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Generic Weekly Hotlap #80 - The champion without the crown

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Hugo Catarino, May 13, 2018.

  1. Plastic_Manc

    Plastic_Manc Hardcore Simmer

    Damn, I get my best jazzy time out in a car I'm more comfortable in and still don't make the podium on day one! Can see a second or so in my lap but sub 2 mins will probably be too far for me.

    RSR suggests a mid 1.55 is the place to be...
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  2. the3ws

    the3ws Hardcore Simmer

    Improvement - 1.58.837
  3. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Hardcore Simmer


    1.59.395 - X1X


    OMG!! im struggling.
    @the3ws , mate..you’ve definitely become an Alien
    Very impressive!!

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    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  4. the3ws

    the3ws Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks, Lewis. Until Graveltrap came along and put me in my place!
  5. S.Gråvarg

    S.Gråvarg Simracer

    1.59.708 xb1 IMG_20180516_171319.jpg Had some time to do a few laps today. Never driven a hybrid before. I have no clue how the MGU-K stuff works but I put in charging and 50%. I need to some research on this one. The car was great to drive:)
  6. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    MGU-K recovery is how much energy is put back into the system during braking, the higher the percentage the more energy is recovered, it will also alter the way the axle doing the recovery behaves, this will change the balance of the car.

    This setting can only be changed on console due to a bug or oversight I think on PC it is locked. I only empty the battery fully once on my lap

    Set this so that you have enough energy stored for the amount of boost needed. This can be seen in the HUD (green bar indicates the amount of stored energy available maybe).

    MGU-K deployment is simply the way the energy from the battery is used. IRL the teams will program exactly how this works on a corner by corner basis for optimum lap time, and give the driver the option to manually boost for an overtake.

    In our world it is best to set it to charging and deploy the boost via a button, the other modes whilst interesting are not the most efficient way of using the extra power from the electric motors.

    Remember you have a limited amount of energy available for each lap, this is shown as one of the bars filling in the hud, when energy is being used. Once full the electrical power cant be used until you cross the timing line :(

    I noticed stored energy also magically filled back up simply by crossing the timing line, is that a bug I wonder?!

    I feel I need to say Super Capacitor once in this post, this car didn’t use a battery ;)

    Rambling complete, hopefully it is mostly accurate ;)
  7. Justray2000

    Justray2000 Hardcore Simmer

    2.02.551 - PC

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  8. Neilski

    Neilski Hardcore Simmer

    Neilski - PC - 2.02.002
    Haven't tweaked the setup yet, beyond sticking the softs on it and getting the pressures roughly correct. No idea what to tweak though!
    Feels like there's another second or two in it, but not so sure I'll be breaking the 2 minute barrier ;)
  9. Plastic_Manc

    Plastic_Manc Hardcore Simmer

    2.01.124 - Improvement - PC


    A lot of laps required for that improvement. Went manual with the energy for a bit but its too much for me to work with so went back to auto.
  10. StyleF1re

    StyleF1re Hardcore Simmer

    2.01.471 (Improvement)/ PS4

    Assetto Corsa_30.jpg

    Hmmm. Definitely can push more with soft tires, but now things really feel like walking on a tightrope. As usual, my main issue lies in braking too late or too little and going into an ugly skid entering Les Combes or Campus.

    On a side note, never thought I'd enjoy driving the supposedly dreaded SF70H from Hotlap #67. I say that because not often is my Formula wheel attached and there are few lobbies to choose from around the time of day. So F1 cars at Nordschleife it is! Of course people are going to pick the F2004 and disregard the rest! Lotus 98T probably too damn strong for most as well... haha
  11. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Hardcore Simmer

    Tiny Improvement ish!!!

    1.59.208 - X1X


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  12. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Hardcore Simmer


    1.58.918 - X1X

  13. the3ws

    the3ws Hardcore Simmer

    Improvement - 1.58.443
  14. DonZmeuheu

    DonZmeuheu Hardcore Simmer


    Like the combo...hope for Toyota and Alonso this year at the 24h war. But also hope for Rebellion and Lotterer.
  15. DonZmeuheu

    DonZmeuheu Hardcore Simmer



    Have now after the CSL Elite LC Pedals my new Clubsport V3 Pedals with Damper Kit on the Brake. I just love them. I also changed the spring on the throttle to the stiffer one. All that mounted on my new GT Omega Art Racing Simulator Cockpit is just insane. Changing from the CSl Elite Pedals to Clubsport V3's is one of the best upgrades I ever made.
  16. Hugo Catarino

    Hugo Catarino Hardcore Simmer

    This is proving to be a very interesting challenge! Graveltrap flies around but the3ws is decided to not loose contact and he's really close to the lead,there is roughly 0,1s apart between them!But watch out for lewis,he's already sub 1.59 aswell.This is promissing...

    Current Standings

    1- 1.58.333 Graveltrap- PS4
    2- 1.58.443 the3ws- PS4
    3- 1.58.918 Lewisxbone- X1
    4- 1.59.708 S.Gravarg- X1
    5- 2.01.124 Plastic_Manc- PC
    6- 2.01.471 StyleF1re- PS4
    7- 2.02.002 Neilski- PC
    8- 2.02.551 Justray2000- PC
    9- 2.03.664 DonZmeuheu- PS4
    10- 2.04.237 Laughing Gravy- PS4
    11- 2.04.578 uelas_77- PS4
    12- 2.07.025 Totall Wrytoff- PS4
    13- 2.10.772 Chaos_Cris- X1
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  17. DonZmeuheu

    DonZmeuheu Hardcore Simmer



    After driving this car...I feel even more how impressive Neel Jani's laptime on Spa in the Porsche 919 Evo is. I mean....1:41.770 is crazy fast as hell.
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  18. the3ws

    the3ws Hardcore Simmer

    Improvement - 1.57.970
  19. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Hardcore Simmer

    Whoa whoa!! That’s definitely enough now
    wow!! Well done!!!!
    Are you saving lots of boost for after the last chicane to the finish line?
    I’m finding that’s the only way I can get a decent ish time.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  20. BrainsBush

    BrainsBush Hardcore Simmer

    IMG_20180504_131417.jpg IMG_20180504_131338.jpg IMG_20180504_130910.jpg IMG_20180504_130233.jpg IMG_20180504_123148.jpg IMG_20180504_094716.jpg IMG_20180504_094703.jpg IMG_20180503_124022.jpg

    This TS040 car is completely undrivable. I could complete only one lap without missing a corner.
    Seems that my LC brake is not working as it should be...I already logged a support ticket at Fanatec.
    Hopefully solved soon without having to return my LC brake pedal

    So my input are some photo's of two weeks ago at #WECSPA

    Attached Files:

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