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Wheels that have (reasonably) accurate speed for drifting?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by michael_, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. michael_

    michael_ Simracer

    Question as title I guess.

    Currently got a DFGT but it seems pretty poor for drifting because of the motors not spinning the wheel fast enough on 900 degrees. I've read the g27 isn't that great either. Is that true?

    I note others suggesting the T500. But what other wheels are up to scratch?

    T300? The new G29? Anything else? (Not really interested in wheels that cost the price of a car)


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  3. T500 or the CSW V2 are good bets...Definitely not the G29/25/27 or anything in the cheaper Fanatec range (CSR, Porsche wheels, etc). Not sure about the newer Thrustmasters.
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  4. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    Agree, I don't use more then 720 degrees on my g27
  5. McNappa

    McNappa Simracer

    Thrustmaster tx is quicker than T500rs. You can buy just the base and get proper pedals and everything else separately now :)
  6. Aris can drift all day using his G27 with 900 degrees but he is probably at least part alien.
  7. D1visor

    D1visor Alien

    I can drift all day on my G27 and 900 degrees everything from a GT-86 to a P1 and La Ferrari(that includes the Miura, GTA and Cobra). If it's RWD and has enough power it can be drifted.

    Just sayin'

  8. I can powerslide a turn or two using my DFGT with no problems also; actual drifting, no.
  9. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    I can drift with 900
    but for this kind of drifting I am more comfortable with 720

  10. D1visor

    D1visor Alien

    Based on that manji video his best bet is a t500 :D
  11. SomeLankyGuy

    SomeLankyGuy Racer

    I have NO problem drifting with a G27 on 900, and I can skid a car in real life so feel at least half qualified to comment (my display picture is me driving ha)

    In my opinion people who try drifting G27 on 900 and concluded the hardware is not up to the job, I feel these people had more money than patience. A sort of 'bad workman blames his tools' situation.

    The G27 is fine. Perfectly fine.
    cbNXD likes this.
  12. D1visor

    D1visor Alien

    Yep, pretty much.
    SomeLankyGuy likes this.
  13. unknwn

    unknwn Alien

    These consumer wheels aren't fast enough to self auto correct at speed which can be seen in RL during fast rear snaps when using 900 angle. You will have to be to be delicate with how fast your rear snaps (be always aware of how much angle/sec of wheel turn you need) if you don't want to spin uncontrollably unless the car is forgiving regarding control.
    From what I have seen T500 has higher angle/sec turn rate than T300. While T300 just reaches its maximum speed faster which makes it a better wheel for racing.
  14. SomeLankyGuy

    SomeLankyGuy Racer

    You seem to forget the importance of 'throwing the wheel', a practice used in real life aswell as by users of 'lowly' G27's

    You need to THROW the wheel in the direction it naturally counter steers to catch the rear end. As said, this is done in real life which is why I manage to drift on my G27 with minimal problems.
  15. SomeLankyGuy

    SomeLankyGuy Racer

    Watch this video around 1:17 to 1:25... You'll see him physically throw the wheel.
    Using this technique on a G27 results in realistic drifting, I promise you.

  16. unknwn

    unknwn Alien

    Look at the speed of the wheel while throwing (it basically makes ~2-3 revolutions at the time my wheel would make 1), my T300 barely moves then thrown to let it self auto-correct compared to that video hence you need to run with lower wheel angle.
    SomeLankyGuy likes this.
  17. SomeLankyGuy

    SomeLankyGuy Racer

    Yeah, I see what you mean.

    I can't comment on TM wheels as I've never used one, but I stand by my point that if you use the same technique of throwing the wheel with a G27 you get a pretty realistic drifting simulation :)

    One thing I will say is I am only good at drifting in AC with cars that have HUGE lock... whereas in real life it doesn't make it any easier to drift with more lock, you can just hold more angle.
  18. unknwn

    unknwn Alien

    T300 is a bit faster than Logitech wheels.:) The thing with throwing is that your arm won't be as fast (or reactive enough) as wheel working on RL forces from the tires. Also it means that you have to be precise because throwing might be "overdone" considering that the wheel isn't strong enough to resist your throwing or correct itself if you didn't throw it precisely.
    As you can see on that video in many cases he doesn't throw the wheel but just let it it spin on its own which is also RL technique ( the wheel self auto corrects at very high speed, where with consumer wheels this is not possible, unless sliding angles are low/speed at which you increase your angle is low).
    7he4Ce and SomeLankyGuy like this.
  19. SomeLankyGuy

    SomeLankyGuy Racer

    I get you :)

    So maybe I've just adapted to 'drive around' inferior hardware? Who knows.

    I suppose it doesn't directly relate to the original question, but in defense of the G27 for any potential buyers reading this in future, please don't read this and conclude the G27's are 'not good enough' to drift, they are still great in my opinion :)
    rainman666 likes this.
  20. unknwn

    unknwn Alien

    Yes, they are great, but there will be cases where limitation of angle/sec will cause the car spin where in RL your wheel would self auto-correct it.
    As you say one has to adapt and drive within the limits of your hardware (be aware of your of how fast you snap your rear and try to keep it within limits). :)
    For example I find it very hard to drift F40 with "realistic" wheel angle as the rear can snap very fast and you have very low time frame to manually correct (because the wheel itself cannot do that, unlike in RL) until you are in uncontrollable slide to one side.:rolleyes:
  21. SuperBobKing

    SuperBobKing Racer

    The g27 works fine for drifting, but there are some circumstances/cars where in order to be able to recover from a slide I have to ignore the ffb and just look at what the car is doing. The cobra is the main one that comes to mind.

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