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What league racing got and what it still needs

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by HelplessDeer, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Got another one:

    Slipstream effect slider, from 0% to 200% (0% for stuff like pre-quali to determine server splits) and 200% for when you want to have more side by side racing possibilities, a bit like iRacings overpowered slipstream.
  2. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Manual Pit Limiter would be another sweet feature.
  3. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    I can't find any info on this, but what else would be lovely is Adjustable Push to Pass allocation. Not the standard assigned amount that Kunos has implemented.
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  4. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Another feature: Server setting to split pitwork. With this I mean that you can enable an option in the server to not allow tire change + refueling at the same time, like real life GT racing, but instead first make someone refuel and then swap the tires. This way having to refuel less (being fuel effecient) actually is an advantage in a race.

    Always thought it was a bit odd for a game that focusses so much on GT racing that they had fuel + tires done at the same time.

    And the ability to change the fuel map on a car, to drive more fuel efficient but a bit slower, that would also be nice.
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  5. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    This thread gets way too little attention, sadly
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  6. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    The devs not coming here to give a pat on the back to OP doesn't mean the suggestions are being dismissed. There is nothing sad going on here.
  7. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Drop-off qualifying sessions as in: Setting up a server with [PRACTICE], [QUALIFYING 1], [QUALIFYING 2] and [RACE] to emulate stuff like Formula 1's Q1 Q2 and Q3 and to allow stuff like SuperPole shootouts for the fastest guys.

    This means we would need a setting as to fastest X from Q1 move to Q2.
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  8. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    A maximum number of laps allowed in Qualifying.

    Say for instance that you want people to do a maximum of 2 laps, you can set that in the server. If someone does not abide to this rule they will be placed in the last spot on the grid. Or alternatively their times could just be invalidated if you go over a certain number of laps.
  9. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Return of Ping on the names above cars. Kind of important to know if someones ping is stable. Can't take the risk of racing close with someone if you don't know his ping. Innit?
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  10. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Improved netcode so that collisions like this one:

    external view of the contact: https://streamable.com/62y5e Car moves in a very weird way as you can see.

    Will become more like they are offline (what you would expect):

    https://streamable.com/byslp - Car stays flat pretty much, just a bump.
  11. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Can you guys over at the HQ please do one of 2 things.

    1. Un-break the fix that we implemented here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/visual-references-for-pit-entry-ks-tracks.15736/updates

    Because now we had fixed the pit-entry lines, and you that has been murdered by the last update that included check sum for errors.

    or 2. Actually make a proper line for the tracks? Because at Nurburgring & Silverstone for instance, the pitlimiter engages 50m before the actual line, with no indicator whatsoever of it being activated there. This leads to pitspeeding penalties and is straight up annoying.
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  12. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Separation of damage modifier and lock ups.

    Currently the damage modifier is linked to the "damage" locking up does, but these are 2 vastly different things and should not be connected at all.

    Could link it to tirewear, or just give it its on variable.

    Also can flat tires be removed? because the physics behind it make no sense at all:

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  13. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Heujj, here I am again.

    I have another one:

    Being able to set driving aids per driver. Currently we can set ballast & restrictor per driver, if that could be expanded to include driver aids too, then it's much easier to create pro and pro-am categories for leagues.
  14. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Another one:

    Being able to limit tire sets in a session, and ability to re-use tire sets.
  15. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

  16. HelplessDeer

    HelplessDeer Simracer

    Since AMS just got it, why can't we? :

    AMS received an update yesterday,

    Added "RETURN TO PITS" option to RULES settings (options are Instant, Car must be stopped and Car towed to garage with semi realistic or realistic timings)
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  17. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    ^this would be such an amazing feature for leagues!
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