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What's your normal pace?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SwaggyShaggy, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    No, to me it the impact on the driving feels like it's more than just the input lag. It's nowhere near this in AC where AI also has a high impact on performance.
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  2. Josefhead

    Josefhead Racer

    in hotlap event... my best lap is a 1.54.8.. but with a big mistake coming out of the turn out on to the long backstraight.. so 1.54.4 or so could it have been...
    usual laps low 1.55s or so ... but with the 1.54.8 I built a setup that fits myself a bit better... so maybe there is more... didn't had much time drive the last days... I needed to learn the the rearwing is no longer my enemy :D ... usually in AC I ran setups with pretty low rear wing.. beeing smooth with the inputs... braking a bit earlier but therefore releasing the brake earlier and smoother.. and beeing sometimes even before the apex on the throttle again (just to stablizise the rear and then going on it at the apex) to carry as much speed as possible in, through and especially out of the turns... a low rear wing helped a lot in the past.... gone are the times of rearwing at 3 it seems :D running a wing of 12 now lol (I would never have thought seeing such numbers in my setups )... but it actually helps the front too.. rearwing feels more like a global helper to the ground effect now ... well I can run even reawing 0 without problems.. it's just a bit slower... the "high" rearwing just gives now that little extra thing you need to carry the speed through and therefore out of the turns now... like I said.. it's feels like influencing the whole car not just the rear... feels almost like it is on top of the roof instead of the rear :D

    however racing conditions will be much differend then hotlapping conditions ( for example every lap a reset of tires to the optimum, fully rubbered track.. no change in conditions and so on)

    don't give too much on that single hot lap... even if you drive consistend hotlaps.. in a race you have to keep your tires warm (or cool) and so on... especially the hurracan has it's problems with cold front tires at least it had that in AC.. and here it doesn't seem much differend.. rears always easy on temperatur... fronts is the tricky part...

    usually I am better under race conditions then qualifying.. which hotlap more or less is... so I am interesting how the races will be like... since the rubbered ideal line is now realy a big part here... if you leave the line and get into the dirt and marbles.. ouhhh well the car does not like to turn in there :D I realised that I needed to relearn my line for t3 and dunlop turn.. because of that.. usually I drove them with very late apex in t3 to get a good exit into t4... (doesn't work so much here with that big difference between ideal and dirty side of the track) and a aggressive double apex at dunlop... doesn't work here too with all that stuff at the outside of dunlop... need to be a tight double apex now...
    so will get very interesting to see if I still can pull off my racecraft :D .. or how difficult racing does become now ... the thing with the racing line does put a new layer of depth into it... now you not only need to place your self into an advantage position (or the oponent into a disadvantage) in terms of line.. but also thinking about where can I get the most grip at the importend moments...
    well and then there is rain... :D ..

    well it's getting interesting... very interesting... looking very forward to the future of ACC
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  3. HammerHomicide

    HammerHomicide Simracer

    Finally managed to break the 2:00 barrier with 1:59.7xx. Yay me, I guess :D Mostly doing 2:00 - 2:01 laps.
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  4. mantasisg

    mantasisg Racer

    1'57 came rather easily, had to work on to get to 1'56, seemed like 1'55 will not come, but now doing around 1'55'5, with frequent 1'54 hope.

    I don't understand "people" who can do faster than 1'53 :D And someone will probably break 1'52 by judging how it is evolving.
  5. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    I almost broke the 1:57 barrier yesterday (it doesn't feel comfortable at that speed and takes some "cojones") but I will be sure to make a video when I do.
  6. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    Me neither, and I'm pretty sure I saw Hany on top of the leaderboard at some point with low 1:52 something something. :)
  7. AC_RAF

    AC_RAF Hardcore Simmer

    1:56:3 for me.
    I changed some little thing in the setup but I still have a lot of parameters to try, to see if it suits my style better.
    I think I am not the kind of guy who can be fast with any setup.
    I have to find the characteristics that I like (including not too much understeer) ;)

    That's why I think too that a setup is kind of personal and is not magical for everybody.
  8. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    1:52.2xx is was the best some 2 hours ago. My best in the hotlap event is 1:55.7 and my consistent pace around 1:56.6. I just have no f*cking clue how to get consistently and quickly through T2, 3 and 4. Sometimes I collect a whoppin' 600 ms through T1 and 2 just to completely waste it in T3 and 4, lol.
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  9. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    Heheh, yeah turn 3 and 4 are especially pesky. Can't seem to string together even two equal runs in a row through there. Oh well, practice practice practice.
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  10. HammerHomicide

    HammerHomicide Simracer

    The whole Mercedes Arena section has become my arch nemesis. At one lap I'm quick (relatively speaking) through it, the next time around I'm like, hey this went even better and check the delta and somehow I've managed to lose almost a second somewhere, lol. That section just doesn't make any sense to me. Almost feels like there's some kind of space-time anomaly going on in there and you get randomly shifted back or forth in time.
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  11. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I think in general for the average person like me there is more to lose then gain there, Im not that fast only at low 1:55 pace but if I try to overdo this in a longer run I will easily lose a few tenths from t1 to t4 but the gains for being very aggressive for me are considerably less then what I can lose. For a pure kamikaze hotlap its probably worth over committing and hoping to stick it but in a race run or hot stint better to leave a tiny bit there to gain some consistency and likely be a few seconds faster over the stint this way.
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  12. HammerHomicide

    HammerHomicide Simracer

    Indeed. On my PB laps I've usually been behind there but then gotten ahead elsewhere. I gave up trying to be fast around it a while back and just try to be clean and consistent through it as I'm not a hotlapper anyways. I'm just trying to find a comfortable and consistent pace around the track. In a way it's an intriguing section as you can lose a lot of time seemingly out of nowhere but at the same time, frustrating as hell :D

    But as I've only barely managed to get under 2:00, I think there's still a tenth or two lying around there for me to pick up (among every other corner on the track).
  13. mms

    mms Alien

    lol, similar here, my best is 1:56.1, trying to crack the 1:55, sometimes I have 300-400ms after T4, loose everything on T5-6

    In the meantime my CC rating goes down consistently lol I think I'll have to settle at 1:56 :D
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  14. In pratice or stints I managed to run an average of 1.56 high, but in the first lap i'm easy 1 second above because I'm too cautious, I guess.
    My biggest problem is not having a good feeling on the brake pedal of my t3pa-pro. I really want to improve to a load cell instead of a travel based pedal.
    The other problem is when the sun goes down. In the dark portions of the track I easily miss some track reference points and if i'm not really concentrate my times go up to 1.58
  15. eXo

    eXo Racer

    1:55:9 in hotlap (finally break the 1:56 wall). But i still must improve my pace since in hotstint event (the second one) i'm between 1:56:5 and 1:57:0.
    With rain weather instead i should work a lot because i'm too slow.
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  16. TDS

    TDS Alien

    just managed to put down a 1:55.9xx after some beers :)
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  17. In the 35 minutes hotstint I can't keep the tyres in temperature. Most of the time i have them at 74*C
    May I have some suggestions on what do with the setup?
  18. BEsnake

    BEsnake Racer

    Front tyres? and at what pace? pretty sure the lambo has always been hard to keep the front tyres op to temperature( feel free to correct me i can be wrong)

    oh and ive somehow improved my race pace to 1:57:5- 1:58:5
    Hotlap stil stuck on 1:56:310 (wich i am stil very happy with) ive gotten that exact number 3 times now
    Tried to see what my times are in AC after all this testing in ACC
    Ac times i can do high 1:56's in hotlap mode and race pace is almost the same as acc
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  19. Salad Fingers

    Salad Fingers Simracer

    Haven't played the past few days, but I'm still lapping around 1:59-2:01 with a PB of 1:58 which could be low 1:57 if I could piece my best sectors together. I can't seem to improve further than that, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but at this point I think I'm just getting more consistent to a not-so-fast approach. Would love some tutorials on how to improve further.
  20. fabT

    fabT Alien

    So far managed to get a 1:57:0, but it feels like driving a brick :(
    Can't get hang of lack of FFB from my wheel.
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