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Vscr- evora gtc cup starting on 6th of september

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Tig_green, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Tura

    Tura Gamer

    Was racing with you guys a couple of days ago and it was fun. Pretty clean racing as well with just a few exceptions. You might want to think about running minorating on your server. People might be even more careful with that in mind.
  2. Depco

    Depco Rookie

    Thanks for the advice. I have not heard of minorating. I'll have to look into it. I had a good time the other night on the server. I am glad to see your comment. You should stop over to our forums and say hi. If our race times work for you maybe you can come race with us on Sundays.
  3. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

  4. Depco

    Depco Rookie

    Thank you for the link. I will be bringing this up with the league to see if it is something we are interested in implementing on the server and across the league.
  5. Guy Moulton

    Guy Moulton Racer

    Yeah that does sound good! The race day server will be passworded so the racing that day will be clean. The carb day practice and race also help because everyone will have practice, a good setup and the flow of the weekend will be worked out and everyone will have a chance to work out technical (like PC-related or connection) issues before the actual race. Yeah, it's great to race with a fast group, but to us, racing with a clean group is more important- that's why we use the 75% damage so that there's a consequence to driving poorly. I don't know about everyone else, but when I practice for hours for a race then I get wiped out by someone who did not- that pisses me off. Or to get wiped out by someone who is fast over a lap but extra aggressive and terrible in the actual race is frustrating as well. The extra damage forces you to think about that dive bomb pass and to set up the other driver rather than do something stupid.. which a dive bomb pass is!

    In our past races we have managed to keep these sorts of things to a minimum- though there's no way to totally get rid of racing incidents of course. But if you race with us long enough, you are guaranteed to go wheel-to-wheel cleanly and work up a sweat in an epic battle because you can trust the drivers you're on track with and after a few races you learn who you can race and how they drive. Dek (VSCR original member) and I are very similar in pace and it seems we always qualify within a couple grid spots and we always end up racing each other hard. He's one of my favorite sim racers because of this. We just can't seem to separate LOL! We've raced together for the past couple years and that makes the difference.

    @dek- We're close but I'm a lot better than him :p
  6. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Just a reminder that we have a practice race tommorrow (carb day). Session starts at 16 GMT as usual. This is for preparing for our season opener next week, but it's not compulsory. There is still time to sign up. I have met many drivers in our server who would fit in just perfect ;)
  7. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    We are going to have our first race of the season this Sunday. Session starts at 16 GMT (practice session). 35 laps race in Zandvoort. This is the first race of our Evora GTC cup.

    Clean and fun racing with some nice guys. There should be 10 of us so far. Time to join the action!
    cc570 likes this.
  8. Guy Moulton

    Guy Moulton Racer

    The carb day race was fun. I really needed it to work out some technical issues I had and to find a rhythm on this track. I love this version of Zandy, it may be my favorite version ever. I can't wait for the big race, 150k is going to take longer than I thought it would, there should be different strategies too. I think the final 5 laps are going to be amazing!

    A friend and I did some laps here with the GT86, then switched to the Evora. LOL, it was like driving on fast forward after the slow GT86!
  9. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Server is now passworded for our raceday. First race tonight. Still time to obtain your place among us.
  10. Guy Moulton

    Guy Moulton Racer

    That was fun, the tires held upa lot better than I thought they would. None of these races will need a pit stop for an hour long race- the fuel and tires last forever. No one could touch Tig_green though, he was on a different plane! Chad and I had a great battle for 16 laps until I had to pit.... bad strategy

    Blackwood UHD is next, that was so fun in the AC Cobra, the Lotus will be a 100% different experience.
  11. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Our next race will be in Blackwood on 4th of October. This Sunday is carb day (practice race) as usual. Remember to sign up in our website.

    Last race was fun. I hope to see some more new faces (or helmets :D) in Blackwood :)
  12. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Carb day (practice event) today in Blackwood. This is a great opportunity to trim away all the possible mistakes before the actual race next week. Also a great opportunity to meet our league members and find out if you would like to join our cup :) See on track tonight, starting at 16 GMT (practice session, race at 17 GMT)
  13. Guy Moulton

    Guy Moulton Racer

    The carb day practice and race help me out quite a bit and I think make the long race that much better. This is the sort of thing that makes TeamSpeak shine too. Chatting with others during practice about setups and lines helps a lot. It's a chance for everyone to come togther for a formal practice session instead of everyone just haphazardly jumping on the 24/7 practice server and not seeing each other. The 24/7 server is better for quick pick-up races.
  14. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Remember folks that we have our official race day on Sunday starting at 16GMT. Lets make it a good one! :)

    Still time to sign up.
  15. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Here are the results for our Blackwood race yesterday http://simresults.net/151004-3GT

    Thanks Maurice for the results and for the awesome results program. And congratulations for the win!

    So 2 wins in a row for Maurice now. Who will take the challenge in the next race?... which will be Eastern Creek on 25th of October (carb day 18th of October)

    We have great group already but the more the merrier. So do not be afraid to check out our server and sign up. Fighting for positions is fun no matter what position you are fighting for.

  16. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Here's the event info and registration page in our website


    ps. apparently I can't give you direct link, but go to Assetto Corsa subforum and pick Eastern Creek thread.
  17. Guy Moulton

    Guy Moulton Racer

  18. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Practice race in Easter Creek tommorrow (18.10). Session starts at 16 GMT. Our league's first time together with the new tyre model. Come to meet us and have a fun race.
  19. Tig_green

    Tig_green Rookie

    Race day on Sunday starting at 16 GMT. Check our server and our website to join in. No matter if you are slow or fast, as long as you can race clean and enjoy your sim-racing.
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