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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge 185 – The Dawn of a new Corsa

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Totall Wrytoff, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Mike Reynolds

    with valid screenshot this time

    ACC 911 cup zandvort.PNG
  2. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien


    WHC 185 AC 1 40 329.jpg

    This car is really a beast that tries to kill you. Dunno how to setup him proper in AC - so thats it for this WHC in AC.
    Thank you again @Totall Wrytoff - its a brilliant idee to have this two cars in one week and to compare the two corsas. :)
  3. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Mike Reynolds

    ACC 911 cup zandvort.PNG
  4. Biner

    Biner Hardcore Simmer


    This AC plus ACC format is a really good idea! I have had ACC since the beginning and have not spent much time on it. I now have a reason to dig into this deeper. Thanks!! So far, I've not got a clue on changing the setups so I used the aggressive setup out of the can until I got used to the car. I find it a bit more forgiving than AC physics, yet I am slower. I've had to adjust the settings for FOV on the triples and it looks a bit more like familiar territory. I'll start playing with it some more and see if I can figure out how the setup system works...the gui is a bit wonky. Love the 911 sounds! Today, irl, a newer 911GT3RS went by me as I came back from a walk...the sound from those exhaust pipes is a symphony! Lust!! Cheers!

    Edit: I see that my track is set to FAST. Others are on Optimum. I will try that tomorrow...I think more grip on Optimum? I'm hoping!
  5. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    Optimum is best grip. Mike has wind - now we know why he is so fast on the long straight :D
    Setup is really fantastic in ACC, but for me not easy to understand. Highly recommended are Aris Videos. But very time consuming. TL;DR can save a lot of time.
    The first and most important thing in ACC are the pressures. Best is ~27.0-28.2.
    But in ACC hotlap you have a new set of tires each time you cross the finish line. So i go to the garage just some meters before the line, then into setup and there you can see the last pressure when you "leave" the track.
    Adjust the pressure in the setup (i feel comfortable with 27.7-28.2).
    If you want more temperature you can close the brake ducts (lower number, less cooling).
    And use brake pad 1 - best for hotlap.

  6. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien


    1.38.886 - XB1


    Hi to all and hope you’re all ok.
    I think I’ve only took part once so far this year, Im struggling on the wheel to say the least and it feels like I’m right back at the beginning again.
    But, a wise man has said to me many times (TW) “it’s the taking part that matters”
  7. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien

    138.154 -XB1

  8. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer

    Aye struggling badly there with a 38 opening gambit.


    Welcome back man. Good to see you.
  9. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien

    Cheers pal
    Totall Wrytoff and Neilski like this.
  10. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    struggling with 1.38 :eek:

    lewis is back on track :cool:
    thats how he is. :)
    always an inspiration. :p:p

    nice to read you again, mate!
  11. Lewisxbone

    Lewisxbone Alien

    Thanks mate.
    It was actually your posted time that pushed me to keep trying.
    I was just about managing 1.43’s at first.
    ACC seems much harder and I think it’s going to take a lot of practice to become faster but I really like it and love the ffb. Great game.
  12. P308R

    P308R Hardcore Simmer

    Bastian Boillot


    And that's it for me this week.
  13. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Simracer


    It felt a bit better today. Surprised myself with my improvement but still probably lagging behind everyone else. I’m happy just to give it a try.

    Attached Files:

  14. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer

    I've got it now. I had the ignition and starter on manual anyway.

    Now I know all I have to do is rev hard and then the gear will engage.

    Very simple in the end. I'd assumed with manual clutch you'd have to clutch and heel & toe the downshifts. Obviously not the case. I didn't know this is how the cars are in reality.

    I consider myself educated.

  15. Alexis_RS_MKII

    Alexis_RS_MKII Simracer


  16. AC
    Total Wrytoff

    Total Wrytoff
    Just a handful of laps in each to get a time in.
  17. Midweek standings at Zandvoort

    Assetto Corsa :

    1. GoodGame.eXistenZ - 1:36:848 PC
    2. Lewisxbone -1.38.154 -XB1
    3. Alexis_RS_MKII - 1.39.577 PC
    4. Biner - 1:39.951 PC
    5. SissyDriver - 1.40.329 PC
    6. Moodyryder - 1.40.977 ps4
    7. Laughing Gravy - 1.41.996 PS4
    8. Total Wrytoff - 1.42.435 PS4

    Assetto Corsa Competizione :

    1. Lewisxbone - 1.38.886 - XB1
    2. Bastian Boillot - 1:39:474 PS4
    3. Mike Reynolds 1:39:507 PC
    4. SissyDriver - 1.39.621 PC
    5. HandyAndy1962 - 1:40.728 PC
    6. Biner - 1:41.184 PC
    7. Moodyryder - 1.41.571 ps4
    8. Total Wrytoff - 1.41.724 PS4
    9. Laughing Gravy - 1.43.401 PS4

    If anybody saw this earlier, I've corrected the multiple errors!:rolleyes::)
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2020
  18. AC
    Total Wrytoff
    I'm on the medium compound, tyres are still overheating before the end of lap one.
  19. F1415182235

    F1415182235 Hardcore Simmer

    1:37.819 - X1 - AC
  20. AC
    Total Wrytoff
    On the softs, had a big wobble on the kerb at the final chicane, so could be in the 30s. Later.
    Switching to ACC.

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