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Generic Weekly Hotlap Challenge #252

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Pretend racer, Nov 21, 2021 at 3:27 AM.

  1. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer



    Buckle up, this week were hotlapping the iconic Ferrari 312 at Barcelona GP.

    RSR WR 1.45.369 Majority of the laptimes are 1.47-1.55.

    I last tried this combo in May of 2018. I set a 1.47.093.

    Ideal PSI 27 front, 28 rear.

    How to take part -
    Hot lap: To enter, select Drive > Hotlap, choose the Ferrari 312T
    Please setup the session using the settings below:

    Mode: Hotlap
    Track: Barcelona GP
    Time of day: Free Ambient
    Temp: Free
    Setup: Free
    Controller: Free
    Assists: Factory
    Stability: Free
    Deadline: Sunday November 28th 2021 I usually post the results around 10pm MST.

    You can run as many laps as you like and update your times as often as you like, it’s simple All Platforms are welcome, it is all about having fun and enjoying Assetto Corsa.

    To submit a time, pause the game and select 'session' from the menu and screenshot this page or take a photo of your screen and post it in this thread - Note all the information from the screen is required including temperature, mode heading and of course the car being used! Please post video clips and share information in here as well, but without the session screen your time will not be included (placing the session screen in a video clip is acceptable).

    Please use the following format to post your times:
    Your time, to be shown as x.xx.xxx.
    Your platform (PC Xb1 PS4) The image or screen shot showing your time.
    Your thoughts and comment

    Please mark updated times with Improvement.

    Unfortunately editing of posts gets locked on this forum so this post cannot be updated.



    Season 2018
    1. Car: Lamborghini Huracan ST
    2. Challenge type: Hotstint 10 mins for total laps/time
    3. Time of day: 14:00
    4. Track: Suzuka
    5. Weather type eg: Clear
    6. Dynamic Weather: Disabled
    7. Cloud: n/a
    8. Ave Temp: n/a
    9. Grip level: Optimum
    10. Wetness: n/a

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  3. AC
    Totall Wrytoff
    Ooh! This is quite a handful!!
    I did about 15 laps. Tyre pressures weren't perfect and I slightly increased coast on the diff for more stability into the corners. Otherwise default. A decent set-up would count for a lot!
    Another excellent combi @Pretend racer , very absorbing.
  4. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    10:52.155 - 5 laps
    No idea if this is good or bad - probably bad once Mike and SGA post - but straight out of the box with just a tweak to pressures. Track - lovely. Car - not to my taste.

    PS. Sorry about the red blob on the photo, still setting up the LEDs properly on the rig - does this fettling ever end??

    Attached Files:

  5. Pretend racer

    Pretend racer Hardcore Simmer

    pretend racer

    I had saved a setup from Austin Ogonoski that I got from the setup market. He's an amazing Canadian sim racer. I had to tweak a few things to suit barcelona and my driving style. I adjusted the brake bias (moved itback 2 clicks), reduced the diff coast one click, added some +toe and -camber to the front, and adjusted the gearing.









  6. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    10:48.612 - 5 laps

    Yep, it was total crap. Had another go with no additional adjustment and 4 seconds straight off the bat - definitely should be much lower than this.

    Attached Files:

  7. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Mike Reynolds

    You might have me covered this week @TinPeach ....tomorrow's PC update could add up to a second on lap times apparently!

    ACC WHC Header2.PNG
  8. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    What about an update? On PC and console?
  9. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    V1.8 - Aris has a preview video on YouTube and there is a full keynote video coming later today. Everything from new cars to physics tweaks, quite a major overhaul.

    Unfortunately for console owners, it won’t hit us until February when the next gen editions finally arrive. May make it a little difficult for me on the WHC’s until then!
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  10. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    I can try to do some before and after laps to see how it affects things.

    I just have such long work days it's hard to get laps in now
    Peggy11, mike reynolds and TinPeach like this.
  11. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    I watched Aris’s vid, he suggested the update will actually slow laps between .5 and 1 second due to the new tyre temp physics. This may even out the current systems - the consoles are still a little harder to handle at the mo - well that’s my excuse.

    But I would love to hear your thoughts and wet the appetite for what we will get - his excitement on what they have achieved was clear to hear. Lots of new graphic options which not only, from what I could see, make the game look extremely good, but apparently also radically improve frame rates. Looks very impressive.

    Shame about the long days SGA, I do enjoy seeing what I can achieve versus your times.
  12. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    Sounds like a very significant upgrade patch! Im excited to see how it works out.

    The graphics definitely strain my 3070. Unfortunately my tv is only 60hz so im limited to 60 fps until i can upgrade.

    But i can run 60fps at 4k all day long ao that is nice.

    My days average 12-14hrs. Being a truck driver can be tough at time. At least im home everyday day!

    I appreciate all the kind words TinPeach :)
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  13. Improvement
    Totall Wrytoff
    Thanks for posting your set-up @Pretend racer
    I'm not sure it translates on console... I couldn't make it round a corner! Any throttle with steering input and round I went!
    I reverted to my non-set-up, which lacks balance and is hellishly twitchy, to get this lap.
    Using three pedals and H shifter, so I have the paddle option for an easier time and I am using ABS.:)
  14. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    Apparently steam automatically updated my ACC so it's version 1.8 already. Blehhhh
    Pretend racer likes this.
  15. Rod100

    Rod100 Hardcore Simmer


    Challenging car. Thank you, pretend racer, for the setup. And congratulations on your time, nearly impossible to get anywhere close.[​IMG]

    Sent from my ASUS_Z012DC using Tapatalk
  16. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    SGA, have you tried it, or Mike or Rod?

    I watched Aris Drives yesterday as he went through the physics changes. He openly spoke about how much harder some will find it, but they are striving for realism rather than just ‘making the cars feel nice to drive’. Temps work more precisely; tyre deformation, especially over curbs etc., has been ramped up, and a lot more. And you should have the rather splendid M4 (albeit a vey ugly car)!
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  17. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    yes it’s good, subtle but improved, riding curbs feels a bit more hairy (tramlining) and the feeling of cold tyres coming in as they heat up is much more noticeable.

    The DLSS is ok, its no magic bullet, just more options for balancing performance re graphics, it was easy to generate a 20/30FPS improvements but the quality of the graphics was much worse. I probably need to play around some more but where I have settled with it probably gives me a 5-10 FPS boost, with only a small impact on image quality.
  18. SlowGrayAudi

    SlowGrayAudi Hardcore Simmer

    Im getting a bug so my game is unplayable right now unfortunately

    Pretend racer likes this.
  19. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Two attempts at the ACC challenge tonight, fastest time 10:55....so that's six seconds slower with V1.8! (and my 1:49 run on V1.7 did not feel very quick).

    @TinPeach is going to be unstoppable on WHC for a while methinks!

    EDIT Down to a 10:51 now, with practice I could beat that 1:49 but this much effort on V1.7 I'd of been mid 40s
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2021 at 10:44 PM
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  20. TinPeach

    TinPeach Hardcore Simmer

    Is this my moment in the sun, albeit an unfair one :)

    Although it may be short lived. I am seriously considering moving to PC. I have my rig setup, beautiful LEDs lighting it’s extremity’s , and have never enjoyed a racing sim as much as I do ACC. I’ve gone so far, surely it is time to take that final step (although SGA’s experience following the update do not inspire).
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  21. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Most big updates on ACC come with a few issues….I spent an hour getting Microsoft visual runtime errors before I could get 1.8 working. Kunos do get the bugs sorted pretty quickly though.

    PCs are great for sim racing but they aren’t always plug and play!
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