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When do you guys change tyres in a race?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by smaxxx, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. smaxxx

    smaxxx Rookie

    Title says everything. I did a 120min race yesterday but I had no idea when to change tyres. Does the engineer say something or can you see it somewhere? I used like 5 tyre sets then... :D //edit: idk how to delete the thread on mobile, just ignore it because i found the tyre management thread

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  3. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    Change them when you pit for fuel. In a 2 hour race, only 1 pitstop is needed, so you only change to new tyres 1 time. Not sure if double-stinting tyres is beneficial in this game (that would mean you don't change tyres during the 2 hour race at all).

    This might change if there's dynamic weather or you've sustained severe damage.
  4. aaaape

    aaaape Racer

    During pit window in Sprint races and at the end of each drivers stint in endurance races. don't think double stinting tires is a thing in blancpain due to their rules. Otherwise yeah an unscheduled stop for weather or damage. They only time you pit and not change tires would be if you need more fuel due to miscalculation like me ;)
  5. From what I can tell, the Tire Model in ACC is incredible. Yesterday in a 90 min League race, I had an incident or two including high-speed spin. After that, car was terrible - - oversteer every time I entered a mid or high speed corner. I came in to pit to change tires... but, I had a problem with my button bindings and could not select the Tire Change check box... I fumbled in the pits for probably 4+ min. Finally just left.

    Tires had cooled and on the following laps were "good enough" (no more corner entry oversteer). I believe the Tires just needed to be relaxed a bit and then came good again. All this being said, these Blancpain GT3 tires last a long time. So, you don't have to change them at all, unless you severely abuse them (or if it's a league/race rule).

    FYI... I did come in for ANOTHER pit stop and changed tires (req'd in league rules, in case anyone from MrGit league is reading :)). At this point, car was flying... did my best lap on 2nd to last of race.
  6. XFaded

    XFaded Rookie

    Tires can easily perform well enough in a 90 minutes race while 2 hours might start to be a bit rough around the last 20 minutes or so. A no tire pitstop is about 20 seconds shorter than a tire/fuel stop which is fairly significant. It always depends on the context. If you feel like your tires are losing you significant pace after a certain time it will become worth to change the tire in your pit. If the race ends in 20 minutes and the tires are reasonably worn it might not be worth it. If your lead is large enoug hyou can take the hit and have fresh tires etc. There's plenty different scenarios. 90 minutes on Monza is certainly not the same as 90 minutes on Hungaroring.
  7. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    Tyre strategy seems boring. Only 1 compound, not accelerated wear options so for 98% of races that are <1.5h there is no "tyre strategy" (as long as it doesn't rain...).

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