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Who's at Fault? - Discussing Racecraft and Incidents

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by m_box97, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Fabio Azevedo

    Fabio Azevedo Rookie

    No worries, apology accepted. I’m also fine with respectfully disagreeing. I definitely learned from this situation and will be more cautious on both claiming apexes that may or may not be mine to take, and rejoining the racetrack with a lot of cars around and possibly out of the racing line.
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  2. GONKO

    GONKO Racer

    I'm not being aggressive towards you. It's just one of those crazy things that can happen. The rejoin was nuts though, into cars accelerating on a straight. But when under pressure at a race start, we can all make decisions that are not the best. I've done it in the past, I'm sure I'll do it again in the future. Nobody is perfect.
    But we can both learn from it.
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  3. stp86

    stp86 Rookie

    Just dont worry. At least your name hasnt become a meme:
    You spoke up here, you took the blame and responsibility and its the internet after all. I just fear he might be right. We should check the archives.

    PS: concerning the incident in the corner: I havent seen it clearly but i have read the diffrent opinions about it and im not going to get tired of posting the following link here: It might help you to either change or reinforce your view on it:

    Racing Etiquette - Written and Unwritten Rules of Racing
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2020
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  4. GONKO

    GONKO Racer

    Gonko got Gonko’d. :D
  5. PAPA JOHN 2

    PAPA JOHN 2 Rookie

    Kinda bad video, here is my take:

    White Audi clearly had a better run out of the first corner and is almost beside you into the 2nd corner. I know it sucks to give up a position like that but you can't just dive into the normal apex from the outside at that point. You should have given him more space on the inside. Your rejoin is 100 % on you since you are responsible to rejoin in a safe way. Looks like the green/black car got radar varning from the black car and therefore went a little bit left.

    However, if you look at the replay your return angle is super steep and you actually end up more to the right than the black/green car originally was.
  6. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

    Black Audi #19 not avoided the predicted contact, the Audi even turned towards the rejoining Ferrari and therefore is the only one to blame for the carnage.

    For someone riding on gras it´s hard to steer and brake to rejoin as planned.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2020
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  7. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    I totally agree with this. Also, I don't think the angle of the rejoin was as steep as it seems to be in the replay. That's just an ACC thing/bug when it switches to a different camera.
  8. PAPA JOHN 2

    PAPA JOHN 2 Rookie

    I find it super strange that you and Snoeipaaard are blaming #19 for the crash.
    Look at #19 (green/black) and #11 (black) before the rejoin.

    Ferrari dives on the apex into #69 (white Audi).
    #19 has to abandon the racing line because #69 is spinning on the racing line.
    #19 has a bad exit while #11 has a good exit.

    Coming out of the turn, #19 are on the normal racing line while #11 is closing fast behind.
    #11 instantly turns right of the racing line since he reacts to a slow #11. A split second later, #19 turns slightly left (probably because of radar or that he is spotting #11 coming in fast from behind).

    Ferrari just comes back onto the track from the grass. If you are off the track, you are responsible for a safe rejoin.
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  9. vMaxDaniel

    vMaxDaniel Gamer

    I know I did a dumb and stupid divebomb there, but until when will we have this kind of people attending CP races?
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  10. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    Not that I condone this kind of stuff. It's horrible ofcourse. But I find it very interesting how you talk very lightly about your own behaviour, but hell froze over when it comes to the behaviour of the merc.

    What a terrible move and why did you not apologize or wait for him?
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2020
  11. vMaxDaniel

    vMaxDaniel Gamer

    Well, I said i did a dumb and stupid divebomb... what else should I say about my bad decision? It was stupid and i assumed it. I apologized on the race chat...
  12. +1 on waiting when taking someone out when it's your fault

    People used to do this a lot on GTR, but it's something rare these days. I will always wait, even if it brings me 10sec behind everyone. And if someone waits for me after taking me out, I immediately accept that silent apology (doesn't matter how stupid the error was).

    A lot of toxic behaviour would be avoided if the one causing the accident waits for his/her opponent.
  13. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah, I remember this.
    When I began to race ACC in CP and I spun someone by accident, I waited and chatted "sry". The other one told me after the race, it was nice by me but unnecessary and I should have kept on racing...

    And watching others they did the same as my opponent said.
    So I adapted and do he same.
  14. vMaxDaniel

    vMaxDaniel Gamer

    I didn't wait because he teleported to the pits... how to wait?

    I find interesting how a mistake is put in the same bag of deliberately take someone out.

    If this was real racing, i would have been penalized with stop and go or drive through and it would be fair and totally right.

    He would be parked and probably lose the car or team.

    But yes, i find interesting how you put both stuff in the same bag...
  15. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    Again I find it interesting how you go on about some other guys behaviour and how he should be penelized, and at the same time talk down your own. Especially as his behaviour was a reaction to yours.
  16. Nico1979

    Nico1979 Racer

    For me the performance gap of the AI between dry and wet is getting smaller. Before 1.6 I had to reduce the AI by 2% when driving against them in wet compared to dry. Now it's closer at least at Imola for me. It's not perfect but a big step forward. Anyone else made this observation?
  17. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Hardcore Simmer

    A revenge foul is always worse than what caused it. In football (soccer for the Americans) you get a straight red card. Period

    Luca Corberi has retired from racing because of his revenge misbehavior. Throwing a bumper on the still racing opponent who caused his accident and then going in a fight after the race in the pits. He destroyed his career with this revenge rage.

    There is nothing more to say.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2020 at 12:45 AM
  18. JnJ | Rayleigh

    JnJ | Rayleigh Simracer

    Obviously the Audi made a mistake, but imo taking someone out on purpose (especially revenges) is much MUCH worse. Tbh I think people who can't hold themselves together should even get a ban from all multiplayer events. So mistakes can happen even if they look dumb. Concentration could have been down or whatever. Revenge actions or taking out someone on purpose should never happen....NEVER.
  19. Snoeipaard

    Snoeipaard Racer

    I'm not saying it isn't terrible behaviour. It is just dreadfull.

    I just find it interesting how some people always try to put the blame somewhere else, and don't take responsability for their own actions and the repercussions of them. God forbid you'd learn anything from your mistakes. The fact that someone else is behaving even worse, doesn't excuse you one bit.

    It's a public server. If you drive like an idiot on a public server, public server idiots will drive into you. Whining about it and pointing fingers, ain't gonna change that. Accept it, learn from it and do better next time. It's for your own enjoyment.

    Also, this isn't real life. You can't compare this to throwing a bumper at someones head or bashing someones face in. It's just not the same.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2020 at 1:37 AM
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  20. vMaxDaniel

    vMaxDaniel Gamer

    It's you that is saying that I'm not taking responsibility for my mistake.
    I am the first to put my hand up and say it was a mistake and very stupid one. I never intended to ruin his race...
    I didn't wreck him on purpose as a revenge act.
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