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Well I'm out I guess...

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by BlitzPig_EL, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. BlitzPig_EL

    BlitzPig_EL Gamer

    The view out of the Hurrican has never been good, but without Track IR I'm totally lost.
    And no, I'm not spending the money for a VR set.

    A pity too, as AC was my favorite racing game.

    Please guys, reconsider support for Track IR. If you do I'll come back, but for now I'm going to go for the Steam refund. As it stands the game just won't work for me.

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  3. NWG.Slum

    NWG.Slum Racer

  4. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    Little bit of an overreaction maybe?? They haven`t said it`s not going in, and right now I`m in exactly the same spot. No TrackIR support yet, and I can`t even assign a look left/right button (since I have head-tracking software installed on my system - even if it`s not running). I really need that support in there, and until then, I`m simply looking forward out the windscreen and being very careful when I pull to a side.

    There`s waaaay too much fun to be had tearing through a field of cars in the middle of the night in a storm to refund anything :)
  5. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    Early Access people.... Early Access.
  6. ozzyneil

    ozzyneil Gamer

    I've gone from vr to single monitor at the moment and I'm still enjoying it, just adapt for now blitzpig , all will be well.
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  7. BlitzPig_EL

    BlitzPig_EL Gamer

    Did they not say in one of their earlier posts that TIR was not going to be supported? I clearly remember that.
    I hope they really reconsider this. There are lots of us out there that use TIR, and it's mind boggling that it would not be supported.

    I hope you are right, I love AC, and am hoping that ACC will be a great game, but if I cannot see out of the car, what's the use?
  8. eracerhead

    eracerhead Hardcore Simmer

    No, they said it was a very low priority for Early Access, which I can agree with based on all the other things that still need to be put in the game.
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  9. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    The major problem being of course that just like in AC, if you have TrackIR, or any other head tracker installed, the damn game simply won`t allow configuring a look left/right key or button so you`re literally frozen in place, looking out the front screen. Uninstalling the software that I use every single day in other flight sims, racing games (including AC...) and ArmA 3 just to be able to look out the sides in ACC is not an option.

    Stefano put it in AC, the SDK is out there so it`s not a case of having to code it from scratch. It`s one of those things that simply has to be in there. It`ll come in time, I`m sure of that. Personally, I`m just hoping it`s sooner rather than later.
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  10. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

  11. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    Let's sum this up.
    You were under the impression TIR was NOT going to be supported, yet you purchased the product in early access and then two days into early access you complain that TIR is not supported and you're going to quit because of it?

    Does anyone else see a problem here?
  12. kasperski95

    kasperski95 Rookie

    OP is attention w****.
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  13. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    Hardly a useful post. If you have nothing useful to add, try to resist clicking those buttons on the forum.
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  14. kasperski95

    kasperski95 Rookie

    Hardly a useful thread. At this stage, there are much bigger problems than TrackIR / VR support.
  15. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Simracer

    Pigs in a blanket!
  16. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    There are. The guy is just frustrated, same as I am, I`m not about to refund my ACC though, so a bit of encouragement is warranted. The guy you quoted my reply to was just some idiot that decided to post direct abuse rather than even attempting to contribute anything other than personal insults.
  17. nanucq

    nanucq Racer

    I agree with you, it's a shame that a very Early Access simulation with fresh paint and masking tape still on is missing Track IR support.
    REFUND and buy it again at a more expensive price later, it'll be good for Kunos magicians :)

    It's not because something is missing now that it'll not be in final release, go to fuel station and take a deep breath on gazoline, good for stressed simracers ;)
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
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  18. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    I like how they never ever mentioned trackIR support but you just assumed it has to be there and that you are entitled to it. Even more, I like how you ignore the fact that this is early access and the game just came out 2 days ago.

    Don't let the door hit you on your way out.
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  19. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    No need for any hostility whatsoever...

    TrackIR is a thing that`s been around for ever, and a standard in sims of many kind. It`s very much expected it will be in any new sim given it has an SDK freely available, and simply because we now have an expensive low-res GPU-intensive VR available doesn`t mean it`s a thing of the past, especially when it blocks the ability to look left and right just having it installed on your system.

    The OP is a supporter of Kunos, as are the rest of us. We`re all in this for the same reason.
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  20. Kefuddle

    Kefuddle Racer

    Well actually I think we are entitled to TrackIR support by virtue of the fact its implementation is standard across simulators of all genres. It is extremely useful to the point of being virtually essential when using the correct FOV for people who have no inteset in VR hardware.

    I hope it will arrivate with VR support, would seem to be the natural junctre.
  21. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    He literally said he even read that TIR won't be supported at launch, but then proceeded with buying the game anyway and complain that it doesn't have it. Logic? It will probably be supported later down the line, but this is all OP's fault. He knew that what he was buying didn't have what he wanted, but he bought it anyway, just to refund and complain.
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