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Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by aotto1977, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Hardcore Simmer

    Hi Guys,
    this may I'll be visiting the 6 hrs of Spa with my younger brothers.
    We've been to the 6 hrs of Nürburgring some years ago and liked that we could move around pretty everywhere. But as Spa is a way more widespread track, I guess, say, Pouhon to Radillion is quite a walk (if even possible during the race).

    Long story short: Is any of you guys familiar with the track and it's paths, tunnels etc and can give some hints about where to go, sit, walk?
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  2. zelimper

    zelimper Staff Member

    you can get to pretty much everywhere you want in Spa, just get some good walking shoes :)
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  3. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Hardcore Simmer

    So there are connections between the grandstands I can use during the race? That'd be great!
    Any specific recommendation to a place that might no be known for being spectacular but actually is?
  4. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Hardcore Simmer

    So, as a short recap…
    Overall: Spa is an extremely beautiful and impressive track. The elevation changes are wayyyy bigger than I always thought. During the race we've been hiking around the whole track, my youngest brother (also an AC player) and I in full nerd mode, comparing our braking points and race lines to reality.

    Speaking about reality: The graphics were really, really nice. Very smooth and hi-res rendering all around with FPS beyond noticable. The server seemed to be a good place to race on, close multiclass-racing with little to none contact, everybody behaved well and obvisiously had low pings.
    But: The weather system needs some serious work. 6°C in may, seriously? And sudden changes of conditions from sunny to snowy to rainy to sunny again within minutes? I mean, come on, the weather was all over the place, get a grip on that, guys!

    All in all I can say: If you ever get the chance to attend a WEC race: Do it, it's absolutely worth it!

    Hint: If you meet some guys camping in the forests around the track, be sure to ask them for the official way to the track, not the shortest. Those guys are hardcore and mean it, our recommended path lead us right through the forest and down a scary steep and slippery squishy slope, whish spat us out of the woods right behind the straight down to Eau Rouge*.

    *) I didn't count how often I thought "It's raidillon actually" when I overheard people talking about Eau Rouge.
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