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Where can I find my own records?

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by dksound, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. dksound

    dksound Rookie

    I bought the game on ps4 yesterday and played for a bit.
    I noticed that it's hard to find personal records since I played time attack, hotlap mostly.
    Where can I find my records?
    Also, I'm using Logitech G29 with a H-pattern gear which I was unable to use.
    Is there a way to use H pattern?

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016

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  3. talby71

    talby71 Gamer

    Currently there is no leaderboards

    Go into advanced settings and enable h shifter
    dksound likes this.
  4. dksound

    dksound Rookie

    well thats a bummer.
    do you know when the dev will add the feature?
  5. talby71

    talby71 Gamer

    Nothing has been said yet

    Im sure they will though
  6. dksound

    dksound Rookie

    Alright thanks!
  7. Plus one point for leaderboards. The feature I am missing most by myself. Even more important in my case than custom lobbies.
    talby71 likes this.
  8. danowat

    danowat Hardcore Simmer

    Lack of leaderboards, or any kind of asynchronous multiplayer using leaderboards is baffling.
    gregOr1971, djm99 and talby71 like this.
  9. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
  10. Guillaume C

    Guillaume C Simracer

    +1 for leaderboards, ideally shared with playstation friends ;)
  11. onepueblo

    onepueblo Simracer

    Put some stats please, (best 3 times per car in single player at every circuit) distances, Kilometers driven, put also brakes and throttle sensitivity adjustments and add free buttons mapping on wheels. Thanks for giving us the best race sim ever
  12. Jan Duin

    Jan Duin Gamer

    Hmm sounds like a yes then? :rolleyes:;)
  13. shaolinzen

    shaolinzen Rookie

    +1 as well for hotly leaderboards.....my main reason for playing the game

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