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What's going on? Ghosts lap 1 in SRO?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by pastranario, Apr 26, 2020.

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  1. pastranario

    pastranario Racer

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  3. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    as said several times - first lap collision is off. if someone is gaining too much advantage through this situation he is penalized.
  4. pastranario

    pastranario Racer

    If it was announced, it is ridiculous, but in an online event, what happens they do not want to show the accidents of the first round?
    Lecler I use it and it was not penalized
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2020
  5. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    They used the same method for Monza charity event, they set THE FIRST LAP with collisions off, and then everything is back to normal. For Pro series.
    For Silvers series, it was collisions on since the green flag.
  6. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    they are more interested in the image than the race, it's all marketing crap
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  7. That is because in sim racing people seem to want to avoid to show collisions.
    Just like girls wanted to hide their daughters ankles in the 800s.
    Honestly i disagree. Crashes are a part of motorsports too.
    At any level.
    And even if the collision model would not still be good enough, in my opinion ghost cars look worse than anything else.
    Also no driver would be ashamed, if he crashed in the first lap of a new platform.
    For me it's an unfortunate choice.
    That said, today was epic.
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