are some games that use it such as EVE and iRacing
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2018
  19. noorbeast

    noorbeast Rookie

    Yes I do, even indie devs should be optimising their work, irrespective of what engine they choose.

    And UE4 has been successfully used by many devs for VR. If needed devs can even access the source code of the likes of Robot Recall and see how to properly structure a complex project for VR.

    If you bother to contact the UE4 team I suspect they would be keen to help you out, as the last thing UE4 wants or needs is silly claims that it is difficult to optimise for VR, particularly as it is one of the two main engines that are utilised for most of the VR implementation in both gaming and other applications.
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  20. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Just wondering if you could post a link to your dev projects?
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