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Generic What is the status of the submitted update for November?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by alternatingcurrent, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. They said November and now you are slinging **** because of a deadline that they haven't even missed yet? WTF?
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  2. It's actually very easy to prove right on this forum. Kunos announced the DLC and update were submitted, the update was available on PS4 a week later, the DLC was on PS4 and update/DLC on Xbox One 1 week after that.

    Search the forums if you don't believe me, the proof is easy to find.

    And all I have to do is look at your signature "My answer to every thread in the Console Lounge is "Get a PC"" and know that you need to be put on ignore.

    I have had AC on PC since day 1 of the Tech Preview, news flash, it's not much better at all, and it's on a terrible platform. Why you're even on console threads if you have such a bad attitude against consoles tells me a lot about your character, or lack there of.
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  3. It's not my fault you can't differentiate. I originally said console gamers are annoyed because they're used to getting DLC at the same time as PC. Was simply trying to explain what they're mad about.

    And then I stated my opinion that DLC content should be submitted for all versions at the same time to avoid favoritism. Then if the console gamers are upset about having to wait 2 weeks, they can send their complaints to Sony and Microsoft for having such slow approval processes. I don't find that unreasonable at all, so LOL all you want although I'm not so sure you even know what you're LOL'ing at at this point.
  4. Pleite

    Pleite Simracer

    It's only a week to go now, and I suppose you'll manage to hold it until there. The dev has said somewhere in this thread there will be a narrower gap between platforms after this patch, as there will be parity of codes then. Don' t overstate based on thin air when chances are you're roundly wrong about what you say. If in two or three months from now your expectations still haven' t been met, that's gonna be time to start whining. Meanwhile, breathing a little could be a good thing.
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  5. Pleite

    Pleite Simracer

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  6. SinceEighty3

    SinceEighty3 Rookie


    Thanks for coming in here to answer some of our questions. From what I see on your streams you are an honest and reasonable (and fun) guy who is 100% dedicated to improving AC. I’m sure you realize that your console audience isn’t just people who own a console and happen to want a racing game. It’s sim racers who happen not to own a gaming PC.

    We really want Assetto Corsa to succeed by bringing as much of the PC experience as possible to Xbox and PS4. While there will always be complainers, I think the majority here understand Kunos is a small team supporting its first console release, not to mention the work of 3 Porsche packs.

    Having said that, it sometimes feels like we’re second-class citizens here. The PC version has been supported for 3+ years with many free updates, hot fixes, and constant player-dev interaction through streams and such. I think it’s fair for the console version to take priority at least until it reaches the same level.

    As for console user interaction, I wonder:
    • Why no fully detailed patch notes for console updates? Maybe once version numbers are in sync we'll all get the same?
    • Why can’t we submit bugs through the bug report forums, where the status is kept visible and updated? There could be some way to flag console bugs separately.
    • Why can we not even view the other forums to see what discussion goes on, while PC players can freely interact with the console forum?
    • If you guys have time, could we see more direct communication from Kunos? We’re happy to give detailed feedback as long as it’s heard.
    I look forward to the coming update + Porsche packs and more parity with the PC version from now on. Once that happens, I think it will be helpful to consider all the players as one community rather than two separate user bases. This can cut down on some petty debates and grow more enthusiasm for the future of AC.

    Thanks again for listening and for all your work on AC!
  7. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Here's some good information thanks to the interview with Marco from gamereactor! really worth a look!

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  8. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    I totally agree with everything. Well said.
    I especially agree the either (A) PC users are restricted from the console forum, or (B) the forum is open for all platforms.
    It seems a little sketchy that PC players can access console discussions, but the reverse is not true.
    Please take this into consideration Steam and Kunos teams.
  9. Dookie

    Dookie Hardcore Simmer

    Don't beat me for not understanding but what exactly is the major bug you are talking about here? Isn't the replay supposed to show the last minutes of the gameplay, which, in this case, would be the car standing in the pits for 5 minutes?
  10. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    This is what you typed:
  11. falm

    falm Rookie

    I like the fact that we get on Consoles now also 1.09 - this brings us closer to the current status of the PC (1.10. since latest patch?). Will make things easier for Kunos, less backporting needed.
  12. theapex

    theapex Rookie

    Its like they watched the storm when PCars released, they saw SMS struggling to deal with the false hopes and promises and have to spend nearly a year working on fixes and patches to get it to be the game it is now (very good).
    And instead of learning from that and thinking "lets not do what SMS did", its like they actually thought "look SMS got away with it, the PC crowd will stifle any naysayers and we can just release it in any state."
    They better sort out this patch to bring it inline with PC version and i'll see what its like then, but can't help thinking the physics aren't that great. A lot of canned FFB does not mean great physics....
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  13. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    The physics are the same... how many people and kunos developers have to say it?
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  14. Snowman38

    Snowman38 Hardcore Simmer

    Draaaaaaaaaaama! Lol
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  15. Snowman38

    Snowman38 Hardcore Simmer

    When I start a new hotlap session on ps4, after choosing car and track and clicking start, it brings you to the "drive pits sessions restart set-up quit" menu.. If I leave to do something for let's say 3 minutes, then come back, click drive, and start lapping.. When I back out of lapping to watch my replay, the replay starts when I got to the "drive pits sessions restart set-up quit" menu.. Meaning, I'll have 3 minutes of my car sitting on the track before it starts driving.. Or however much time elapsed before you hit the "drive" button.

    This is how I've noticed the glitch he's talking about.
  16. Dookie

    Dookie Hardcore Simmer

    But that how the replay is intended to work isn't it? To record everything from the point the session is started. So I don't really think it's a bug. Or is it just the 3 minutes of sitting in the pits without the driving afterwards?
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  17. Michel34120

    Michel34120 Rookie


    Thank you Lord for keeping us informed as clearly and honestly!
    You guys are really making a great job, the game is really awsome. Thank you guys for all your efforts!

    Also it's very cool from you to share your steering setup, could you tell us precisely what % you are using?
    Personnally I'm on 60% at the moment with the understeer enhancement ON.
    I'm on PS4 and I use T500RS and TH8RS, works great!

    Thank you again for all your great efforts!
  18. Sadly I can't say much because I don't really work on the console(s) and my daily "drive" is a G27 on the PC and that means 100% all the way.
    I know the T500 is a pretty powerful wheel is it's totally reasonable to have it lower than 100%.
  19. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    100% in logitech profiler AND ingame?
  20. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    Did you ever watch any of Stefano's stream?
    It's clipfest, G27 eventually gave up on the banking when he was showing the full Monza. :D
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