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Where can i find the support forum?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by gcflora, Oct 17, 2015.

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  1. gcflora

    gcflora Racer

    If I use a search engine this is the website that I get directed to if I search for Assetto Corsa support. But bug reports seem to be mostly ignored (apart from comments from other users which do sometimes resolve issues --great!) but I'm talking about the threads/reports/messages that other users cannot answer; most bug reports or questions (seem to) get ignored by the people who can actually do something (staff and developers) even if those persons are "tagged" in a message. I, personally, find this kind of impolite. Stuff is just ignored and left hanging. It's like telephoning a support telephone number and being left on hold forever.

    Not one of my reported bugs or issues has been responded to by an employee of KS. Is it really too much to ask that a response is given (the number of reports is way less than most open source projects get, and they seem to be able to keep up with replies). It's frustrating :(

    Edit: they do often respond to things that will not change. So why not bug reports or simple requests?
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  3. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    There is a section called Support forum: http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php#assetto-corsa-support-forum.12 Which contains all the sub-sections related to technical subjects about the game. Maybe not all reported bugs and issues need a response from the devs. However they see most of the threads, if not all. Can't confirm obviously, but you'll understand it with time. And title tag also helps, for us but also for them to organize the topics and flow the development.
  4. gcflora

    gcflora Racer

    Of course not all need a response from the devs if they can be resolved by other users. But some do and they seem to be ignored when other threads or questions that are not particularly important get a response. It's strange if you ask me.
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  5. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I know where this thread goes and the purpose. This is not the right place for this stuff.
  6. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Ok, I think your private message deserves a public reply.

    We always take care of users feedback and issues, as you well know, but of course we can't invest all of our time to support people on the forum, because we also need to work on the actual game to solve those issues or improve it. Also note that sometimes the problem is not AC itself, but it is user related.
    That said, when users find a problem on AC, the fact we don't answer doesn't mean we didn't take care of it. Probably you joined just recently on this forum to know how much effort we put to satisfy users and fix stuff as soon as possible. Some things can be fixed quickly, some not, some other are just not in our plans. If you expect a support that answers to you every time, I'm sorry but that's not the way a support forum works. Moreover, a support forum is made of people that often help each other, so an "official" action is not always required, because thank god there are very skilled and passionate users that are happy to help who faces issues.

    We always did and do our best to support our users and I bet there are no devs (devs, not support guys) like Kunos that answer on the forum every day at every time. Now, while I'm writing to you, the other devs are releasing an update. On saturday. We could work Mon/Fri 9am/6pm like everyone else, but our work is our passion so we are happy when we can improve the sim or help someone on the forum. Please don’t confuse passion with professionalism. The fact that we are passionate and active on the forums, doesn’t mean we are also obliged to answer 24h/7days. In the end though, you are buying a product not a subscription to a service. There is a massive difference. You are entitled to not like the product or judge it incomplete, but you are not entitled to complain about devs answering every single question on the forum.
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