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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge 194 – Grand Touring in the park

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Totall Wrytoff, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. Welcome to the Weekly Hotlap Challenge 194 – Grand Touring in the park
    Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione challenges.

    Assetto Corsa Challenge: Hotlap
    Cars: McLaren MP4-12C and/ or McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    Track: Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge: Hotstint

    Car: BMW M6 GT3
    Track: Monza
    Please see weather and track conditions in How To Take Part below.

    Autodromo Nazionale di Monza…
    …is north of Milano, set amongst the trees of the Royal Villa of Monza Park. It was originally built all the way back in 1922 as the world's third purpose-built motor racing circuit after those of Brooklands and Indianapolis.
    Variante del Rettifilo, the chicane at the end of the start finish straight, can make or break you lap and I would imagine, in real life, in your own car, Curva Parabolica would leave you with re-occurring nightmares.

    Assetto Corsa: Hotlap

    McLarens at Monza
    Slowly, but surely we are working our way through every car in Assetto Corsa. The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 has sat in the paddock, unused. So this week, we’re giving it a run. Coming up to WHC200, that leaves, two Abarths, two BMWs, five Lotae (Lotuseseses) and one Porsche remaining.
    I have a constant gripe about restricting race engines and the FIA GT3 “BoP” and a theory that the road version of most GT3 cars would be faster in certain conditions, for example at a track like Monza. So, let’s back to back the McLaren MP4 12C road and GT3 race car at Monza.
    I’ll not hold you in suspense, the GT3 car, stock settings, in a quick test (medium slicks,) was easily five seconds faster around Monza than the road car, mainly due to the corner exit speed which translated to an advantage down the straights. The GT3 car was nearly as quick to 140mph, so the road car’s advantage didn’t come into play until final 3rd of the straights, at which point it was time to slow.

    So, hands up, GT3 cars are faster…. But I’d still like to test the road car on slicks and I’m not lying down just yet!

    Assetto Corsa Competizione: 15 mins Hotstint

    M Sport BMW M6 GrandTouring 3 at Monza
    This week’s challenge is courtesy of LeiF, winner of ACC 193. Great minds think alike! He chose Monza, not knowing it was also featuring in the Assetto Corsa challenge…
    As LeiF explains;
    “I don't have to think for very long about the car.... A little over a month ago, myself and a couple of my team mates took part in the Apex Online Racing 8 hours of California.
    Managed to get into the PRO split, and qualified 21st amongst some serious aliens / famous simracers...
    8 hours later we finished 6th
    totally buzzing, lovely lovely BMW, what a good girl she is! Rubbish for sprint races, but a GOD at endurance racing.”
    The reason for the track choice is pure, personal economics: “…basically because I don't have to practice, I have more hours in that track in ACC than any other “
    It turns out that LeiF has spent just under FORTY HOURS at this circuit in ACC!

    He is also a dab hand at livery design, his concept was adopted by the livery designer….
    This is LeiF’s TPC Simracing #777 BMW M6 GT3 – featuring his dual tone paint job.

    Based on the comparative lap times from the 2019 Blancpain Series and RSR, it looks like the MP4 12C of Assetto Corsa is faster than Competizione’s M6 GT3 - and AC’s GT3 car of 2014 is over 10 seconds per lap faster than last year’s real life, fastest GT3 car around Monza. 10 seconds?
    If that doesn’t stimulate a debate….

    Stats, Tyres and Times

    For Assetto Corsa
    Recommended tyre pressures for the road car:
    - Semislicks: 33 psi all round (Street: 37 psi)
    Recommended tyre pressures for the race car:
    - All compounds: 26 psi all round
    Fastest laps at Monza
    * - Road Car- 1:55.976.
    * - Race Car - 1:48.612
    The RSR McLaren specialist at Monza is Henrik Ericson from Sweden, who set both lap times above .
    In the road car, for a Top 20, you’ll need a 1.58.800 or better. The majority of times are between 2.01 and 2.03, so better than a 2.01 means you’re better than most!
    For a GT3 Top 20, you’ll need a 1.50.200 or better. The majority of times are between 1:52.500 and 1:54.500, so better than a 1:54 means you’re better than most!

    For A.C.Competizione

    In the 2019 Blancpain Series at Monza, fastest race lap for the AM Class entered BMW M6 GT3, was a 2:03.674.
    That compares that to a fastest race lap of 1:58.700, set by the Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT3.
    Recommended tyre pressure is around 27.5 psi (hot.)

    How to take part:
    *Assetto Corsa Challenge*
    To enter the Assetto Corsa Challenge, select Hotlap, choose the McLaren MP4-12C and/ or McLaren MP4-12C GT3 and the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.
    Please setup the session as follows:
    Mode: Hotlap - Ambient Temp: 26 Degrees - Setup: Time of day: Free / Controller: Free / Assists: Free / Stability: Free. To qualify you must have the ambient temp set to 26 DegC.

    *Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge*
    In Single Player:
    1. Choose the BMW M6 GT3
    2. Challenge: Select Hotstint 15 MINS
    3. Time: Select 08:00
    4. Select the Monza Circuit
    5. Weather - select CLEAR
    6. Disable DYNAMIC,
    7. Disable RANDOM
    8. Track Grip: Select FAST
    9. Wetness/ Standing water at: 0%
    The screen shot required to enter your time is in Timetables at the end of the session.
    Realism and Assist Settings are up to you. Ideally, please use PRO

    For ease of admin, please use the following format to post your times to be included on the leader boards:
    For Hotstint, please show the number of laps and total time
    Challenge –
    AC or ACC
    Improvement (Only required if you have already posted a time)
    Your name (as you would like it to appear on the leaderboard)
    Your time - shown as x.xx.xxx. (This week it is your fastest lap)
    For ACC Hotstint – Number of Laps
    Your platform
    (PC Xb1 PS4)
    The screen shot showing your time.
    (Optional but in the spirit) Your thoughts or any comment
    Please post video clips and share information here as well.

    You can run as many laps as you can manage and update your times as often as you like. It is all about taking part, pushing yourself and enjoying Assetto Corsa and Competizione. All Platforms are welcome. To submit a time, pause the game and select 'session' from the menu and screenshot this page or take a photo of your screen and post it in this thread - Note all the information from the screen is required including temperature, mode heading (Hotlap) and of course the car being used!

    Deadline: Sunday 6th September (What??? September already?) 2020
    Chequered Flag will drop shortly before 6pm.

    Weekly Hotlap Challenge History
    1. Mugello - Praga R1 (Posted by John Gordon 3 Oct, 2016)
    2. Imola - Mercedes SLS GT3
    3. Brands Hatch GP - RUF RT12 (GravelTrap 19 Oct 16)
    4. Magione - Lotus 2 Eleven
    5. Silverstone International - Abarth 500 Assetto Corse
    6. Zandvoort - Pagani Huayra
    7. Nurburgring GP (GT) - Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
    8. Spa - BMW M3 GT2
    9. Vallelunga Club - KTM X-Bow R
    10. Barcelona - Moto - Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
    11. Silverstone 1967 - Lotus 72D
    12. Nordschleife - Porsche 911 Carrera S
    13. Black Cat County - Ferrari LaFerrari
    14. Monza Junior 1966 - Alfa Romeo GTA
    15. Redbull Ring GP - Lamborghini Gallardo SL
    16. Zandvoort - Ford Escort RS1600
    17. Imola - Mazda Rx-7 Spirit R
    18. Brands Hatch GP - Lotus Exige V6 Cup
    19. Monza - Ferrari FXX K
    20. Barcelona - Moto - Ferrari 488 GT3
    21. Mugello - Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV
    22. Silverstone GP - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017
    23. Nurburgring Sprint GT - Toyota AE86 Tuned
    24. Magione - Maserati Levante S
    25. Spa - Lotus 98T
    26. Vallelunga - Classic - Porsche 935/78 "Moby Dick"
    27. Nordschleife Endurance Cup - M235i Racing
    28. Silverstone 1967 - Maserati 250F T2 12C
    29. Red Bull Ring National - BMW 1M (HavanaB0B, 1 May 17)
    30. Zandvoort - Lotus Evora GX
    31. Barcelona GP - Lotus Exos 125 Stage 1
    32. Brands Hatch Indy - Toyota Supra MKIV Time Attack (Graveltrap 21 May 17)
    33. Black Cat County Long - Lamborghini Countach
    34. Imola - Mercedes Benz 190E Evo II
    35. Monza - Chevrolet Corvette C7R
    36. Nurburgring Sprint GT - BMW M3 E30
    37. Magione - Mercedes SLS AMG
    38. Spa - Porsche 917/30 Spyder
    39. Silverstone GP - Nissan GT-R Nismo (Hugo Catarino, 9 July 17)
    40. RedBull Ring GP - Alfa Romeo 4c
    41. Brands Hatch GP - Audi R8 LMS Ultra
    42. Highlands Long - Ford GT40
    43. Vallelunga - Lotus GTE Carbon
    44. Zandvoort - Porsche 911 Turbo S (Graveltrap 13 Aug 17)
    45. Nordschleife - Ferrari 312T
    46. Mugello - BMW M3 E92
    47. Black Cat County - Short - Ford Mustang 2015
    48. Imola - Maserati MC12 GT1
    49. Silverstone 1967 - Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0
    50. Barcelona Moto - McLaren 570S
    51. Magione - Mazda Miata NA
    52. Spa - Ferrari F40
    53. Vallelunga - Corvette C7 Stingray (Moodyryder 23 Oct 17)
    54. Brands Hatch GP - Tatuus FA01
    55. Highlands - Lotus 3 eleven
    56. Nurburgring GP (GT) - Toyota Celica ST185 4WD Turbo
    57. Monza 1966 Full Course - Ferrari 312/67
    58. Nordschleife - Porsche 962 C Short Tail
    59. Zandvoort- Nissan 370Z Nismo
    60. Silverstone GP - McLaren F1
    61. Vallelunga Classic - Ferrari 250GTO
    62. Imola - Lotus 98T
    63. Highlands Drift - P4/5 Competizione
    64. Mugello - Lamborghini Aventador SV
    65. Spa - Porsche 911R
    66. Black Cat County - Lotus 2-Eleven GT4
    67. Barcelona GP - Ferrari SF70H
    68. Nordschleife Endurance & Highlands - Porsche 917k
    69. Zandvoort - Lotus Exige Scura (Hugo Catarino 25 Feb 18)
    70. RedBull Ring National - Maserati Alfieri
    71. Laguna Seca - Audi Sport quattro S1 E2
    72. Brands Hatch - McLaren P1
    73. Imola - Porsche 911 RSR
    74. Nurburgring GP - Ferrari F2004
    75. Barcelona Moto - Lamborghini Huracan Performante
    76. Silverstone 1967 - Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
    77. Magione - BMW 1M Stage 3
    78. Highlands Long - Mazda 787b
    79. Black Cat County - Toyota GT86
    80. Spa - Toyota TS040 Hybrid
    81. Vallelunga Classic - Nissan Skyline R34 V-Spec
    82. Mugello - Ferrari 458 GT2
    83. Silverstone International - RUF R12 R AWD
    84. Highlands Long - Audi R18 e-tron quattro 2014
    85. Monza - Pagani Zonda R
    86. Nordschleife - Lotus 3-eleven
    87. Zandvoort - Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4
    88. Redbull Ring GP - Mercedes Sauber C9
    89. Brands Hatch - Lotus Type 25
    90. Highlands Short - Abarth 595 SS
    91. Nurburgring GP (GT) - Audi TT Cup
    92. Monza 1966 - Road Course - Porsche 908 LH
    93. Vallelunga - BMW M3 E30 Gr.A 92
    94. Laguna Seca - Alfa Romeo Mito QV
    95. Nordschleife - RUF Yellowbird & Ferrari F40
    96. Barcelona GP - BMW Z4 GT3
    97. Highlands Drift - Ferrari 458 Italia
    98. Spa - Lotus Type 49
    99. Zandvoort - Porsche 911 GT1-98
    100. Silverstone - Nissan GT-R GT3;
    100. Brands Hatch - Lotus Exige V6; Vallelunga - free car
    101. Mugello - Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
    102. Silverstone National - Mazda MX5 Cup or Abarth 500 Assetto Corse
    103. Highlands Short – Ford Escort RS1600 (Totall Wrytoff 11 Nov 18)
    104. Black Cat Short – Porsche 917/30
    105. Monza 66 Junior Course – Ferrari F40 S3
    106. Magione – Toyota Supra MkIV
    107. Brands Hatch Indy 5 lap - Porsche 911 GT3 RS
    107. Nurburgring Sprint - Porsche 911 GT3 RS
    108. Nordschleife - Abarth 595SS
    108 Laguna Seca 5 lap - McLaren F1 GTR
    109. Brands Hatch - Ferrari FXX K
    110. Highlands – Lamborghini Miura P400 SV
    111. Imola - Scuderia Glickenhaus SCG 003C
    112. Vallelunga Club – Lotus Exos T125
    113. Highlands Drift - Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
    114. Barcelona Moto - Maserati 250F 6 cylinder
    115. Silverstone GP – Ferrari F138
    116. Laguna Seca – Lotus 72D
    117. Red Bull Ring GP - Ferrari SF15-T
    118. Spa Francorchamps – Maserati Quattroporte GTS
    119. Zandvoort – Toyota AE86
    120. Silverstone National – BMW M3 E92 Step 1
    121. Silverstone 1967 – Ford GT40
    122. Nurburgring GP - Porsche 919 Hybrid 2016
    123. Highlands Drift Circuit – Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder
    124. Nordschleife Endurance – Porsche 962C Long Tail
    125. Red Bull Ring National - Audi R8 V10 Plus
    126. Imola – Ferrari 330 P4
    127. Monza 1966 Road Course - Pagani Huayra BC
    128. Mugello – Ferrari GTO
    129. Vallelunga – Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
    130. Black Cat County – Shelby Cobra 427S/C
    131. Laguna Seca – Lotus Evora GTC
    132. Brands Hatch GP – McLaren MP4 12C
    133. Highlands Long – Chevrolet Corvette C7R
    134. Monza GP – Lamborghini Gallardo SL S3/ Countach S1
    135. Magione – Mazda MX-5 ND
    136. Nordschleife Endurance Cup – Ferrari F2004
    137. Barcelona Moto – Lotus Exige S Roadster
    138. Monza 1966 Full Course – Porsche 918 Spyder
    139. Spa Francorchamps – Ferrari 812 Superfast
    140. Zandvoort – Mercedes Benz AMG GT3
    141. Silverstone GP – Porsche Cayman GT4
    142. Vallelunga Classic – Tatuus FA10
    143. Brands Hatch GP - Audi Quattro Sport Step 1
    144. Red Bull Ring GP - Ferrari 488 GTB
    145. Nurburgring GP (GT ) – BMW M3 E30 Group A
    146. Imola – Ferrari 458 Italia Step 3
    147. Laguna Seca – KTM X-Bow R
    148. Mugello – Ford GT40
    149. Vallelunga Club – Maserati Levante S (Posted by Graveltrap!)
    150. Nordschleife - Lotus 98T (October 2019 - Posted by Totall Wrytoff)
    150. Nordschleife - Nissan Nismo GT-R
    150. Highlands - Mercedes-Benz C9 1989 LM
    150. Brands Hatch Indy - McLaren P1 GTR (Race event)
    151. Barcelona Moto – Lamborghini Huracan ST
    152. Spa Francorchamps – Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
    153. Brands Hatch GP – Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0
    153. Silverstone ’67 – Mercedes SLS AMG (Race event)
    154. Monza GP - Audi R8 LMS 2016
    155. Nurburgring Sprint - Porsche Panamera Turbo (First thread by F1415182235)
    156. Silverstone International - Mazda RX-7 Tuned
    157. Highlands Short - Ferrari 599XX EVO
    158. Barcelona GP - Porsche 962C Short Tail
    159. Monza 1966 Road Course – McLaren 570S (Posted by Totall Wrytoff)
    159. Imola – BMW M4 Akrapovic
    159. Black Cat County Short – Lotus Type 49
    160. Mugello – BMW M3 E30 Step 1
    161. Spa Francochamps – McLaren 650s GT3
    162. Magione - Ruf CTR Yellowbird
    163. Highlands Drift – Lotus Elise SC Step 1
    164. Silverstone GP - Tatuus FA01
    165. Nurburgring Sprint - Guilietta QVLE (First thread by Pretend racer)
    166. Highlands Long – Ferrari 330P4 and Ford GT40 (Posted by moodyryder)
    167. Zandvoort – Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (Totall Wrytoff)
    168. Black Cat County Long - Porsche 919 Hybrid 2015
    169. Vallelunga Club – Porsche 718 Boxster S (Pr)
    170. Imola – Ferrari F2004 (TW)
    171. Brands Hatch Indy - Abarth 595 SS Step 2 (TW)
    171. Nordschleife Endurance - BMW Z4 E89
    172. Laguna Seca – Audi Sport Quattro (Pr)
    173. Red Bull Ring GP - Toyota Supra MKIV (Mdyrdr)
    174. Brands Hatch GP - Audi TT RS VLN (TW)
    174. Mugello - Mazda 787B
    175. Highlands Short - Maserati 250F 6 cylinder (DrvMd)
    175. Black Cat County - Maserati 250F 12 cylinder
    176. Nurburgring GP - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (Pr)
    177. Spa Francochamps – Porsche 911 GT3 RS (Mdyrdr)
    178. Silverstone GP – Lotus Type 25 or Elise SC (TW)
    179. Laguna Seca – Praga R1
    180. Monza 1966 Junior Course - Audi S1 (Pr)
    180. Monza 1966 Junior Course - BMW M3 E30 Step 1
    181. Nurburgring GP (GT) – Lotus Evora S (Mdy)
    182. Nordschleife – Mazda MX5 ND (GG.e/TW)
    183. Black Cat County Long – Ferrari F40
    184. Barcelona GP - BMW M3 E30 Drift (Pr)
    184. Barcelona GP - BMW M3 E92 Drift
    185. Zandvoort - Porsche 911 GT3 R 2016 (TW)
    185acc. Zandvoort - 2017 Porsche 991II GT3 Cup
    186. Brands Hatch GP - Ford Escort RS 1600
    a. Paul Ricard - McLaren 720 S GT3
    187. Mugello - Ferrari 312/67
    a. Mount Panorama - Honda NSX GT3 Evo
    188.Nurburgring Sprint GT - Ferrari 812 Superfast (Pr)
    a. Kyalami - Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3
    189. Highlands Drift - BMW M235i Racing (TW)
    a. Brands Hatch - Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3
    190. Red Bull Ring National - Abarth 595 EsseEsse St 1
    a. Laguna Seca - Lexus RC-F GT3
    191. Silverstone GP - Ferrari SF70H
    a. Suzuka - Bentley Continental GT3
    192. Imola - Porsche 718 Cayman S (Pr)
    192. Imola - Porsche 718 Boxster S PDK
    a. Spa Francochamps - Mercedes AMG GT3
    193. Vallelunga - Lotus Exige 240R Stage 3 (TW)
    a. Hungaroring - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO
    194. Monza - McLaren MP4 12C
    194. Monza - McLaren MP4 12C GT3
    a. Monza - BMW M6 GT3
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2020

  2. AC
    Road Car
    Totall Wrytoff
    I'll kick us off then, with a sub 2 mins lap.

    And here's the film.:)
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2020
    Neilski, LeiF, Lewisxbone and 3 others like this.
  3. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer


    MP4-12C Hotlap.png

    Quick blast round in the 'slowest' of the three cars for this week to ease myself in!

    For me the lap was mainly about getting Variante del Rettifilo right, I was easily losing a good 0.5 second there just by not getting it perfect :D
  4. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer

    MP4-12C GT3

    MP4-12C GT3 Hotlap.png

    Few laps to get my eye in o_O
  5. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer

    9 Laps

    BMW M6 GT3 Hotstint.png

    First attempt, a bit slow even for me as I had a small off on the very first lap! But it's a starting point to improve on nonetheless.
    I crossed the line to start the 9th lap with 3 secs left on the timer :p
  6. Neilski

    Neilski Alien

    Is that possible? (If not, those of us on PCs can always do a wee bit of editing and see how it turns out ;))
    Totall Wrytoff and Peggy11 like this.
  7. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    How Long is the HOTSTINT in the ACC challenge?
    Totall Wrytoff and Peggy11 like this.
  8. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer

    I assumed 15 minutes, as that's what the screenshot showed. That's what I ran anyway :confused:
  9. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    I was about to ask how long the Hotstint was meant to be as I couldn't see any length of time mentioned. I was going to ask if it's 10 minutes (just to be different).
    Peggy11 and Totall Wrytoff like this.
  10. LeiF

    LeiF Alien

    Yep 15 minutes is correct!
  11. LeiF

    LeiF Alien

    9 laps

  12. An excellent question @mike reynolds !:eek:
    **** CLARIFICATION ****


    Apologies, it was there, it seems to have "fallen off.":)
    Thanks @LeiF for handling!
    mike reynolds, Peggy11 and Neilski like this.
  13. Great triple sesh and triple post @Peggy11 !

    If you can try the road car on slicks, I would love to know what time it does versus the GT3.:cool:
    Extra points at the end of the week!:)
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2020
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  14. AC Race car
    Totall Wrytoff
    First practice, soft tyres, aero 0 and 3.
    Had a good first chicane, which means I'll spend the week trailing my ghost.
  15. Neilski

    Neilski Alien

    If that starts to drive you nuts (like it did for me), might be time to ditch the ghost entirely ;)
    Totall Wrytoff and Peggy11 like this.
  16. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    Am I the only one having problems with braking with the BMW M6 GT3? If I brake as I do with every other car I’ve driven I find the brakes lock & I go sailing past the turn. I’m having to brake far earlier than normal in order to slow down & get round the corner.
    Peggy11 and Totall Wrytoff like this.
  17. Sadly, that's not an option on console.
    The only option is to be faster.:)
    Peggy11 likes this.
  18. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Mike Reynolds
    9 laps

    Hate the driving view in this car...feels like I'm driving from the back seat

    ACC BMW Monza1.PNG

    ACC BMW Monza2.PNG
  19. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    It does take some slowing down...I feel like I need to brake 10m earlier into turn one, and really need to trail brake to get the front end to turn in
    Neilski, Peggy11 and Totall Wrytoff like this.
  20. ACC
    Totall Wrytoff
    8 Laps
    There is no way/ none of the sensory clues required to anticipate oversteer in ACC console (my version.) I've had tankslappers lasting for minutes and minutes.
    How do you bring the car back under control. if you can't feel where you are?
    But, all in all, Monza is not too stuttery and the BM has a bit of top end.
    So for me, this is the best combi so far.:)

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