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Generic Weekly Hotlap #91 - TT Challenge

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Hugo Catarino, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Tibor Sólyom

    Tibor Sólyom Hardcore Simmer

  2. StyleF1re

    StyleF1re Hardcore Simmer

    Didn't even think of this car being FWD until @Pretend racer mentioned it. I should've known better! Anyway, had another go but could do no better than a 2:09.6. Not going to even think about driving a RWD car in the same manner I've been driving this Audi!

    Not to mention, a breakthrough was discovered the other night. At my friend's request I entered the multiplayer drift lobby for laughs. I don't really know how to drift at all, but managed to get the RX-7 skidding around purely on power. Right when I was about to end my session and hand the baton over I made one last drift attempt and pulled on the handle of my Fanatec handbrake for fun. Seriously? All this time I thought I was out of luck with using the handbrake on a PS4 (via DriveHub). So this is what I've been missing out on all this time!
  3. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    IMG_0807.JPG PS4 2.08.118. Relatively pleased with this lap as it's been a long long time:D.
  4. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer

    Ps4 T150
    I enjoyed this. I haven't tried this car before but it was nice and easy to manage. I like this circuit too. As ever it takes skill to go fast so hats off to you fellas but this was a nice place to be for a quick half hour.
  5. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    2:08,926 pc

    2 08 926 91.jpg

    my perfect lap could be 0.5 - 0.7s faster. but when i do this section fast, than another is bad. :confused:
    so its okay for me. ;)
    congratulations to the aliens. :):):)
    when my dream of a perfect lap comes true it will be a high 2:07,xx. :cool:
    HOW can you drive more than a second faster?????? :eek::eek::eek:
    wow!! WOW!!! :):):):):):):)
  6. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien

    I’m Actually Gutted I’ve not had any time since Tuesday to have another go and try to improve my time.
    Absolutely loved the car, definitely going to try and use it again sometime in the future.
    It’s probably the only car in this game Ive been able to drive without any stability control at all so far.
    I usually need at least 20-30% on otherwise I just spin out after every corner.

    Well done to everyone else.
  7. Hugo Catarino

    Hugo Catarino Hardcore Simmer

    Gentlemans, turn off your engines, the challenge is over!

    @Daniel Perez returns to the WHL in style to snatch this one for his (rather large by now) trophy room. Also familiar names returning and even a new face, this week felt a bit like the old busy days :)

    Final Standings

    1- 2.05.532 Daniel Perez- PC
    2- 2.05.960 F1415182235- X1
    3- 2.06.287 Tibor Sólyom- PC
    4- 2.06.871 Pretend racer- PC
    5- 2.07.587 BrainsBush- PC
    6- 2.07.709 Lewisxbone- X1
    7- 2.08.318 365gt- PS4
    8- 2.08.682 moodyrider- PS4
    9- 2.08.881 Gijon- X1
    10- 2.08.926 sissydriver- PC
    11- 2.09.479 StyleF1re- PS4
    12- 2.09.833 Laughing Gravy- PS4
    13- 2.09.896 Justray2000- PC
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  8. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    Well done everyone.
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