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Welcome message on rack service server?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by myimac, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. myimac

    myimac Alien

    anybody have any experience using this? I cant seem to get mine to work
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  3. myimac

    myimac Alien

    And as soon as I post... I get it working...
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  4. kevje

    kevje Racer

    Go on then, tell everyone what the problem was. That way everyone can learn :)
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  5. myimac

    myimac Alien

    It needs to be in the root folder with the server.ini file

    On the welcome field on the server.ini file you need to put cfg/welcome.txt

    That should make everything work

    *ps. Any misinformation is down to my error
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  6. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke Alien

    a little more detail, as I have two servers from RS and I too had to ask for help, but here is what I did.

    created a folder at the root called motd

    In that folder created a motd.txt and in there put what you want and save

    In the server_cfg.ini file, I have this line: WELCOME_MESSAGE=motd/motd.txt

    Works a treat
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  7. Arbuzzz

    Arbuzzz Hardcore Simmer

    You can set up your welcome msg in server/plugins/stracker/stracker.ini

    ; First line of welcome message text (if not empty, this text is sent a player when he enters the server
    line1 = Welcome to www.OSRW.com
    ; Second line of welcome message text (if not empty, this text is sent a player when he enters the server
    line2 = WEC 2016 LMP1/GTE
    ; Third line of welcome message text (if not empty, this text is sent a player when he enters the server
    line3 = Stage #5 Watkins Glen
  8. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke Alien

    but you are only limited to three lines on sTracker, Server message (untested) you can have as many lines as you like
  9. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    You can have as many lines as you like but there is a limit depending on the users resolution to what they will see. Best to set welcome txt to not need more screen the a 1080p single screen. My assumption is most would run at this res or higher, at first I made it to work on my 1440 res and for 1080 it missed the last few lines. ;)
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