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Who's at Fault? - Discussing Racecraft and Incidents

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by m_box97, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    tldr last few days : screw the rules just adapt ourselves to the most idiot of all. Cause that's smart racing.

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  2. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    Tldr? Maybe just not comment then. You are not making any sense here. Nobody has implied anything even close to that you seem to be taking from this.
  3. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    I must really suck at reading
  4. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    Not sure about that. Your reading skills might be OK. But it seems like understanding and comprehensing aren't your strongest points though.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2020

    LATE4APEX Alien

    1st he backs up into the racing line, and waits, then he comes straight across the track when rejoining.

    Just another idiot with intent, who ruins MP racing.
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  6. David Danser

    David Danser Racer

    Nobody said screw the rules, but simply following the rules might get you in more accidents than you would want since knowledge is too limited from other drivers.

    be saver than just following the rules, expect the unexpected. It is amateur simracing not a real racing league.

    what would you win by crashing but come here afterward to find out it was not your fault.
    you still crashed.

    I am always way saver than most drivers, 9/10 times you will pass the reckless drivers later anyway.
  7. Great summary :)
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  8. stp86

    stp86 Rookie

    I am still afraid all those words just sound good but lack substance on second sight.
    Ill try it once again, slow and comprehensive this time:

    We all, who take racing seriously should learn and follow those rules. We should even spread them. Like here in the Forum or on the racetrack by being a good example.
    They are our foundation for good and clean racing. They are the Basics from where we built up our good racing manners and from where rookies can develop their feeling for the right situation when to overtake and when not.
    And last but not least they are the bottom line of judging who was at fault.

    Does it mean you should always insist on your inner line when alongside? NO!
    Does it mean you should always give the inner line when alongside? YES!

    So by simply following the rules you will have LESS accidents automatically. I mean thats why they even exist in the first place.

    Damn it!

    So for the sake of a better online racing i will leave this article here once more. Its a good 5 minutes read.

    Racing Etiquette - Written and Unwritten Rules of Racing
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  9. stp86

    stp86 Rookie

    Going back on topic, knowing the rules its easy:

    Silverstone AMG vs McLaren
    AMG had 2 carswith room and turned into McLaren - AMG is at fault

    1st incident on turn 2: - Audis Fault, no discussion (although i turned in very dangerously and maybe provoked the incident)
    2nd and 3rd: Clearly Ferraris Fault. No "just a racing incident". Clearly was my fault according to the rules, both times.
  10. David Danser

    David Danser Racer

    You are still missing the point, I'll just leave it at this because we are getting to the point that we are going to repeat ourselves.
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  11. stp86

    stp86 Rookie

    the only thing i miss are my apexes ...
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  12. I dont know you guys and I dont want to start a fight with this, but this comment won.
  13. GONKO

    GONKO Racer

    First one is poor from both cars. Both drivers know they are deep in the middle of a pack and clearly not playing safe by looking at radar. Just down to inexperience.
    Always keep the car safe.

    Second one, audi seemed a little optimistic. Ferrari driver should allow for dives like this up the inside. If ferrari was more to the inside, this dive doesn't happen.
    Again, keep the car safe.

    Don't invite moves that will risk the car.
    Think marathon not sprint.
    Poor drivers will crack under pressure anyway and take themselves off.
    Don't oblige them by lending your car as help to their destiny.
  14. stp86

    stp86 Rookie

    you are late to the party @GONKO
    Case closed, but still thx for the input, and iam already trying to defend more active against those risky barge in / dive maneuvers.
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