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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge #127 - Questro mostro soffia forte!

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Totall Wrytoff, May 5, 2019.

  1. Laughing Gravy

    Laughing Gravy Hardcore Simmer

    1.22.817 PS4[​IMG]

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  2. Tibor Sólyom

    Tibor Sólyom Hardcore Simmer

    Current standings:

    1- 1.21.406 Biner PC
    2- 1.21.538 F1415182235 XB1
    3- 1.21.675 LeiF PC
    4- 1.21.729 cobra188d PC
    4- 1.21.729 Sissydriver PC
    6- 1.21.959 Total Wrytoff PS4
    7- 1.22.295 Emmanuel Tubbiolo XB1
    8- 1.22.389 Peggy11 PC
    9- 1.22.621 LXM323 XB1
    10- 1.22.817 Laughing Gravy PS4
  3. Improvement
  4. Emmanuel Tubbiolo

    Emmanuel Tubbiolo Hardcore Simmer

    Can't do much this week but I know I struggled to get low 22. Two nights ago. Well done. For the Fanatec I see what you mean and I'll even say the F1 wheel looks good... I like the idea of getting treats as you go.
  5. I prefer the idea of treats right away.:D
  6. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    1.21.104 pc

    This car is pretty insane. I had to do my own setup this week as I couldn't find a tune on the setup market. I had to have the TC on 3, I cranked the camber and toe up a fair bit too. Did a bunch of laps and best I could manage was a 1.23. After I changed the tires, I was 2 seconds quicker.

    I have a t500 that I bought used. I have put at least 3000 hours on it and it seems fine. I am using a conical rubber mod on the brake. I would avoid these pedals if I could. A loadcell brake pedal is what you want. My pedals will be the first equipment that I upgrade. With the t3pa pedals it creates a new setpoint every time you press the pedal just a little harder than last time. It can create problems on the track that you won't have with a loadcell.

    Also, about six months after I got the pedals, I needed to replace the pot for the brake - I think it cost me about 50 bucks to get it shipped from thrustmaster. Haven't had any issues since.
  7. paul_wev

    paul_wev Hardcore Simmer

    I bought a Bodin load cell for those pedals, and recommend one

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  8. Chaos_Chris

    Chaos_Chris Hardcore Simmer

    It is a lovely car. Real ChaosChris xb1 posting 1.25.564


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  9. Tibor Sólyom

    Tibor Sólyom Hardcore Simmer

    Current standings:

    1- 1.21.104 Pretend racer PC
    2- 1.21.406 Biner PC
    3- 1.21.463 Total Wrytoff PS4
    4- 1.21.538 F1415182235 XB1
    5- 1.21.675 LeiF PC
    6- 1.21.729 Sissydriver PC
    7- 1.21.729 cobra188d PC
    8- 1.22.295 Emmanuel Tubbiolo XB1
    9- 1.22.389 Peggy11 PC
    10- 1.22.621 LXM323 XB1
    11- 1.22.817 Laughing Gravy PS4
    12- 1.25.564 ChaosChris XB1
  10. Tibor Sólyom

    Tibor Sólyom Hardcore Simmer

    You should try with 100% grip :)
  11. Chaos_Chris

    Chaos_Chris Hardcore Simmer

    It seems random grip I always select optimum? Is that right? Not sure it’s worth 3 sec though. I was lapping pretty regular about half second slower so when I got that I was delighted!

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  12. Tibor Sólyom

    Tibor Sólyom Hardcore Simmer

    I don't know the console settings, on PC the optimum is always 100%.
    4% is quite a lot, you will be much faster with maximum grip.
  13. StyleF1re

    StyleF1re Hardcore Simmer

    @Totall Wrytoff
    Should be a fun final regardless! I'm a Tottenham fan btw. Started getting into football not too long ago, which would be right before the last World Cup. It was basically Harry Kane (has an accent and his name sounds like "hurricane") and some grime artist named AJ Tracey that reeled me into the Spurs camp. They better win the Champions or Premier League title sometime while I'm here on Earth! But I'm cool with Liverpool too because of the storylines behind the team. Anyway, the last two legs for the semifinal matches were straight bananas. The very first football game I ever tuned into at full length had to be that TOT-AJX game! I watch a lot of other pro sports (NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, tennis, auto racing) and even then I don't catch a lot of ridiculous stuff like what Moura did often.

    As for the Fanatec-Thrustmaster comparison, I'd say it depends on how much you're willing to spend. I loved my T300RS when it was my primary wheelbase, but the T3PA pedals were a bit of a letdown for me with their lack of throw and those small screws holding in the pedal plate. Easy to strip or misplace those! Also, the T3PA kind of needs a load-cell to really untap its potential and those aren't the cheapest of upgrades. Moving along, it was a rather dramatic upgrade to a ClubSport 2.5 set with the shifter and the Inverted pedals. What I really like about Fanatec though is the ease of use and the ability to swap steering wheels via quick-release. Also, it's much better using a switch over an hex wrench to select between H and SQ modes. Handbrake is nice to have as well if drifting is your thing. Aside from a few glitches on rare occasions with the wheelbase and my shifter being a little faulty detecting what gear I'm in for H-pattern mode, there have been no worrisome issues or troublesome upkeep maintenance. Just have to apply WD-40 and lithium grease every so many months to the pedals, since the setup is in a room lacking airflow and hot on occasion.

    Anyway, I'll be back to do hotlaps sometime. Haven't played AC in maybe over three weeks, so something is very wrong there! haha
  14. LXM323

    LXM323 Simracer


    from 1.22.6 -> 0.4s were on me, 0.3s -> on settings. 0.3s to go from my side and hopefully 0.2s with settings

    Dunno about that 1.21.1 though.. well done pretend racer!

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  15. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer



    TC 3
    ABS 1
    brake power 100
    fuel 11

    thats the setup I used for my best laptime. Hope that helps.
  16. Chaos_Chris

    Chaos_Chris Hardcore Simmer

    Finally broke the 125 barriers along with several track barriers I fear:(

    Improvement 1.24.140

    That first long right should be in 4th I guess and I lift off for the penultimate corner in 5th can’t do that flat out.

    If I am doing those right I must be losing time in the 2 right 90 degree corners tbf though I couldn’t hit the second apex with a sawn off shotgun from 20 yards ...

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  17. Chaos_Chris

    Chaos_Chris Hardcore Simmer

    Improvement [​IMG]


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  18. DriverModFTW

    DriverModFTW Hardcore Simmer

    Soooooo quick update not that anyone cares but it's important for clarification..I built my first PC last week. I've been really hooked on iRacing time attack, however I finally managed to buy assetto and get my wheel and graphics set up tonight and what not...anyway I have a different username for PC version..its mki5088. I need to get setup with rsr app next. Anywho, i apologize if this is confusing..i can change my username (I think) for the forum if you guys want me to.

  19. Tibor Sólyom

    Tibor Sólyom Hardcore Simmer

    Very good decision :)
    I don't think it's necessary to change it, many people have different usernames.
  20. LXM323

    LXM323 Simracer


    I feel this is pretty much the best i can do on this WHC.

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