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Welcome to the Assetto Corsa Competizione forum

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Feb 21, 2018.

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  1. esox71

    esox71 Alien

    Great news indeed, hope we have better tyre model.
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  2. lionbest

    lionbest Racer

    I wonder given the rating system and the online servers if that might be some sort of subscription service. If it's on Steam, is that possible?
  3. NeRo2

    NeRo2 Gamer

    It is possible on steam but I highly doubt that Kunos will do a subscription service for ACC.
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  4. Hotdog

    Hotdog Simracer

    I hope they have included the Blancpain GT3 shake down track prior to the series starting.
    Bathurst 12hr.
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  5. Blizzier

    Blizzier Racer

    I don't mind if modding will be not possible. Most of AC mods are rips anyway (or scratch mods never to be released) so who care for few cars and tracks when three persons in Kunos team can make more proper content than hundreds of modders.
  6. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    But can it do this?

    Piroutte simulator 2018.
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  7. Congratulations to Kunos team ! Another big step forward done.
    GT3 are not my favorites cars but how could I be disappointed when new graphic engine, rain, night, ranking system etc etc .... will come, how could I ............
    I hope other cars series will take place in this new title (AC2 ?), I will for sure buy this new Kunos Team title as I did from the start with NetKar Pro.
    See you soon on wet track at night ;)
  8. fbiehne

    fbiehne Hardcore Simmer

    Seems you don’t take the time to look for the really good mods, there are plenty of them. I hope modding will still be possible, it’s one of the key features I love about this sim.
  9. Its something AC did better than anything else imo.

    No big deal if ACC doesn't have it, considering the almost 'experimental' nature, with a small selection of cars/track that allow the devs to get creative without the burden of a huge. varied roster of content to behind them. That and of course the licensing issues - completely understandable.

    But I do want a word from Kunos on their stance on modding moving forward, for whatever they might embark on after ACC. Is modding well and truly behind them now, now they have established themselves in the market and no long feel the need to get a helping hand from talented individuals to boost the 'replay value'? Or is modding part of the Kunos DNA, having garnered much of their staff and content from modding in the past?

    "Yes you can expect modding to be back", or "No, its a thing of the past".
    Just a line either way, that will do me.
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  10. Tommy_The_Gun

    Tommy_The_Gun Rookie

    My first post on this forum.

    I'm coming from iRacing, I've been there for years and even though I have owned AC for a couple if years also, I rarely play it because there is a lot missing when it comes to multi-player races. Yes for sure there are leagues etc. But I just want to have a competetive race whenever I want. That's why I'm in iRacing and rarely in AC. But this caught my attention. If they do this right this could be huge.

    But they got to do it right. So please make sure the BOP is correct. Please make sure the tire model is somewhat realistic . Please make sure the balance (and penalty!!!) system is correct. Please make sure the servers work! And please make sure there are no exploits by using unrealistic setups that make the car seconds quicker....

    Get that right and I'm in. I'm going to keep a close eye on this but this could be the thing I'm looking for. Do the things right that frustrate me (and many others) on iRacing and you could be a winner.
  11. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    I don't mind it that much for this title too. As I believe that something more is in more distant future. But, you have just showed incredible disrespect and no knowledge towards development processes and the modders who actually tries to make something as best as they can. And there are plenty of awesome mods, too bad they are also available for such persons like you.
  12. Guidofoc

    Guidofoc Alien

    On a side note: you may know about this already, but just in case: there is a free service called SRS (www.simracingsystem.com) with hourly races that is right in between "serious" leagues and random racing. That is probably the best chance you have to find decent races with full grids in AC apart from joining a league. http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/sim-racing-system.32360/
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  13. Blizzier

    Blizzier Racer

    I tried many mods, especially from Racedepartment forum, but not only. Right now I'm waiting for DRM Revival so it's not like I'm against all of them. On my Assetto Corsa there are tracks like Donington and Hope and probably three or four modded cars. You know why I don't keep more downloaded mods? Because they just don't represent Kunos quality, not only in graphic or physic, but also in performance, when I just can't run half of grid of them compared to full grid of Kunos cars (and you will probably tell me to buy new hardware, but it shouldn't be the case). Also, many mods are lacking those finishing touches, like compatible preview, description, camera placement etc. which hurting perfectionists like me. If mod is really worth to keep I just editing this stuff by myself, but it shouldn't be like this.
  14. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    I suppose your perfectionism is not hurt by the fact that those modders are doing that nearly completely for nothing in return, except couple of euros in donations, and tiny bit of attention, of which not all is good, as we know, it doesn't please, you "perfectionists".
  15. stryder

    stryder Rookie

    Fantastic news!!!

    Thanks Kunos and good luck with the development.
  16. Blizzier

    Blizzier Racer

    I'm filmmaker and in my job I care for all of the details when it's paid, but also when it's for free, for all of the world or even only my friends to see. There is written my name on it, so why making difference? It's okay if something is free, but it not making it critic-proof only because of it.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
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  17. Diablo_rf

    Diablo_rf Hardcore Simmer

    Just want to drop here a few words and congratulate the KUNOS SIMULAZIONE Team with the announcement of their new title.
    I'm sure no one expected anything new related to the future of next AC title at least of the end of the year, so this is very impressive!!
    Wish you guys that you could implement all the features you want in ACC, and make it the best racing game out there!:)
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  18. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    Thats some neat criticism. As a modder I really appreciate it, thanks :) I suppose Kunos also appreciate this, as it reminds an act of taking someone for granted.
  19. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

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