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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge 187 –Tuscan red and a pink surprise down under.

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Totall Wrytoff, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Welcome to the Weekly Hotlap Challenge 187 –Tuscan Red and a pink surprise down under.
    Featuring Assetto Corsa and Competizione challenges.

    Assetto Corsa Challenge: Hotlap
    Car: Ferrari 312/67
    Track: Autodromo del Mugello

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge: Hotlap

    Car: Honda NSX GT3 Evo (2019)
    Track: Mount Panorama
    Time: 7:00 and x 1 progression
    Weather: Clear
    Temp: Disabled
    Please see notes on how to play and please check the conditions and posting requirements below.

    I always do a few laps to test the proposed challenge, but for AC this week, I knew the vintage, Italian F1 racer at Mugello was spot on before I had got to the end of the Pit Lane. And not just because Moodyryder had suggested this combination some months ago.
    To then really cover the cake in icing sugar, as it were, the following day I see this fantastic news:

    This September 13th, on the occasion of Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix, Italy's Mugello will stage its debut Grand Prix.”

    And with no extra banking? Seems not.

    Road racing started here on public streets in the 1920s, the circuit we have opened in June 1974. Having done an F1 test at the track, Mark Webber said that "10 dry laps around Mugello is the same as doing 1000 laps around the Abu Dhabi track in terms of satisfaction."

    Who fancies a bit of Tuscany right now? A few nights booked into the Vicari in Scarperia, a couple of days on track in a classic F1 car and the fabulous wine and dine in between… In fact, I would go as far as saying in public, that I would consider suffering an “easyjet” experience twice. Where’s that magic lamp?
    If you haven’t visited Tuscany, you are missing a large chunk of excellence from your life. The Tuscans really know how to live.
    Bello Mugello. Owned by Ferrari, nestled in the Tuscan hills, this circuit has the best corner names in the world.
    So what are we sitting in?
    The 312/67 is Ferrari’s 1967 Formula One car. A no-brainer for a WHC, but, of all the “possibles” in Ferrari Scuderia, it is a strange choice for Kunos include in AC. The 312/67 killed two drivers, badly injured another, had no wins and finished the season fifth overall.
    Moving swiftly on, as is the Ferrari way, 312 stands for 3 litres and 12 cylinders, arranged as a V12, mounted longitudinally in an aluminium monocoque. In other words, there is no internal frame, the aluminium shell provides the structure. Yup. Eggshell fragile!
    The v12 revs to TEN THOUSAND rpm.
    That’s lots and lots of very small bits of oily metal, moving not only with dizzying speed but also in perfect harmony. There is no inertia at all in this engine. Change up and you seem to be at the redline almost immediately. Change up again and the same happens. It is only towards the end of the long straight that the non-existent aerodynamics blunt the headlong charge and prevent internal combustion turning into a very big external combustion.
    And the noise.
    Inside last’s week’s Ford was noisy, but even with the sound being whipped away in the slipstream, how those boys managed several hours with that unsilenced racket right next to their heads bears serious consideration. A cracking headache for a couple of days at least. At lower revs it is a very mechanical jangle and sounds a bit like a bike engine, but at 8,500rpm all hell breaks loose.
    A hard edged, violently insane buzz saw of noise savages you.
    Think Texas chainsaw massacre. Think of a thousand angry lumberjacks. But this aural aggression is very short lived. As soon as you hear it, reach for the stick. That 1,500 rpm disappears faster than you can say “lost a limb!”
    After two or three laps around Mugello, you’ll be using the throttle to get the nose into the corners, hopelessly addicted to induction blare and wondering why cars don’t behave like this anymore…..

    The ACC challenge was also easy to decide on. Bastian picked it last week. My thanks to him!
    The NSX GT3 EVO is based on the road car but, in keeping with the rear-drive-only requirement of GT3 competition, it loses the production model’s hybrid elements and transmission. The GT3 runs a detuned version of the road car’s 3.5-litre twin turbocharged V6 engine producing roughly 30bhp less but a similar amount of torque. Strange, considering the big torque output of the road car’s 3 electric motors.
    Despite weighing half a tonne less than the road car, running on slick tyres with a full aero package, the racing car is only 10 secs faster around a twisty race track. Putting the road car on slicks would more than halve that….
    The road car, on road tyres is 1.5 seconds quicker to 60mph.
    Have a watch of this very interesting vid comparing the American Acura versions of road and race car. (Back to back lap starts at around 6.30)

    I would like to see this test done at Monza.

    Mark Webber would say, and go for the accent here, “Look. It’s Mownt Panoraaamamate!”
    It is great to drive around Mount Panorama again. Ignoring GTS, I think Gran Turismo 6 was the last proper time for me. So end of 2017… You always got that stuttery screen as you rapidly flicked left, right, left, down through The Dipper towards Forrest’s Elbow. And guess what!
    It’s still there.
    Why can’t Kunos get ACC to run like Polyphony’s GTS does? GTS is the complete opposite of ACC. It is a terrible driving experience but it looks so vividly real, you feel the koalas watching you from the eucalyptus trees.
    We are kicking off at 7am and I got quite a surprise half way round the track! As referred to in the title, you’ll see what I mean. It had me laughing, pausing and reaching for the colour and contrast settings big time!

    Nonetheless, even lapping blindfolded on a bicycle, this is a very satisfying circuit. It is fraught with danger. Wicked bumps, off-camber corners, blind crests leading into thick concrete for the unwary and huge speeds on the straights, for cars with unrestricted engines and active aero.
    Griffins bend – how much speed dare you carry into the uphill right hander? I bet, on your first go, it may be too much!
    Quarry Corner, through turns 7 to 11, just feels like massively dangerous and irresponsible behaviour, and that’s just on your own. Inches from other nutters in similar cars all thinking one thing, it is complete insanity. A collision certainty!
    This is a track that just eggs and eggs you on until it ends in tears. Unlike any other track in the game, it took me three goes to master the self-control required for the Track medal!
    It is just the one lap this week, avoid “that’s heavy damage to the front, pit in” and try and keep the chappy in your ear happy!


    Tyres and Times?

    For Assetto Corsa:
    Fastest published time around Mugello in the 312 is a 1.53.295, by one of Pretend racer’s favourite tuners, Mathieu Labbé. A sub 1.57 gets you into the top 20.
    Recommended hot tyre pressure all round for Firestone’s 1967 F1 slick tyre is 26 psi.

    For A.C.Competizione:
    We are going to set the fastest times!
    On console it seems, tyre pressure has little to no effect on handling. I was amazed to read @sissydriver’s comment last week about a 0.2psi adjustment! I can’t feel any difference in a 15 psi adjustment!
    In an unscientific test, I drove 2 laps starting with the very lowest pressure at 20.3 (“keep off the kerbs!”) and then 2 laps at 35psi. There was no real, discernible difference from behind the wheel and my times differed by 1/10th (in favour of the 36psi’s.)
    I would be interested to hear the experiences of console players on this.
    But, for peace of mind, recommended tyre pressure is around 27.5 psi (hot.)


    Assetto Corsa Challenge - How to take part:
    To enter the Assetto Corsa Challenge, select Hotlap, choose the Ferrari 312/67 and the Autodromo del Mugello Circuit.
    Please setup the session as shown below:
    Mode: Hotlap
    Ambient Temp: 26 Degrees
    Setup: Time of day: Free / Controller: Free / Assists: Free / Stability: Free
    To qualify you must have the ambient temp set to 26 DegC.

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge Challenge - How to take part:
    In Single Player:
    1. Choose the 2019 Honda NSX GT3 Evo.
    2. Select HOTLAP.
    3. Select 7:00 am and x1 time progression.
    4. Select the Mount Panorama track.
    5. Disable Dynamic Weather and select Clear.

    The screen shot required to enter your time is in “Timetables.”
    Realism and Assist Settings are up to you. Ideally, please use PRO

    Please use the following format to post your times to be included on the leader boards:
    (Only required if you have already posted a time)
    Your name (as you would like it to appear on the leaderboard)
    Your time - shown as x.xx.xxx.
    (For ACC Hotstint – Number of Laps)
    Your platform
    (PC Xb1 PS4)
    The screen shot showing your time.
    (Optional but in the spirit) Your thoughts or any comment
    Please post video clips and share information here as well.

    You can run as many laps as you can manage and update your times as often as you like. It is all about taking part, pushing yourself and enjoying Assetto Corsa and Competizione. All Platforms are welcome. To submit a time, pause the game and select 'session' from the menu and screenshot this page or take a photo of your screen and post it in this thread - Note all the information from the screen is required including temperature, mode heading (Hotlap) and of course the car being used!

    Deadline: Sunday 19th July 2020
    Chequered Flag will drop shortly before 6pm.

    Weekly Hotlap Challenge History - the WHC history will be posted at the end of each month.

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  3. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    Hooooooonnnnnnda! I am lucky enough to own an FK8 :D so on brand for me.

    Bathurst is tough on console, well for me anyway, I lack precision and accuracy required to be fast at this track :(

    IMO you need to be using all of the tyres grip be able to judge performance, I remember people saying they couldn’t tell the difference between soft and hard compounds in AC...
  4. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

  5. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien


    WHC 187 2.jpg

    Hondaaaaaa at bathurst. :cool::cool::cool:
    And GT4 incoming.
    What a week. :p:):D:cool:

    Yeah! :D:D:D
    Tire pressures are way off - after adjusting this and a shaking off the rust (bathurst nearly never used last ~2months) it starts again. The magic of this track. The two long straights and the madness between. :confused:

    Mountain top is crazy. Flat out not possible at the moment, but this is the goal with every car (doesnt really work, but you need something to aim for :D).
    Aggro setup is too twitchy for me on the top. Lowered rear wheel rate one click - better. But have to change more things.
    Dunno how much time i have this week with family, job and gt4....:p:p:p

    Thank you again @Totall Wrytoff - your intros are masterpieces.

    WHC 187 light.jpg

    WHC 187 light2.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2020
  6. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    620 degrees console jockeys!

    I didn’t like the surprise :confused:
  7. P308R

    P308R Hardcore Simmer

    Fantastic introduction as always @Totall Wrytoff :cool:

    For the NSX, don't forget to turn off the TC. Love the onboard sound of that car :)
  8. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    @P308R - turn off tc? why? - the real drivers use tc, so why should we turn it off? have i missed something?
  9. P308R

    P308R Hardcore Simmer

    You're right but this car is just a joy to drive without TCS in dry weather. There is a bit of turbolag and in low gears you rarely spinout . She is just gentle ;)
  10. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer


    NSX Evo Hotlap.png

    Had a quick go before the F1.

    Bathurst isn't a circuit that I have driven very many laps around in any sim. I know the layout and corners well enough, but I need quite a few more laps until I'm tuned into the intricacies. Still quite pleased with my time for a first go.

    I swear I stop breathing every single lap from turn 11 through turn 18 coming back down the mountain :p
  11. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien


    Screen shot is at the end of the clip.

    Crappy first sector, maybe a 2:01 is possible for me if I put it all together. Grass texture pop in is bloody annoying!

    I feel like I have to turn in way before it should be necessary which makes placing the car in fast turns a little tricky!

    Skyline kills me on a regular basis!

  12. AC
    Totall Wrytoff
    After a couple of laps starting with tyres at even pressures all round there was a huge discrepancy in pressures, especially across the rear axle.
    Maybe the diff is set too high, or to low....:rolleyes:
    So after some fiddling, I got this time. Much more to come.
    I'm looking forward to @Pretend racer translating M. Labbe's set-up for us.;):D
  13. AC
    Totall Wrytoff
    This car is very slidey. It feels similar to driving on snow.
  14. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien


    whc 187 5.jpg

    Little chaotic, elder daughter had some problems with hacked roblux account, difficult to find a rythmn when someone forces you to pause the sim every 2mins.... but in the end some very good laps for me.
    @Graveltrap - two times same time at your time table... :eek::eek::eek:
  15. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien


    camera 1

    first session i am able to do 2.02.xxx - must celebrate it a little ;)
  16. GoodGame.eXistenZ

    GoodGame.eXistenZ Hardcore Simmer

    It is always down to preference ;)
    TC does not make you faster.
  17. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer


    Bathurst is my second favourite track & the Bathurst 1000 my favourite race of the year but that doesn’t mean I’m any good on it. I can’t carry the same speed that others do as they head up the mountain & I’m particularly bad a skyline where I’ve lost it a few times. A couple of times I’ve been a second up on my best time but lost it all at Forest Elbow & down Conrod Straight. I think I’ll be bringing up the rear of the field this week.

    Attached Files:

    P308R, Pretend racer, Peggy11 and 4 others like this.
  18. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    @HandyAndy1962 -
    Bathurst needs some time. This track is special. Hope this video helps. :)
  19. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer


    Thought I would give this a quick try. Not the sort of car I usually enjoy so I was fearing the worst but It was much better than I expected, especially as I didn’t change anything.

    Attached Files:

  20. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks. I do watch some of his videos but I’ve not seen this one. They’re often so long that it takes a while to watch them, especially as I’m no longer on furlough.
    P308R, Pretend racer, Peggy11 and 2 others like this.
  21. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien


    Screenshot at the end of the clip.

    Well got my 2:01, there is more time there if I could find an apex! Still struggling with turn in points in the high speed stuff but starting to get there...

    The title screen that YouTube picked for the clip is my biggest problem, really want to be flat through the next two corners!

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