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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge #165 Ok, I'll Alfa another go...

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Pretend racer, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. F1415182235

    F1415182235 Hardcore Simmer

    1:52.574 - X1


    I like cars like these. They force you to be precise with your inputs. I'm hoping for a 52.0 before Sunday.
  2. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien

    Low 52’s maybe but that’s it.
    I’m not a big fan of this type of car so the hearts not in it to keep going, that’s why I said I’ll probably struggle to improve much.
  3. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    I'm sorry about that, I didn't follow the proper format when posting the thread. Turns out I can still edit so I have changed the title.
  4. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    pretend racer


    So I spent some time customizing the setup for my driving style and I was able to improve a fair bit. I tried going my normal route of adding positive toe, and increasing negative camber in order to increase the grip around the corners but it just made the car worse - it would slide if you just breathed on the throttle. More throttle = more understeer and then when off the throttle I was getting oversteer. The car was pretty much undriveable. I then took most of the toe out, and it seemed to stick better. I kept lowering the positive toe on the front and back until I was getting lift off oversteer on the rear and then added one click of positive toe back in on the rear. Each time I took out some positive toe I would add in negative camber as well. Eventually, I got to full negative camber so I left it there.

    My tire psi's are optimized for lap 2 btw. I normally set my fastest lap on lap 2 or more...

    So there you have it folks. A two second improvement over my stock setup lap. A one second improvement over a general tune from the setup market. Just goes to show how much time a personalized setup can provide.

    Now I gotta see if I can figure out how to perfect the setup and my driving to get those 4 tenths that eXistenZ has on me!
  5. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    Weekly Hotlap Challenge Summary

    1. *eXistenZ 1:51:470 PC*
    2. pretend racer 1.51.868 PC
    3. DriverModFTW 1.52.337 PC
    4. Laughing Gravy 1.52.527 PS4
    5. F1415182235 1:52.574 X1
    6. Lewisxbone 1.52.686 Xb1
    7. Totall Wrytoff 1.54.101 PS4
    8. ChaosChris 1.54.329 Xb1
    9. moodyryder 1.54.450 Ps4

    Well since it was my challenge I posted the first laptime and setup so everyone could have a something to work with. A WR that everyone could strive for and a base setup that handled fairly well. Then @eXistenZ showed up with a blistering time that shows everyone he has some world class car handling skills. Unfortunately, he didn't quite provide "ze documents" (*german accent) and thus has an asterisk beside his name. eXistenZ proved how critical track conditions can be by posting a time a half second quicker than his WR by just lowering the air temp to 10C. So please remember to follow the proper posting guidelines, thanks!
    @Totall Wrytoff timidly threw his hat in the ring but then got shook by the final chicane and forgot he already beat his goal of 2.03's :p
    @DriverModFTW threw down a quick time but peeked at the RSR timing sheets and is gathering his resolve so he can Alfa another go.
    @Lewisxbone is coming to grips with the tricky nature of the handling of the Alfa.
    @Chaos_Chris rightly pointed out a clerical error, and is probably trying to affix a wing on the back of his Alfa to get it to stick.
    @Laughing Gravy deposited his laptime in the pile while avoiding saying anything negative about the combo! Your mom would be proud of you :D. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything...;)
    @F1415182235 will be aiming for a 1.52.0 - Precisely!
    Finally, I posted my PB and am trying to give TotalWrytoff a nice vacation from the stresses of WHC management. Hopefully, all goes well!
  6. It's going excellently! Bravo @Pretend racer, from me and on behalf of the rest of us! :)
  7. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    Oh dear, I cannot get below 55 which is somewhat emabarrassing.WHAT IS GOING ON! i'm lost,i'm confused,i'm frustrated,i'm sad.i'm angry,i'm rambling blah blah blah:mad::confused::eek:
  8. Chaos_Chris

    Chaos_Chris Hardcore Simmer

    What pills you been taking?

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  9. Stan Getz

    Stan Getz Gamer

    Stan getz

    Attached Files:

  10. Go on...post it up anyway!:D
    (That's the blue pill, I think:))
  11. Improvement
    Totall Wrytoff
    FWD actually requires (on my part) a long forgotten "knack."
    We've all been there, but I have to say, the thought of "a hopped up '95 Dodge Neon" is giving me the yips and is costing me time around the track with the distraction.:D

    I've held till nearly Weds... so many thoughts, some evil.... (eg: 4dr, 1.8L Auto in Faded Pink?) and there were other truly frightfully colour options... let alone what one would describe as "specs..."

    It could not possibly have been the 4 door "seedan," surely not at all hoppable, so possibly the so called "hot" 2dr Competition.:D (Presume the competition they were thinking was Scrabble.)
    Don't say it was the R/T... with Viper stripes....:eek:

    @Pretend racer, you've got to at least provide a pic and some idea of what it was pumping out...;) !!)

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  12. Emmanuel Tubbiolo

    Emmanuel Tubbiolo Hardcore Simmer

    Emmanuel Tubbiolo

    I saw Alfa Romeo I couldn't resist.. anyway if I didn't my ancestors will come back and get me..
    That was fun. Thanks for that Pretend Racer.

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  13. DriverModFTW

    DriverModFTW Hardcore Simmer

  14. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien


    1.51.709 - Xb1


    I was gonna leave it until I saw the leaderboard then realised I’d better get back out on track asap.
  15. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    I haven't been able to find a pic of that car, I asked my wife today if she had any but she was on her way out the door to go to work so she'll probably ignore my request, lol. I owned that car when I was in university and cameras still used film. I didn't photograph too much during that period of my life. So here's a pic from the net.


    The Neon received praise for its appearance, price, and power when compared to competing cars such as the Honda Civic DX at 102 hp (76 kW), the Civic EX at 127 hp (95 kW), the Nissan Sentra at 115 hp (86 kW), the Ford Escort ZX2 at 130 hp (97 kW), the Toyota Corolla at 115 hp (86 kW), the Saturn S-Series at 100 hp (75 kW) for SOHC variants and 124 hp (92 kW) for DOHC variants, and the Chevrolet Cavalier Base and LS models at 120 hp (89 kW), among others. Car and Driver tested the DOHC 5-speed equipped Neon R/T and reported that it could run 0-60 in 7.6 seconds and 15.9 seconds in the quarter mile.

    I bought my '95 Nitro Yellow Green Neon in 1997 and drove it across the country from BC to Onterrible and back to BC 5 times while I was in University. So when I started working and had some money, I spent a lot on that car. By that time the car had about 250000kms on it. I ported and polished the head, put a lumpy cam in it, reprogrammed the computer, cold air intake, bigger throttle body, short throw shifter kit, stronger clutch, exhaust headers, and cat back exhaust. Probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting too.

    I never dyno'd it but you could tell the difference in power levels. I remember one time in Edmonton driving on a 'dual carriageway' and a late 60's Thunderchicken, oops I meant Firebird, came up beside me and was laughing at my car. So I gave him the old lets go hand signal. We were driving along at about 50km, and I rev'd the piss out of her, slammed into 2nd and dumped the clutch. The tires start spinning, and as I'm controlling the torque steer I look over to see a look of total shock on this guys face, as his car hasn't even downshifted at this point. So I keep the tires spinning until his car gets into the power, I flat shift into 3rd and we stay side by side the whole way. The next light he asks me straight up - is that thing stock? I just gave him a ;). It was fun car to beat on, lol.

    I could usually beat most fwd coupes at the time, my friend had a acura intergra that I could just edge out every time. Honda civics were no match.

    I tried to do some autocross racing with it, but being in univeristy I only managed to compete 2 or 3 times. I always planned to take it on a drag strip, but I never managed to make that happen. I kept that car for about 10 years and then finally sold it to some local kid for about $1000. I have to admit though that I haven't seen it on the road in years so its probably in a junkyard by now.

    I swore I would never own a FWD car again after that driving that Neon, lol. But the problem is you cant buy a RWD car that has a standard in Canada unless its a 2 door coupe sports car, and even those are pretty rare.
  16. @Pretend racer
    A very high quality story, great to read!
    Nitro Yellow?
  17. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer


    That was hard work.I'm loosing a lot of speed into corners so my exit speed is useless.

    I went for the red pill in the end:p

  18. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

  19. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien


    1 53 985 165.jpg

    what a fight... phew... :eek:

    now back to laguna seca, kyalami, suzuka, bathurst....:cool:
  20. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    Weekly Hotlap Challenge Summary

    1. *eXistenZ 1:51:470 PC*
    2. Lewisxbone 1.51.709 Xb1
    3. pretend racer 1.51.868 PC
    4. DriverModFTW 1.52.135 PC
    5. Laughing Gravy 1.52.527 PS4
    6. F1415182235 1:52.574 X1
    7. Emmanuel Tubbiolo 1.53.527 Xb1
    8. Totall Wrytoff 1.53.907 PS4
    9. Sissydriver 1.53.985 pc
    10. ChaosChris 1.54.329 Xb1
    11. moodyryder 1.54.450 Ps4
    12. 365gt 1.54.574 PS4
    13. Stan getz 1:54:993 Ps4

    @Stan Getz dropped off his time without comment...
    @Totall Wrytoff improved his time but unfortunately still lost ground on the leaderboard as more entries come in
    @Emmanuel Tubbiolo saluted his heritage by wrestling the Alfa round the track. German mother? :p
    @DriverModFTW silently improved his time - no mention if it was the tune or technique?
    @Lewisxbone motivated himself and scored a very quick laptime.
    @365gt overcame a bit of stage fright and finally posted a laptime after a little confidence booster, aka, the red pill.
    @sissydriver fought to stave off withdrawl from acc long enough to post his laptime. Your suffering for the good of the WHC is noted!

    Still got a few days before the checkered flag. Lots, of time for improvements and new entries!
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