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XB1 What happened to the Update? It doesn't Wok!

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by Monkey-CH, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Monkey-CH

    Monkey-CH Rookie

    I have just updated my AC today on the ONE but all features listed on the patch notes are still missing here. The only difference I noticed is, that the game pad steering is broken now and is much worse than before the patch. It is no fun anymore to play now.

    Also a full reinstall of the game didn't change anything.

    1. >>Players will now be able to select their starting position in the race options screen.<<
    Can't find this settings anywhere?

    2. >>A 'Reset to Default' option has now been added that resets the gamepad settings to recommended values.<<
    Nothing here. Can't find this option anywhere. Also the pad settings screen shows still 100%-400% for the gamma value. Shouldn't this be changed to somthing like 2.0 with this patch?

    3. >>2 additional difficulty levels have been added – 'Very Easy' and 'Very Hard'.<<
    Also nothing here. Still the same difficulty levels as before. Now "Very Easy" or "Very Hard".

    4. >>The Black Cat County track is now available as part of Update v 1.03: Get ready to enjoy its three different configurations: Long, Short and Intermediate!<<
    Where can I find this tracks?! This is not available in any mode in the game (Single Race, Training, etc.)

    Something serious must be wrong here on my german game version (from the Swiss MS Store). Also I have noticed, that the download is still about 13.2 GB where it was about 14.6 Gb before I have uninstalled the game.

    It looks as the udpate was downladed, but not correctly patched to the game. It may be a country specific issue of this game. The game itself thinks it is now updated, as it doesn't again update, but it seems not to be at all, as all patch features are missing from it and I noticed only negative changes in the Gamepad steering..

    PLEASE help! The game is now nearly unplayable as of the pad changes and the missing patch features.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016

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  3. ComplexRoger

    ComplexRoger Rookie

    Still same here.
  4. ComplexRoger

    ComplexRoger Rookie

    Sometimes the frames drops till the game nearly stops .
  5. KillaScheme

    KillaScheme Rookie

    Still don't see any updates for AC In The Update Section On My Xbox I'm Over In New York So I'm Wondering If There's A Difference Because Of Timezones
  6. Monkey-CH

    Monkey-CH Rookie

    Only to make it clear: The ONE did install a 2.5 GB Update, but it didn't change anything and all the features of the patch notes are missing. So I think you have it already installed but can't see any changes too. If there is an Update available any you start the game, it will automaticly install that update, if not already done so.
  7. Are you sure it's even available yet???
  8. Luke7

    Luke7 Simracer

    For the Xbox one the initial download is just the DLC content. The patch itself hasn't been released yet. I think the car and track and obviously fixes will only come into effect once the patch is downloaded.
  9. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    What happened to the Update? It doesn't Wok!

    Must be something to do with Ken Hom.......

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  10. Rocket77

    Rocket77 Gamer

    When updates for games and apps are ready to install, they will appear in updates. You can view this by clicking the games and apps tile on dashboard, then on the left, scroll down to updates.
    There is currently no update listed for AC.
  11. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    Well kunos there goes September. 5 weeks in and the game still doesn't run right.
  12. RoccoTTS

    RoccoTTS Hardcore Simmer

    The patch is not out yet, so it's normal the game didn't change anything.
  13. Rocket77

    Rocket77 Gamer

    Patches are tested by Microsoft before they are applied. That goes for all xbox titles.
  14. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Its at Microsofts table atm, Kunos cant do anything about it,this is how it always is with console patches. I guess it is possible to make it faster because DICE (battlefield) have patches coming out at the same time, but im not sure how.

    edit: When thinking about it, that might be because they send it out ~4 weeks in advance so its verified and goodie.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2016
  15. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    F1 2016, 4 2gb plus patchs in 5 weeks. What you never know is if m/s reject the patch for any reason.
  16. TNTNitro

    TNTNitro Gamer

    Microsoft is correct in testing the patch before.
    and if the patch is too late because found errors

  17. Eric Cline

    Eric Cline Gamer

    Oct.3 still no update.:(
  18. Monkey-CH

    Monkey-CH Rookie

    I'm not sure what patch the game installed last Thuesday, but it looks as you all didn't get that patch yet?! I begin to believe I have some other older patch installed. I didn't play this game for about 3 weeks. Was there a patch in that timeframe which I missed and so got it installed last Thuesday on starting of AC?
  19. Eric Cline

    Eric Cline Gamer

    Ive haf my copy since release..I havent had anything . The bonus content didnt w ork for a few days until it was released to buy.but no update on my end.think game size is 14.2 not sure thou
  20. RoccoTTS

    RoccoTTS Hardcore Simmer

    We got a small update on the 30th of September.
  21. ppbucko

    ppbucko Hardcore Simmer

    There was the day one patch, then there was a small patch around 400mb about a week later.
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