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Generic What is the status of the submitted update for November?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by alternatingcurrent, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. yes
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  2. it's funny you say that.
    I introduced the entire concept of "clipping" to the sim racing world. netKar was the first (and for a loooooong time the only) sim to show the FF bar with a clipping "led" and that was totally unheard of before. People didn't really understand the concept of limited wheel torque and kept maxing the gains to get the illusion of a "stronger" wheel.
    Sadly the message got lost and the "talibans" of sim racing took over with the concept that there should be no clipping at all :D Which, like every absolute, I think is totally wrong.
    As you can imagine, I think AC with totally default settings is the way to go... ok, minus the "canned" FF effects lol :p
  3. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    The talibans of sim racing :D
  4. The Hooligan

    The Hooligan Rookie

    Give the developers some credit, no game producer or game designer would be that stupid. I bet it's just an honest slip which is already fixed in the upcoming update.
  5. nope, we truly are that stupid and this won't be fixed.
    Hopefully in the future some smart dev will come up with an algorithm to use your webcam to detect when you go out for a smoke and pause the game by itself.
    Until that day, you're stuck with us..... bhuhahahahahahahahahahahahah
  6. Snowman38

    Snowman38 Hardcore Simmer

    No, the "session" hasn't technically started until you click "drive" and enter the car.

    There are two sets of menus we're talking about here..

    The choosing car/livery/options and track/temp/time, menu.. let's call that menu 1
    Then after you click "start" from menu 1, it takes you to menu 2. Menu 2 is where you have the square buttons that say "drive" "replay" "session" "pits"... (sorry I don't have screen shots)
    But the replay camera starts recording somewhere between clicking "start" on menu 1, and menu 2 being loaded.

    It's a programming error, I believe. I mean, I don't care about it.. I'm here to drive! I do enjoy the replays, but this is not a replay killer for me, it's just an interesting little "feature" lol. I'll try and get a video of this if it's not fixed in the next update.
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  7. SinceEighty3

    SinceEighty3 Rookie

    To be exact, I think it starts the second the track has loaded in (and Menu 2 appears). I've had replays show at least 30 seconds stationary when I know I started to drive from the pits immediately.

    It could be a bug or a feature, but it does make a difference if the replays are already length-limited.
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  8. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Hi Stefano, again thank to respond those questions.. and other replies you let here.
    But some questions more has come to my mind.

    In PC during the replay,there's the option to activate the Photomode. will this be implemented on console versions?

    And will you implement also the "showroom"?

    Will the replay time improve to be able to save a full race?

    And the last question, would it be possible to implement an "spectators view mode" in the online lobbies?
    That should be a nice feature to do streamings of racing leagues.

    Thanks in advance! and hyped to see PP1 and the next update on console already.
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  9. theapex

    theapex Rookie

    Basically you go into the 'pits' and you spend say 5 mins setting up the car etc, reading what each bit does etc. Then you hotlap (what else is there to do in this game?) and after you finish few laps and realize the game doesn't feel as nuanced as PCars, you think "i know lets watch the replay"...
    But then you get the first 5 mins of the car just sat there as it records the time your setting up the car!!
    And they slag off milestone!
    The fact this stephano bloke (i refuse to refer to him as a lord) uses 100% in FFB effects shows why this game has no nuance to the FFB, its just raging over the top numb feeling of all the cars, and the Ferrari's are dire, surprised they aren't suing Kunos.
  10. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Ikr! Instead they are using AC to simulate their own cars.. Someone should sue Ferrari for that! ;)
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  11. Snowman38

    Snowman38 Hardcore Simmer

    I agree, seems to start as soon as the track is loaded. Also, the vehicle get's "dropped in" if you jump to the beginning of the replay, in tv cam mode anyway.
  12. theapex

    theapex Rookie

    Its rough as hell the whole thing and when you finish a race and it chucks you back into the pits, horrendous. The arcade check point driving, the door closing on the grid??!! WTF?!
    Its a ropey console port yes, but having played PC version the same pants things like i mention above are still present in that version.
  13. Pleite

    Pleite Simracer

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  14. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien


    And don't even start with getting angry at responses like mine, actually read the stuff you write to know why I respond like that.
  15. sadly none of these things are planned.
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  16. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    Thanks Stefano for coming down to the trenches. Not happy with some of your statements (replays) but i really apreciate that a top developer visits the console section and speaks so openly about the development of the game. I hope it becomes an habit ;)
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  17. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Yup it's sad ...Hopefully you can take it as suggestion for a future.

    Thanks for your time around here!
    That very appreciated really
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  18. protonv5

    protonv5 Racer

    So....any word on what is actually getting fixed with the latest patch? I'm not sure I could figure that out reading through this thread.
  19. Snowman38

    Snowman38 Hardcore Simmer

    I don't know about a couple of those things he asked about, but "Spectator view mode" sounds awesome!

    Would it really be that hard to implement a dedicated stream for, let's say, the top 100 active lobbies? So that other people looking through the lobbies, could jump on "spectator mode" and watch a live broadcast?
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  20. Pleite

    Pleite Simracer

    Very true. Maybe (just guessing) it's the result of a trade off, where the capability limitations of consoles wouldn't allow room for both the highly demanding structure of the game's engines plus the nice features you mentioned. So, something had to be trimmed off. But I hope I'm wrong about my guess and they manage to implement these suggestions at some point, and make what is great even greater.
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