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Generic Weaker and less detailed FFB on Xbox than PS4 (Fanatec CSL Elite +)

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Onizuka, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Onizuka

    Onizuka Rookie

    I have a Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 + and Xbox One P1 sterring wheel; I have both versions for consoles and I did some tests: to obtain the equivalent of the ffb power set to 75% (in game) on ps4, I had to set it to 100% on xbox one and then increase the internal ffb of the steering wheel from 100 to 180. At this point I got almost the same level of power of the FFB but some details are still missing and the central area is less communicative and detailed: in fact on ps4 version, cornering and small corrections are easier to do , then under braking you feel more steering resistance when cornering, also giving you that hint that you are bringing too much brake on entry.

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  3. BruceSenna

    BruceSenna Rookie

    What are using for gain , minimum force, dynamic damping, road effects, for xb1 I am using fanatec club sport v2.5 with the universal Xbox hub with forza wheel . I also have the formula v2 wheel also. I am looking for any suggestions for settings . I have terrible FFB

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  4. Onizuka

    Onizuka Rookie

    I use this setting:

    - Gain 100%;
    - Minimun force 0 (this setting is for weaker sterring wheel as the G29/920);
    - Dynamic Damping 100%;
    - Road Effects 50% (this setting is influenced by your personal taste).

    With theese settings and the FF at 180% on the wheel setting, it’s not that bad but not as good as the ps4 version.

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  5. Onizuka

    Onizuka Rookie

    Also on PS4, the led of the base and the sterring wheel are fully working, on the Xbox one version they are not supported.

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  6. Onizuka

    Onizuka Rookie

    Sorry guys, turned out that i choose AC section instead the ACC one, sorry again for the mess.

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  7. BruceSenna

    BruceSenna Rookie

    I tried the dynamic damping at 100 and it causes my wheel to shake almost violently at times I lowered it to 0 and it went away . The other settings seem very good my road effect might bring that up it seems at higher speeds it is very difficult to keep car driving straight but thanks for the reply and support to my question greatly appreciated

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