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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge 171 – Short term or Long term?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Totall Wrytoff, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Chaos_Chris

    Chaos_Chris Hardcore Simmer

    Just be sure to have ambient temp at 26. Rest is up to you. It’s good level so if you don’t get near the top guys don’t worry plenty of fights further down the field. If you do then you will have some good time battles :) welcome

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  2. Hi @caly82
    Welcome to the WHC!
    The main thing is to have a go, post your time and share your thoughts and feedback.
    Set-up advice is posted on the thread, along with lap videos. Both are very useful.
    Enjoy, vai bene e sii veloce!:)
  3. Mustang 500

    Mustang 500 Simracer

    Short Term
    Mustang 500
  4. GoodGame.eXistenZ

    GoodGame.eXistenZ Hardcore Simmer

    Nice time! I will also go for another lap today :)

    BR existenz
  5. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

  6. Stan Getz

    Stan Getz Simracer

    Long term
    Stan getz

    All right, think i got this. Now its time to push! Still going for a top 10 finish

    Attached Files:

  7. Stan Getz

    Stan Getz Simracer

    Thx for the vid!
  8. GoodGame.eXistenZ

    GoodGame.eXistenZ Hardcore Simmer


    Lost like 1 tenth in the last sector, but this bumblebee is a pain in the *ss to get through all the corners safely. :D

  9. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    Short term

    I'm still driving this with my F1 wheel it's hilarious and I must look like a T##t.At least i'm laughing cause these 3 months + of total isolation is gonna be interesting.I'm just doing random stuff that i wouldn't normally do:confused::eek::D.Stay safe guys

  10. WHC 171 Friday standings

    Overcome the Challenge (Combined Times)

    1. eXistenZ - 11.03.401
    2. Mustang 500 – 11.09.523
    3. Pretend racer - 11.11.295 PC
    4. DriverModFTW - 11.16.369
    5. Leif - 11.23.803
    6. Totall Wrytoff - 11.25.550
    7. Laughing Gravy – 11.47.661 PS4

    Short Term Challenge

    1. eXistenZ - 1:02:972 PC
    2. Mustang 500 - 1.03.300 XB1
    3. DriverModFTW - 1.03.681 PC
    4. Pretend racer - 1.03.731 PC
    5. Totall Wrytoff - 1.04.393 PS4
    6. Leif -1.04.986 – PC
    7. 365gt - 1.05.355 PS4
    8. ChaosChris - 1.05.928 Xb1
    9. Laughing Gravy - 1.05.929 PS4

    Long Term Challenge

    1. existenz - 10:00:429 PC
    2. Mustang 500 - 10.06.223 XB1
    3. Pretend racer - 10.07.564 PC
    4. DriverModFTW - 10.12.688 PC
    5. Leif - 10.18.817 PC
    6. Totall Wrytoff - 10.20.757 PS4
    7. Moodyryder - 10.35.160 Ps4
    8. Stan getz - 10:41:791 PS4
    9. Laughing Gravy - 10.42.732 PS4

    There’s been some spirited improvement going on since Wednesday!
    Totall Wrytoff jumps @LeiF in the Short Term but the big news is @Mustang 500 improving and in the short term, actually going faster than @GoodGame.eXistenZ . Wow! Great effort Mustang. But, it was so short term, there wasn't time for an adjusted leaderboard before @GoodGame.eXistenZ responded with a 1:02! Fantastic lap! Congrats! What a buzz!
    @Stan Getz shows big Long Term improvement, wiping over TWENTY SECONDS off his time around the Nordschleife! That puts him up a place and consolidates his top ten target! Excellent drive and a warm round of applause from the WHC.

    Just whilst I've got the mic - I'd like to offer thanks and support to all of those in the medical profession, who are on the front line at the moment. They are more than brave and selfless. I know one of our own is in healthcare, hope you are doing OK. I'm full of admiration and very grateful. Let's hope this cloud blows away soon and we can all get back on track!

    LATE EDIT: Apologies to @365gt - I think I was writing as you posted - Short Term time now included - into 7th place!
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2020
  11. Stan Getz

    Stan Getz Simracer

    Top 10! ;)

    oke,oke, new personal goal: 10:30:xxx
  12. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    I 2nd that.
    I would also like to thank the dairy industry who have to travel around the country to pick up the milk and then onto the dairy's etc.They have to deal with lots of people in one day so please support this forgotten industry.
    My thanks and support also goes to the farmers and the supermarket food delivery drivers who let's face it are keeping all of us going,excellent job guys and gals.
  13. Neilski

    Neilski Hardcore Simmer

    Hear hear from me too, on both counts. There are a lot of heroes (unsung and more prominent) keeping things afloat around the world.
  14. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks TW;)

    As i was writng my post i suddenly realised i would need a full page etc."There are a lot of heroes"absolutely!!;)
  15. LeiF

    LeiF Alien

    Damn, struggling to adjust to road car handling, too much racing in other things recently!

    An improvement but no place change, more time is in there just need to slow things down a bit

    Long Term - Improvement

    Attached Files:

  16. DonZmeuheu

    DonZmeuheu Hardcore Simmer

    Hope everybody is safe during this tough times. I wish you all and your families and beloved ones good luck during this unbelievable Pandemie. Because I'm taking part on IRacing in the Porsche Cup Series and in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Sport Series in the GT4 class I have at the moment because of training and everything litterally no time for WHC's. But I soon will be back to rock with you guys the racetracks

    I post a Documentary about Porsche and their GT team who took part on the two toughest GT Races in the World:) hope you guys enjoy it and stay safe.

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  17. DriverModFTW

    DriverModFTW Hardcore Simmer

    Improvement - Long Term
    I wish I knew the ring better to have a better time. It just seems like the biggest learning curve for me in this car is knowing exactly where the limit is on every single turn of the ring. Every turn you over slow just multiplies the time deficit exponentially and that's without making any other mistakes. I do not have enough laps in any vehicle to say confidently I know this track, so its a struggle for me to improve. Not sure ill get better than this, although full well knowing I can definitely do better. I hate admitting defeat lol
  18. Neilski

    Neilski Hardcore Simmer

    Yup, that's my problem too - it's insanely long and tricky to learn. And then if you mess up your lap after 7+ minutes, it's a teensy bit frustrating...
  19. 365gt

    365gt Hardcore Simmer

    And the same to you ,see you soon;)
  20. DonZmeuheu

    DonZmeuheu Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks mate see you soon

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