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Generic Which series or cars would you like in game? (consoles)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by P308R, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Athomix

    Athomix Rookie

    As an big fan of road going performance cars, these definitely couldn't miss out of my suggestions!

    • Alfa Romeo Giulia QV
    • Audi RS7 Sportback
    • And my personal favourite: The Audi RS6 C7 Avant
    • [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. It'd be nice to see the Toyoya MK1(AW11)MR2 and the MK2(SW20) with stage 1-3. Some of the TRD racing models too. The TRD 2000GT(SW20) would be an awesome spec car for league racing! In turn you could maybe, if possible, get the old MR2 JGTC GT300 car. With the cream of the crop being the SARD MC8R LeMans car(Wish lol). It didn't do very well but it would be a fun racecar IMO.
  3. I would like to have few F1 from early 90's (1991 to 1994).
    Civic Type-R 2015 !!
    Ferrari 512 Tr
    Ferrari 250 Gt SWB
    Shelby Eleanor 1967
    Lamborghini Diablo
    Ariel Atom
    .. Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart 2012
  4. Kunos please read: Nissan Silvia S15
  5. karate mark

    karate mark Rookie

    It's a pipe dream but I would love it for kunos to flesh out the late 90s GT1 cars or add some early to mid 90s bpr series cars (espirit v8, Marcos, venturi, the xj220c etc)

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  6. LMR showtime

    LMR showtime Gamer

    I'm with you! The red pack is awesome for me because of the f138 and sf15t. I would love to see
    Ferrari f2004 one of the most iconic Ferraris in f1 history
    Maybe a red bull f1 v8 car from 2010 to 13 to race against f138
    McLaren mp4/6 or 4/4
    Lotus 79 or 78
    McLaren mp4/20 to race against the f2004 :))
  7. LMR showtime

    LMR showtime Gamer

    Also would like to see Indy cars some new and even some back in the era of cart when they were running high revving v8's
    A few of the trans am cars like the mustang boss 302 and the camaro Z28 can have some awesome racing in those!!!
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  8. ZEN

    ZEN Rookie

  9. Montoya86

    Montoya86 Rookie

    SGT500 and SGT300

    Poslano sa mog SM-J320F koristeći Tapatalk
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  10. ZEN

    ZEN Rookie

    Audi RS3 LMS

    SIN R1

    SIN R1 GT4 ant the rest of the GT4 Euro championship cars

    Lotus Exige R-GT

    V8 Star Series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V8Star_Series (The silhouettes resembled Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Lexus, Opel and Volkswagen models but were unbranded, as none of the manufacturers were involved in the series.)

    Opel Omega 3000 24V Evo DTM
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2017
  11. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    I would add cars that could complete the classes we have.

    • More group C (Peugeot, Toyota, Nissan, Jag)
    • More group B to compite with the s1 e2 (i would prefere 205, 037, delta s4 but maybe the easiest to get would be toyota, 911 and rs200)
    • LMp2 cars to compite with the lmp1 and Gte we have
    • Late 90 gt1 cars to compite with the 911 and the f1 gtr (clk, gt one, audi, bmw)
    • Hot hatchbacks to compite with the alfa, abarth and audi s1: very fun to drive and there are millions of them, 208 gti, fiesta st, clio rs, polo gti, mini cooper works, ds3 racing...
    • Big hot hatchback: focus rs, gti clubsport s, megane 275, Leon Cupra, a 45 amg, civic r
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  12. DatNoiseV12

    DatNoiseV12 Simracer

    agreed. more of the same classes = better racing !
    wish kunos could give us some cars to fill the holes in the bpr series (f40 gte, 993 gt1)/fia gt (clk, f1 long tail), as you wrote, and maybe some modern gt4 as well (ktm xbow gt4, camaro, etc.). but this is just a dream.
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  13. Jacky Chou

    Jacky Chou Gamer

    Why doesn't have Honda cars in your series? There are many classic car in Honda like s2000, NSX, typeR! I wish you team can join them!

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  14. Mini92

    Mini92 Rookie

    I would love to see some more small classics.
    - Austin Mini Cooper (S)
    - Autobianchi A112
    - NSU TT
    - Renault Alpine

    In Germany there is a series called "battle of the dwarfs". Very intense racing!!! So I would like to see something like this in Assetto Corsa. =)
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  15. DatNoiseV12

    DatNoiseV12 Simracer

    apparently honda's license is very expensive, so they cannot afford that.
  16. Well, Silvia license is expensive too, so they can't afford that either.
  17. DatNoiseV12

    DatNoiseV12 Simracer

    Camaro gt4.r
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