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Who's at Fault? - Discussing Racecraft and Incidents

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by m_box97, Jan 15, 2020.


    LATE4APEX Alien

    I have not reached the end of my arguments.
    We will never come to an agreement.

    Agreed,... to agree to disagree.
  2. xX-Chris-Xx

    xX-Chris-Xx Gamer

    I give up! CP server races have completely turned into a pure destruction derby! Only crash idiots on the go. Sooner or later that will break the neck of this great game.
  3. Felge Schneider

    Felge Schneider Simracer

    Not really, like in races, in street traffic there can be accidents, where both parties take their share.
    For example someone breaks for no reason and you drive into him, because you were looking at your phone. Who is at fault?

    Same in this incident, the Nissan was too optimistic, but the Porsche closed the door too late oror wasn't aware that there was an open door maybe braked early to line in after the Merc (was it a Merc?) or wasn't aware that there was an open door, giving the Nissan the opportunity to catch up. It also looked for me, that the Nissan had an appropriate speed for the corner so he was not overshooting. And if he's already full on the brakes, he can not slow down more to react to the Porsche.
    For me, both drivers took their share in the crash.
  4. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    Removed, will anwer in CP thread.
  5. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Racer

    In Germany it's clear: The one who rear ended the other car. You always have to drive in such a careful way that you always can stop your car not rear ending another car or even running over a person (e.g. child) running onto the street. And on top of that getting a fine, two penalty points in the national register and even taken away the drivers license for a month for causing an accident by looking at your phone while driving which is prohibited in Germany. If another person gets injured by that the driver gets even more: This has the magnitude of a criminal offense and you are cited to appear at court.

    But I get your point and that it is not always clear, especially in (sim-)racing.
    You have your opinion i recognize, I stand by my opinion.
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  6. xX-Chris-Xx

    xX-Chris-Xx Gamer

    So to bring it to an end! The Pink Driver Battling the Aston in front so he is Focused on him, the Brakepoint and the Corner. The Nissan behind has also the better overview of the situation and has to be awar that the Porsche has to turn in! There is and couldn be any Space for him to make this move. Even if the Porsche take an wider line the crash would happen becouse the angel of the nissan is to sharp so he hit the porsche a bit later at an other point of this corner. The Nissan is simply causing a collishon.
  7. Felge Schneider

    Felge Schneider Simracer

    Yep, that's what I meant. Im also from germany, so I know what the law says. It's just hard to apply to racing. For example, in racing you are completely responsible for what happens to your car, there is no fault, your damage, your costs.

    On public roads, we have the laws, that require defensive driving to work properly. If we had the "halber Tacho" rule in racing, well there would be no racing :D

    P.S.: If we applied road laws to this incident, the porsche would be guilty alone, because he switched lane :confused:
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  8. There are exceptions of this "first glance" rule where the one in front will be partial guilty as well e.g. hard braking without any reason.

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  9. xX-Chris-Xx

    xX-Chris-Xx Gamer

    yeah think was in my mind as i wrote!;)o_O
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  10. m4karov

    m4karov Rookie

    Many simracers ask: what you can do if you can't overtake car in front?
    This tutorial video from CP server (split 1:D) will help you.

    After race finish, not necessarily, you can write "sorry" or "sry" in the game chat. By doing so, you make expression that you are deeply regret that others not so fast on track as you.
    Following this simple instructions will help you to stay at the top of simracing olympus.
  11. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    If you´re the Aston who crashed him after the race, that makes you loose all credibility.

    Bentley shouldn´t have been there, but he had to evade somewhere after your slip. From his side one could argue that after your mistake he evaded to avoid a crash (he could also have braked, but that´d mean giving up the fight after a mistake from your side, probably the wiser move in MP though) and you didn´t leave him any space. From your side you had to defend the inside line, also a valid point. Incident in my opinion. (The crash at T2 was the Bentleys fault, in my opinion, though)
    AndyK70 likes this.
  12. xX-Chris-Xx

    xX-Chris-Xx Gamer

    1st: It starts at the Hairpin this try isnt a clean move its the Aston's Line the Bentley simply try to push him out!
    2nd: As i see from POV in last Corner the slip only happens becouse the Bentley push again on the rearend so the Aston loose stabilety an accelration so the Bentley provoked everything what happens after!

    The Bentley just tryed to crash him out nothing else and at the end it works so completly the Bentley fault! In reallife absolut Dangeres luckily its just a sim!

    But what i've noticed KS did a great Job with hotfix 1.3.8 they improved massively the loose rearend behavier when u get touched on a straith u didn end up in the wall so thumbs up guys an ceap up the great work!
  13. Burnleyhome

    Burnleyhome Gamer

    Bentley totally wrong in both incidents.
    Aston was covering the inside on all corners and Bently tried to push at final corner. I bet the in-car camera from Bentley would show that there was a gap, but he should have known that it wasn't big enough.

    One thing... he did show regret and wanted the Aston to get the place back by stopping before the checkered flag to give him the podium. I guess, he crossed it as the Aston didn't recovery quick enough.
    Aston crashing at the end is a dumb move. 31 laps and getting knocked off on the final corner is tough, but thats sim-racing for you.
    Its the race, not the result that matters.
  14. Felge Schneider

    Felge Schneider Simracer

    I wouldn't care too much about the after race crash. Does this still affect SA rating?

    Seems like the Bentley was annoyed by the (good) defense of the Aston and thus misjudged the gap (keep in mind that the wheel ist on the right hand side).
    Bad racing, but good to try to wait for the Aston.

    Of course the Bentleys fault.
  15. Yes :cool:
    Felge Schneider likes this.
  16. CQuad

    CQuad Rookie

    Sorry for asking, but I want to know how you deal with people, who deliberately take others out, Momoz style.
  17. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    Hard to see , I missed that. If a push occured before the Aston became unstable it changes the complete situation.

    And I agree about the 1st one, that was totally unnecessary.

    Very true words!

    Still not cool. From the forum I think you´re a reasonable type, but such a thing has no place in MP, even less on a CP server. After the race it´s not too bad, but I´ve seen it happen during the race, effecting other drivers as well as cars flew over the track

    Not about you, but in general, the amount of egoism in sim racing MP is just crazy. Which is also why I validate the Bentley stopping and offering the position.
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  18. Burnleyhome

    Burnleyhome Gamer

    If I cause another driver to spin by being too aggressive trying to overtake, I try to let them overtake me as a very small gesture along with a quick sry in chat. I know its not much and I suppose its really me therapy.

    Thinking about that now.. does the other driver think that I'm setting them up for another hit since they didn't let me pass the first time???:eek:
  19. xX-Chris-Xx

    xX-Chris-Xx Gamer

    Its a nice gesture but it brings nobody nothing sry! Becouse the one who get spun hast most likely dirty and overheated Tyres so he needs round 2 Laps to bring them down and get clean, so 2 Laps of driving carefully, he is an easy oppenent.
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