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What screen are you using for ACC?

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by Stekelly1980, Apr 13, 2019.


What type of screen are you using for ACC?

  1. Super ultra wide monitor 32:9 (chg90 etc)

  2. Ultra wide 21:9

  3. Wide screen 16:9

  4. Triple screen

  5. Vr headset

  6. Dual screen

  1. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    That is quite a unusual and interesting setup you have. I can not understand where you place your legs as the lower portion of the seat is pointing towards the ceiling..
  2. Vunnible

    Vunnible Racer

    It was originally built to be an exact F1 seating position, which it still is when I move the TV behind the pedals and raise them to F1 height (there's no way to place the TV behind the wheel and have your feet as high as an F1 driver and the correct POV; it has to go behind the pedals). The attached pictures should help. Playseat makes a quasi-F1 rig that comes close, but it's far from a true replica (photo). It's not easy to find dimensions, but this setup is virtually identical when it's in 'F1 mode.' A friend of mine designed the layout based on a **** load of research; I just built it to that design.

    Of course once I got to simming I discovered that the best sims (ACC being the best by far of course) are not F1 sims, so I made a few adjustments to make it more GT-esque. With the pedals at the current height I'm sitting about the same orientation as a GT driver, just tilted backward a bit. The seat is shockingly comfortable, so no reason to change it. I've fallen asleep in it before...

    Attached Files:

  3. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    @Vunnible - I use to have a F1 playseat a while back so I know where your coming from.. The screen in front of the peddle box was throwing me.. It maybe the picture angle however it also did not look like you had much room between your wheel deck & seat. nice setup for open wheelers.
  4. Vunnible

    Vunnible Racer

    Picture angle for sure. It’s close but there’s still a few inches clearance from the wheel base and tv; no interference at all unless I gain 300 lbs. here’s a better angle.

    Attached Files:

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  5. 15 inches laptop built in screen. it's not bad. the screen itself is awesome, but the graphic card is the bottleneck lol.
  6. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    Bought the Samsung 49" SSU screen last week and I have to say it´s awesome for driving. Also like it for other applications, but in driving it really shines ;) Also it runs quite well at native resolution with the 2080 Super.
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  7. I just bought a Samsung CRG9 49" 1440p / 120Hz / Freesync2 and it's phenomenal. I'm driving it with a GTX 1080 FTW for now, but seriously thinking about getting RTX 2080 Super. The 3080's just got announced, so I'll hold judgement until we get some benchmarks on them.

    This monitor has definitely taken things to the next level. I previously was using a 27" ASUS PG278Q.
  8. McGraw

    McGraw Racer

    3080 announced? Please link. Thanks.
  9. dave967

    dave967 Racer

  10. McGraw

    McGraw Racer

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  11. dave967

    dave967 Racer

    Hey Jonny sorry to offend you, thought i was helping..
  12. McGraw

    McGraw Racer

    You didn't offend me, I was just really excited thinking that there was a set date for Ampere.

    I also jsut realised you're not the person who said it had been announced!
  13. Creegz

    Creegz Gamer

    I got super lucky and caught an MSI MAG341CQ for around 600CAD on Boxing Day which I am quite happy with. I don't know why I hesitated so long for ultrawide considering I play Dirt Rally and F1 as well.
  14. ZX_Master

    ZX_Master Rookie

    How many guys are running a 34-35inch ultrawide here? Anyone have a cockpit image they can share at 3440x1440?

    I would really like to go for a 43 or 49inch ultrawide, but they are just too expensive here and space is a bit of a problem currently as well...
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  15. Creegz

    Creegz Gamer

    I personally feel the 34 is adequate enough. I stream with it and my visibility is excellent. I attached a screenshot of me using helmet cam mode (I prefer it because I can see the mirror and the head tilt also points a bit in the direction I want) with a 55 FOV set if memory serves.

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2020
  16. Ästhetiker

    Ästhetiker Racer

    I love to see this poll... now everybody can see, that VR isnt a „niche product“ which only a few people use... look at the % in the poll :rolleyes:

    I know, someone will come and say:“ the poll only represents the forum, and in the forum are more enthusiasts.“ but f*** that opinion...:p

    The thing with the niche product only counts for me in other game genres, but not for Simracing... the last years VR became very much popular...
  17. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    I can relate to that - I'd like to get a 49" monitor but not a 1080p but 1440p one and those are very expensive, indeed.
    So I will keep my 34" 2560*1080 monitor for now. IMO, this size is sufficient, anyways so if I upgrade at some point, it might just be a higher res/Hz 34".
    As for cockpit image: I can share one, later. I run a FOV of 28 and I use a trackhat so that I can slightly (!) look around in the cockpit. The combination of this monitor size and the head tracking is pure gold in terms of immersion and has a very good buck/bang ratio. The ability to just slightly adjust your view to check your mirror or look at the apex is all you need, pretty much. RL race drivers do kind of the same.

    Have you considered using a more realistic FOV? 55 is way too high - mathematically correct should be what I use: 28. Of course this is a matter of personal preference but yeah...55 is a bit too far off IMO.
    Also, I can only recommend the ~70 € invest for a trackhat set.
  18. Atak_Kat

    Atak_Kat Racer

    I've been checking into those. Do they work well in acc? Does it impact fps in any significant way?
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2020
  19. C49RG90 until one week.
    I had 3 22" IIyama and tried to update for 3 Asus 27" led - VG279Q ; but had problem with calibration and Nvidia Surround, so I changed my mind for one screen with a little refund from Samsung .....; price is near from the 3 Asus.
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  20. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    No, it doesn't affect FPS in a significant way. I don't know if it even affects FPS, at all.
    And yes, it works well in ACC. You only turn on the system and the view in ACC starts to move around as you move your head. When you turn the system back off, ACC goes back to static view. You can configure everything to your individual preference with Opentrack.
    On my system, when I move my head around there's a slight smoothness decrease in the image. But other users I've asked didn't notice any of that and sometimes it's 100 % smooth on my system, as well. I think it's something on my end that I haven't found yet.

    Bottom line: 100 % recommended for ACC. Such an upgrade is incredibly good value given the immersion boost.

    Edit: IMO the best thing about this is that you don't have to resort to an unrealistically high FOV, anymore. Many people run very high FOV because they want to see stuff in the cockpit. IR tracking allows to see stuff in the cockpit while using a more realistic, narrow FOV.
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