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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge 196 - Herding Cats and Home Before Dark

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Pretend racer, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    Weekly Hotlap Challenge 196 - Herding Cats and Home Before Dark

    Welcome to the Weekly Hotlap Challenge 196 - Herding Cats and Home Before Dark
    Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione challenges.

    Assetto Corsa Challenge: Hotlap
    Car: Porsche Macan Turbo
    Track: Black Cat County Short
    Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.12 -

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge: 10mins Hotstint
    Car: Porsche 991II GT3 R (2019)
    Track: Misano
    Time: 19:00…. x12 progression
    Weather: CLEAR
    Please see competitor, weather and track conditions in How To Take Part below.
    Assetto Corsa Challenge:

    Kids are back to school this week so its only fitting we drive one of the best family vehicles in the game. Thankfully there isn't a minivan - I'd probably cry real tears if there was! Strap in the kids and give the wife a bunch of Toffee to chew on because if your like me, your running a little late. Since my better half likes to point out that I'm driving a little faster than the law allows, the thoughtful gift of Toffee will provide the serene atmosphere required to pick out braking points and apex as smooth as I can so she doesn't notice how fast we are actually going. We gotta get there before dark afterall.

    Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.12 -

    Black Cat County Short reminds me of those weekend camping trips through the Rockies. I'd be so excited to see the corners coming up, and dreading being told to slow down after the first few corners because everyone is suddenly getting car sick. Hopefully, you can get everyone there before the darkness sets in, whether that be an actual sunset or the wrath of a woman scorned...

    Stats, Tyres and Times
    Recommended tyre pressures 40psi
    Fastest lap is 3.11.530


    Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge: 10 mins Hotstint

    This week we are in the Intercontinental GT Challenge Porsche 991II GT3 R, which I believe is Aris’ favourite car at new to consolers, Misano. The 911 GT3 R was designed for worldwide GT3 series and endurance racing and has a brand new version of it’s old, flat-six classic, now at four litres and with direct fuel injection, giving the driver just under 500bhp. It also still has huge understeer and is tail happy, until you get to know it.

    The start is 7pm on a lovely clear evening and time progression is x12.
    It will be heavy dusk as you finish.
    The Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli was renamed to commemorate MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli, and it is much more famous for bikes than cars, although F1’s AlphaTauri use it as their test track.
    I’ve had to learn my lines here. What a great track!
    There are pairs of very satisfying corners, as satisfying to slow correctly for, as much as the speed through them. Luckily named Turn 13, in particular, where you straight-line though it flat out, then immediately on to the brakes for Caro, Turn 14. Similarly for Turns 9 and 10.
    The Porsche works well, once worked out.
    In other words, you allow for the understeer and use the throttle early, having braked early.
    I suspect set-up is very important for the Porsche. The understeer needs dialling out.
    If anyone is as bewildered as I am about which ECU Map to use, I found this by Aris, which will be for an older version of the PC game of course, but probably translates for console. Default ECU in Settings is 7 which had me checking. (https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/ecu-maps-implementation.54472/)
    ECU Maps for Porsche 991 GT3-R & 991II GT3-R (EVO)
    1 - Normal power & consumption - least progressive throttle map
    2 - N. P & C - progressive throttle map
    3 - N. P & C - aggressive throttle map
    4 - N. P & C - linear throttle map
    5 - Qual power, high consumption - least progressive throttle map
    6 - Q.P, H.C - progressive throttle map
    7 - Q.P, H.C - aggressive throttle map
    8 - Q.P, H.C - linear throttle map
    9 - Low power, low consumption, progressive throttle map

    The challenge this week is to get your lines right and get home before it gets dark.

    Recommended tyre pressure should be around 27 psi.
    Porsche 991 II GT3 R – Steering Lock – 800°

    How to take part:
    *Assetto Corsa Challenge*
    To enter the Assetto Corsa Challenge, select Hotlap, choose the Porsche Macan Turbo and the Black Cat County Short circuit.
    Please setup the session as follows:
    Mode: Hotlap - Ambient Temp: 26 Degrees - Setup: Time of day: Free / Controller: Free / Assists: Free / Stability: Free. To qualify you must have the ambient temp set to 26 DegC.

    *Assetto Corsa Competizione Challenge*
    In Single Player:
    · Choose the Porsche 991 II GT3 R (2019 car in the Intercontinental Challenge)
    · Challenge: Select Hotstint
    · Select Duration: 10 MINS
    · Time: Select 19:00 and x12 progression
    · Select the Misano Circuit
    · Weather - select CLEAR
    · Disable DYNAMIC
    · Disable RANDOM
    · Track Grip: Select OPTIMUM (cheating!)
    · Wetness/ Standing water at: DEFAULT

    The screen shot required to enter your time is in Timetables at the end of the session.
    Realism and Assist Settings are up to you. Ideally, please use PRO

    For ease of admin, please use the following format to post your times to be included on the leader boards:
    For Hotstint and Quick Race, please show the number of laps and total time
    Challenge –
    AC or ACC
    Improvement (Only required if you have already posted a time)
    Your name (as you would like it to appear on the leaderboard)
    Your time - shown as x.xx.xxx. (This week it is your fastest lap)
    For ACC Hotstint and Quick Race – Number of Laps
    Your platform
    (PC Xb1 PS4)
    The screen shot showing your time.
    (Optional but in the spirit) Your thoughts or any comment
    Please post video clips and share information here as well.
    You can run as many laps as you can manage and update your times as often as you like. It is all about taking part, pushing yourself and enjoying Assetto Corsa and Competizione. All Platforms are welcome. To submit a time, pause the game and select 'session' from the menu and screenshot this page or take a photo of your screen and post it in this thread - Note all the information from the screen is required including temperature, mode heading (Hotlap) and of course the car being used!

    Deadline: Sunday 20th September 2020
    Chequered Flag will drop shortly before 6pm.


  2. AC
    Total Wrytoff
    Had a quick go last night, after losing the faith at Mugello.
    Two laps, this is the second and was quite tidy.
  3. moodyryder

    moodyryder Hardcore Simmer

    Old Misano vs new. Not too much difference apart from at the bottom of the diagram?

    One big difference. They used to go the other way round. Instead of of progressively slower right turns in the back stretch, you had progressively faster lefts.

    Awesome layout. It must be there in amongst the mods for AC on PC.

    Confined to history after Wayne Rainey's career ending crash.

  4. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer

    7 Laps


    Slow and steady first go. I don't know Misano too well, or the Porsche :D
  5. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer



    I've never driven this variant of Black Cat County, it's very twisty :)
  6. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    6 Laps

    As I had done some races around this track this morning in one of the McLarens I thought I would give this a go. It took 4 attempts as I kept spinning on the first lap. I was a lot slower than in the McLaren as I just felt the back was likely to come round on me at almost every corner so I was afraid to push very hard. It's given everyone else a very easy time to beat.

    Attached Files:

  7. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    6 Laps

    Felt a bit better but have to lift in the fast corners otherwise I'm losing control.

    Attached Files:

  8. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    6 Laps

    I like the flow of the track and I'm feeling a bit more confident with the car and have progressed from the stable setup to the aggressive one. Am I the only one attempting the challenge this week?

    Attached Files:

  9. Peggy11

    Peggy11 Hardcore Simmer

    I had a quick go yesterday, post #4 :D
  10. HandyAndy1962

    HandyAndy1962 Hardcore Simmer

    So you did. I missed it when scrolling through. Oops!
  11. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Nope, I've just not put together a clean run yet (Porche's take come acclimatization when I've not driven one for a while!)
  12. ACC
    Totall Wrytoff
    7 Laps
    I had two goes.
    The first, to learn the lines, was fine.
    Inexplicably, halfway through the 2nd run, the brakes just wouldn't slow the car.
    For two laps I was 1.5 secs slower, then they were fine again and I was back on usual pace.
    What is that about?
  13. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Mike Reynolds
    7 Laps

    Definitely an early week banker run this one.....A ton of time left out there

    ACC Porsche MIsano1.PNG
  14. F1415182235

    F1415182235 Hardcore Simmer

    3:12.854 - X1
  15. Neilski

    Neilski Alien

    (Whoops, I just realised that I set a time yesterday and instantly forgot to upload it :D)
    Well, it feels like a long time since I drove this track. Long enough that I had forgotten that the name is grossly misleading! :p With a name like "short" it should be about half that length...
    Still good fun though, and soooo many "where's the damn apex?!" moments on every lap, so it's very hard to say how much time is left for the taking.
  16. Improvement
    Totall Wrytoff
    Having seen the times, I'll have to go again!
  17. Wow @Neilski! Nice post!

    A week early.:D;)
    And, only 5/10ths off the WR!:cool:
  18. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Mike Reynolds
    7 Laps

    Not sure what going on with the temps on this one, exactly the same settings as the earlier run (Dynamic weather is off) and the temps are 3 degrees lower!

    ACC Porsche MIsano1.PNG
  19. Neilski

    Neilski Alien

  20. Improvement
    Totall Wrytoff
    Great combi @Pretend racer !
    Surprisingly good car, if you like sick kids.:)

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