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Wheels that have (reasonably) accurate speed for drifting?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by michael_, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. RedLoto

    RedLoto Racer

    g25/7 are just fine to do the job, more important is to have a analog handbrake if you really are in to tandem drifting
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  2. SomeLankyGuy

    SomeLankyGuy Racer

    Why do you say this mate? I only ask as I use a hand brake made from a car handbrake, with a bike brake on the end, and a button in the brake caliper, which is jumped off the circuit in the shifter (one of the red buttons)

    It's a bit sketchy, but it gives me a handbrake haha, I didn't realise there was a benefit to analogue/digital? I lulled myself into the idea that my digital handbrake was a semi realistic representation of a hydraulic handbrake aha
  3. RedLoto

    RedLoto Racer

    i feel i can stay closer to the car in front when i am using a friend rig who have a fanatec clubsport ebrake, like i have extra precision when following, special when the tyres are red hot, but hey it could only be placebo effect because of inmersion level :p
  4. Masternick13

    Masternick13 Gamer

    tbh I think AC itself it just a little bit slow when it comes to the way it reacts to the steering while drifting, Live for speed feels much faster and more accurate, maybe with a servo wheel this would be different but I don't have $1500+ to spend on a wheel so my only experience is only with G27 and T500rs.

    I find it much easier to pull my joystick then push a button on the shifter, just need to stop being lazy and fix my joystick:p


    I also use a G25 for driftingand it gets the job done. But could it be better? Of course!

    I would say the step up from a DFGT is not that big. Sure the G25/27/29 is faster than the DFGT, but I would go for a T300 or TX. Because this wheels are also much quieter than the logitech wheels, which saves the nervous of your girlfriend/wife.
  6. ouvert

    ouvert Alien

    well since gearchanging on my TH8A is twice as loud than DFGT ... I`m playing with headphones and wife out of home anyway :) but DFGT, as it is good for driving, is not the one for drifting .. as Michael said, no problems with power sliding or shorter drifting but for serious drifting I don`t think so
  7. michael_

    michael_ Simracer

    No, he's very much human and spends at least part of the day eating and sleeping.

    Anyway, that aside, there's a difference between 'skidding around a bit' and drifting. Many of the 'drifting with dfgt' videos on youtube are just people sliding around redlining the engine in 2nd gear like a granny parking.

    So far as I can see (by comparing real life steering wheels spinning) and the DFGT, it doesn't spin quick enough to let it countersteer by itself.

    To some extent you can mitigate this by making it 270/450/540 degrees (which obviously has the effect of making the virtual wheel spin faster) or by forcing the wheel around yourself (although we have a small discussion where one person thinks that real life wheels are being "thrown" this isn't really the case, the wheel is turning fast when he lets go of it because of forces turning the wheels - indeed, if you just let go it will spin one way and then spin back)

    The question really was whether you can fix that for a reasonable price.

    From that context, since the G25/G27 are defunct it doesn't really matter how fast they spin any more. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it at all.

    If the T500/TX are in the same ballpark price wise, and do, it doesn't matter too much whether the G29 does either. Reading the replies I think it most likely doesn't.

    Can you drift with the DFGT? Well, I've certainly seen one person drifting in LFS with the DFGT with a camera pointed at their wheel, but they are doing all the steering. Nothing remarkable about about LFS here, it's just that there really are not many videos of people actually drifting in assetto corsa with the dfgt without it being modded.
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  8. speedbee

    speedbee Hardcore Simmer

    my t500rs can spin as fast as on this video from 1:17 to 1:25, if I throw/nudge it in the right direction.
  9. Dessu

    Dessu Racer

    Drifting fine here with g27 900 deg. The wheel might be a bit slow, but that's not a problem if you "help" it little.
    It's just a matter of practice, and you get used to it.
  10. claudiopolez

    claudiopolez Simracer

    Not mine, but proves the point about faster wheels like t500:
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  11. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    + this is early build with the old physics
  12. RedLoto

    RedLoto Racer

    its not like you cant do that whit a g27 and 900° but sure it must help to have a t500
  13. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    Increased my steering ratios after 1.3 update for all the cars :)
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  14. Icky427

    Icky427 Racer

    i had a g27 then a csr (non elite) and while i could drift with them, i had to throw the wheel, which is just covering up the real problem, the wheel isnt fast enough. if i dialed back to 800 dor they were ok, but i had to be gingerly with my entries and be really careful on transitions. I just started using a csw v2 at 900 and its so stupid fast AND more precise/detailed AND quieter AND i can use a big 350mm wheel instead of having to use a small 280-300mm because of weak wheel motors. from all the research ive done since getting into wheels, only the thrustmasters and clubsports are fast enough to come close to being realistic. trust me, going from the csr to csw has yielded a much more enjoyable experience all around.
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  15. claudiopolez

    claudiopolez Simracer

    Do you mean you've switched to 900deg now?
  16. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    No not yet and probably never will, at least not for g27
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