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What the heck is going on?...wheel and controller settings misbehaving using Content Manager

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Ray Lord, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. Ray Lord

    Ray Lord Rookie

    My set up has been working fine up until a day or two ago. When I open the game using Content Manager (as I have a lot of mods) I can't use controller presets I've always used. When I try to create a fresh one, my wheel is not recognised and switches I've used on by DSD button boxes cause all kinds of weird, unintended actions that I have not programmed.

    my set up: Fanatec Elite wheel base for PS4 and Fanatec GT3 wheel. Using latest Sol and v 128 of Shaders patch. Have always used Joy to Key to use my button boxes. I've always started up my wheel before opening Steam and AC using CM.

    Actions taken so far:
    - I've checked game file integrity using the Steam tool several times
    - tried different USB ports on my hi-end Alienware PC. The usual ones have always worked
    - uninstalled and reinstalled my Fanatec drivers
    - reluctantly decided to uninstall and reinstall of AC via Steam. Backed up game files before hand as I have lots and lots of mods and time spent enhancing game content.
    - even though I've not used it for over a year, I tried using the old stock AC launcher before restoring all my game files. Game seems to load controller settings and I can create a preset.
    - tried CM again...still no good. Can't create a new preset. CM sees the button boxes but not my Fanatec wheel.
    - deleted the contents of App data/local/AcToolsContent Manager/presets
    - reconnected to a new copy of CM - standard version. Can set some controller settings but some still misbehave. Upgraded to the full version of CM. Still not right.
    - poked around the web for anything I could try/change in the Steam interface under game controllers

    This is really frustrating as I've never had controller issues before and I spend most of my time driving AC. Anyone experiencing these "NEW" controller issues? Some strange conflict due to a recent Steam/ Windows 10 upgrade? I've spent big bucks on many paid mods for AC and am determined to figure this out.

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  3. André57

    André57 Racer

    It may sound strange but in my experience sometime regarding a problem from opposite angle help to find solution, so my set-up is fairly unusual my wheel is too old for preset and my pedals are flight sim controller. As AC is flexible to accept this odd couple, my suggestion is: try to set up your devices without preset I mean manually. It work for me and I have done this only once when I start to use AC and again when I install CM. So far it is pretty simple and never failed. Basically I only have to start my wheel before lunching AC via CM and everything work fine. I must add that I recently build a new system around a Rysen CPU and once again I manually set up my wheel and pedals and it still work. hope it can help, good luck.
  4. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    @Ray Lord same here, if I have my Xbox controller connected (for oculus) then the Xbox take the place of my h-shifter, if I do not connect the Xbox controller everything is fine.
  5. docfar

    docfar Rookie

    Funny I just went through this nightmare - I have a P1 and P2 and a Fanatec DD1.
    I can get it working on AC with CM but no luck with ACC

    Basically I start CM with the DD not connected - CM then sres the 2 boxes as separate controllers. Then you plug in the wheel.

    However I had to remove the bindings, restart the PC a couple of times to make sure the controllers are all indexed correctly (so all controllers plugged in and on and in the same USB ports - you cannot change ports once you have set your bindings). Once I am happy that CM is showing the controllers in the same order each time I go in and program the bindings and save the profile in CM.
    If you change rims you need to load the new rim settings in CM and then close CM and restart it with the wheel off. Then plug in your wheel.
    I hope I explained this convoluted workaround in a manner that is understood!
    PM me if not
  6. Typer

    Typer Simracer

    Yeah CM sometimes hoses my Fanatec controls setup. I have to reconfigure it through the AC wizard to get it working again.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hi!! I have the exact same problem and this is driving me nuts...

    I think I understood your instructions... basically verified that the PC index correctly the usb controllers... then what I did was:

    - Open CM with the base off and the wheel not installed... I have Heuskinveld pedals, so I connected tehm while CM was running.
    - Clear ALL the bindings I had in CM.
    - Turned on the dd1 base.
    - Assigned the axis. Assigned the pedals.
    - Connected the wheel (Mclaren GT3)
    - Assigned the buttons
    - Save the profile... and right then I went back and the Axis was not responding.
    - Assigned the axis again, went back to the buttons and they were not responding.. I mean.. I clicked on them and saw them turn on and off in the CM indicator to the right of the screen (red dot), but not on the assigned function box.

    Can you please tell me what I'm doing different from what you did to get this going? I really appreciate your help. This seems to be the only thread on this on the internet.. LOL

    Best regards,

  8. KoAStR

    KoAStR Rookie

    I just ran into this and was only able to fix it by disabling controller support in steam general controller settings.

    If I have controller configuration support enabled in steam general controller settings, where you can configure controller options per game, I have to set steam properties, input per game to "force off" for driving games else the wheel doesn't respond - just as it wasn't responding when launching AC via CM. So it seems to me that launching from CM bypasses/ignores this steam setting and launches default input, where if controller configuration support is enabled is forcing the controller to override the wheel.

    Hope that helps.
    Last edited: May 10, 2020

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