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PS4 Weekly Championship by Teams

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by PRO Stream BG, May 6, 2017.

  1. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    Hello, we gone a start a weekly Championship with GT3 Cars by Teams on Playstation 4 , in few days i gone a post all season Race Locations with laps/time to start and detalled info! To be part of it and sign up you must be member of our Ps4 community (Max Realisum Racing Team)! We gone a have 6 teams by 2 cars (for exemple Nissan Team , Ferrari Team, Porsche Team, BMW Team ect ect) Every subscribed driver must use the same car in every race until the seasson ends! The point system must be like in real live GT3 race! Every race gone a have a Qualify before the start! Only for members 18+ years old, with Wheels (no ds4 allowed), respectful and clean racers! The Teams gone a be set when we get Custom Lobby patch and see exactly what options we have! And a week after we set the race days and time! Only serious people who want enjoy the racing! We have 90+ members so make sure to request membership ASAP before the patch otherwise we can fill up fast the team selections, every player who are late , enters like a Back up Driver (if someone miss a qualiffy, Back up driver gone a take hes/her place for that race) Back Up drivers also gone a have a stats tracking and qualify/race results! If one person miss 2 quallifys is automaticly removed from the Championships and Backup driver get permanent hes/her position in the team and continue the Championship! (Intentional Crashes, road blocking, rear drive, race cuts and offensive and not respectful language against other members gone a be stricktly punnished by ban from the Community and Championship) The Quallify/Race gone a be set in one day (fixed) every week for exemple Champ. Quallify/Race gone a be every Saturday, so every mounth are 4 races , depend how many circuits we pick up we can calculate the entire championship time around 1-1/2 or 2 mounths!
    Our timezone is in Europe but we gone a try to set time of the races also in good timezone for our USA members! The focus of all this is to have fun and enjoy a beautiful and clean races, make some new friends and be a part of clean racer community! (more info in few days)
    Last edited: May 6, 2017
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  3. Luisandro

    Luisandro Rookie

    Are we gonna get new cars for drifting? Ps4

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
  4. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    Why you asking here!? This thread is for our community and people who want join in our custom Championship... I cant told you if Kunos gone a release new cars for drifting sorry :)
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  5. Luisandro

    Luisandro Rookie

    Okey thnks and sorry for posting in the wrong place

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
    PRO Stream BG likes this.
  6. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    You not need to "sorry" but you must ask in other thread i cant give you answer and cannot help you with that question :) Have a good weekend!
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  7. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    F*ck the paragraphs :p
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  8. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    If you want it on better language with paragraphs you cannot understand a word! At least people can make a idea what we planning... And one more thing, why you read it without "paragraphs" !? Next time dont...and save your time :)
  9. Why?
    PRO Stream BG likes this.
  10. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    He is just ironic , because i not use "pharagraphs" ..the tipical mister "troll" :) Dont answer him..ignore it :) The people who can understand are enought :)
  11. Darera

    Darera Gamer

    For racing, we do not know yet. For the atmosphere, for sure, it does not laugh. At least one thing is certain, we did not have to wait 25 answers, to get a good idea.
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  12. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    Sounds interesting. Can I join maybe?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  13. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    Everybody can join, who is clean racer and likes a beautiful races (not looking for a amazing skills and laptime records, the goal is a good and realistic feel races) if you agree with that and you are 18+ and have a wheel ( serach in Ps4 Communitys: MAX REALISM RACING TEAM ) and request a membership (when im online ill accept it , put in the request messege who are you in forums) because have more requests who try to figurate out who they are but not respoumd me ...and i want people who actually like to race clean and we need a small filter in the commumity :)
    iwanchek likes this.
  14. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    Will do Brother. Looking forward:)

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    PRO Stream BG likes this.
  15. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    GT3 Championship sign up info/rules:

    Every member of MAX REALISUM RACING TEAM Community can participate in the sign up proccess (who gone a start next week in our Community page in ps4)

    The TEAMS gone a be selected by order of the previous race with same cars in a random circuit, and from first to last we choice in what team we gone a be (first position select first, the Team , later second one...third...ect ect) Every Team gone a have 2 cars if any Team is allready selected by 2 players is not avaylible for choice and must select a empty Team slot!

    The teams are: Nissan Team - GTR GT3, Mercedes Team- AMG GT3, Lambo - Hurrican GT3 , BMW - Z4 GT3 , Porsche - 2016 R GT3 , MClaren GT3 (depend of the patch and multiplayer slots we can add one more team)

    The first Race gone a be on Nurburgring GP (GT) , Followed by Brand Hatch, Spa , Red Bull Ring, Monza , and last Nordshliefe Endurance (more info soon,about laps and fixed days to Quallify and Race)
    First we need to fill the Teams so stay tune next week for sign up process! And the race who gone a give us the order of choice the Teams!

    Remember all this Championship is for make a beautifful and clean races (we not want a lap records and amazing skills) everyone who is 18+ and have a Wheel can participate if is clean racer and respect all others!

    The first 3 of the results in the end of the championship gone a get a Community Moderator Status like a Gift (who gives you a option to Crate New Championships and Races for the Community) ONLY SERIOUS PLAYERS ! Have a good Week!
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  16. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    I can't find the group.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    Sorry i not see at time your comment, but now i see your find it , i accept your request! Next week we start organize the Teams and when CL patch comes we start the championship! Have a good week and thx for joining us!
    iwanchek likes this.
  18. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    Some screens for our Result tracking for the incoming Community Championship (the event for the first race is open for subscribe in our psn community, the race gone a be with same cars and the finish results gives the player to select hes team by order of finish from 1st to 16th) Screenshot_20170513-163612.png

    Attached Files:

  19. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    So, for every track there a car, like
    First race for everyone:
    • Z4 GT3 on Nürburgring

    Etc...who will decide who gonna drive which car? I'm totally
    For the McLaren doe or the Z4 :)

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. PRO Stream BG

    PRO Stream BG Simracer

    No is not for everyone same car! This is just a list where i put the names of people who select for exemple z4 or any other ,every team can be with max 2 players if someone for exemple Me amd you get BMW z4 team is not availible for next people who pick up team and they must select other team with free slot! The selection is awready started in the Community Event in the ps4... I crate a Event where people who are interessed to this to subscribe...and the event consist in a race in this case in Saturday 22h (Madrid Timezone) and at this time we go enter (all subscribers) in empty server with a same cars (identical) and do a full race there, and when we finish i go post the results picture in the community and from first position to last people select their team (i go ask everyone in a Group Chat visible for everyone by order which Team want join ( for exemple you finish 3th i finish 1st so i pick up first a Team, later another guy, later you...later next...ect ect untill all 16 players pick up a team! And when we fill the Teams , we go start a championships in this 7 tracks in the list...and in every of this tracks we must pick up same cars like before (no change of team untill the Championship is over (first 3 people with top scores in final of all races get a community moderator status/rank like a gift, and they can start and organise other races for the Community how they like) The focus of this is to make a beautifull and realistic and clean races over the championship and expand the Moderators to crate new races or championships for our community! (you must subscribe to the event in the Community to participate)
    paul_wev likes this.
  21. iwanchek

    iwanchek Simracer

    Sounds good, ok as I say I'm in. Looking forward

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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