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Who's fault was this...

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Thug, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. He mentioned, that he had three crashes. On Brands Hatch you don't have to be completely off pace to get lapped in such a situation.
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  2. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Racer

    I disagree with this even with 4 sec difference in lap times and 20 mins race time, I think the standard advice that other people give here is correct: just wait for a straight section, go off the line and lift, don't defend but otherwise stick to racing line. In multiclass racing it works like this and there differences are more than 4 sec.
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  3. LeSunTzu

    LeSunTzu Alien

    When you're flagged you should not get out of the racing line: stay on the line and ease off a little the throttle in a straight so he can pass you easily. Parking in a corner or moving out of the line can surprise the guy behind or cause loss of time because he will wonder if you're in control. If he cannot wait for the next straight that is his problem, not yours.

    In multiclass they have different lines in the long straights for safety and they are assigned by race direction in advance. A GT will take the Hunaudières on the right whether there is a LMP in the mirrors or not.
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  4. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    Whatever. Keep forcing the leader of a 20 minute race to lose 2 seconds in the last lap while he has the 2nd place up his gearbox. That'll end well every time I'm sure.
  5. That's part of the sport. The leader should deal with it, just like the car behind him.
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  6. jaxx_za

    jaxx_za Hardcore Simmer

    So I guess multi-class races is not going to work then?

    I have a feeling that any move made by OP in that situation would have been the 'wrong' move, from the lead drivers perspective.

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  7. nimp

    nimp Racer

    I disagree to some extend. PhilS is right. We are not talking about normal traffic you end up facing in an endurance race, where lapping occurs due to pitstops/slightly off-pace cars.
    If you get lapped in a 20-30min race you have to be extremely off-pace. These drivers are often very unsave and have "moments" every 2nd corner. It's very frightening already to lap these guys. This is a vast difference to real races, where everyone can at least keep the car on track.
    The "it's always the overtaking cars fault" mentality doesn't really apply in a sim under these circumstances. Also context is very important. Does it really hurt easing off on a straight when the leaders come through in a close fight, when your closest opponent is 10sec away and you are a lap down? Same thing goes the other way around. When I approach 2 fighting cars a lap down, I try to not mess with their affairs too much. Not rocket science.
    Reminds me of the British GT race this weekend, where one absolute idiot GT4 did not let the leaders of the race through, before maggotts and becketts and as a result crashed the leader out (who was forced to make a move). Deserved a hefty penalty imo. What makes it worse is, that he wasn't fighting anyone for positions and it was last 5min of the race.

    Multiclass is a completely different situation than in-class traffic. It makes sense to stick to the racing line as a lapped car, because the higher classes can easily make passes stick, without losing too much time, due to pace difference.
    In-class traffic is way harder to lap, since you can't just out-accelerate them out of corners. Still common sense should always apply. It can still make sense for the slower car to let a fighting pair of faster cars through before a tight single-file section of track to prevent difficult situations.
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  8. chakko

    chakko Alien

    I think that is, in general, a very good recommendation. Just like in real life, most accidents happen because of unpredictability. Some peeps are just nuts, in the way they react.
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  9. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Hardcore Simmer

    If you're trying to pass someone who's 4 seconds off pace on a relatively short track like Brands Hatch, basically every corner entry and exit is an opportunity. When I approach someone who's that much slower than me, I'm gonna be careful when overtaking him anyway. I'd rather lose 2 seconds staying behind him waiting for a safe opportunity than him making an unpredictable move and me ending up with damage.
    I don't expect you to park your car in the grass, I will never ask you to. If you have trouble controlling your car, maybe due to inexperience or damage, it would be appreciated. But if you're just off pace, there's no need.
    Just drive your race.

    Stick to the line, go off throttle a bit sooner when approaching the braking zone and let the person who's lapping you take the inside. Lift throttle a bit on the straight and move away from the race line, showing the person who's lapping you it's OK to do so.
    DON'T lift throttle and move to the inside line when approaching a corner, DON'T lift throttle on corner exit, and DON'T move over when someone's 10 meter behind you on a straight, just wait for the next corner and let him take the inside. He might even overtake you with the slipstream whilst still on the straight.
    Also, there's no need to use indicators, I will never look at them.
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  10. Thug

    Thug Simracer

    As I said, I started quite low down the grid (had about 2 laps to qualify due to joining late), by the time I crossed the start line the leaders would have been 1/4 through the first lap.
    Then there were a couple of crashes, one just after the start first bend on the bank where someone turned right, into me and another further along sending me to the back. The leaders would have been at least 2/3-3/4 through the lap before I was moving again. I then had to overtake a few which naturally slowed me down again and I had my own ‘off’ (my fault pushing too much).
    On a short track it’s easy to lap someone who has a poor start.
    I was lapping a 1:26, so not alien, but also not ‘too’ slow.
  11. R1-Limited

    R1-Limited Racer

    I did not have time to read the OP,
    But its your fault
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  12. Fast drivers don't have a lot of patience for us slow drivers, ever hear what they say when they stream live. Its brutal most of the time, I am glad I don't have to hear them until I watch the stream after the fact.
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  13. Reading your post it seems that everything happened suddenly. Didn't you check the realtime race position and see that P1 and P2 were coming? If yes, you should have done things by time, since after 3 crashes your race was already f*.
    If you wait the last moment usually you are putting yourself and the others in a difficult situation. Before DingleDell there's a long straight and 2 wide turns with plenty of room to coast at the right side and wait for the leaders to pass.
    Just my opinion.
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  14. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    It’s ACC’s fault :p
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  15. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Racer

    It pisses me off when I'm leading a close fight and come on a slowpoke who makes it hard to pass, so I'm forced to slow, and then I get passed for my patience. I don't do this! I'm not going to steal a position from a guy who is trying to avoid a muppet.
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  16. kakusso

    kakusso Hardcore Simmer

    Lapped cars have to lift off on blue flag and cannot interfere with the race leaders. Above all they have to be predictable. Many keep accelerating to prove themselves they are good unfortunatly.
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  17. Thug

    Thug Simracer

    I race in VR only, with pixel density set to 130, so most of the HUD is hidden by the body of the car.
    I knew I wasn't 'on pace' due to my crashes, and lap time, but wasn't aware how close they were until I got the blue flags, then tried to get out of the way where I thought was safe (between 2 bends on a straight).

    So, if I am reading this correctly, if I am slower than you (and make it hard to pass) then I am a slowpoke muppet?
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  18. Thug

    Thug Simracer

    So, so far we know the fault lies with...
    1. Me for being a muppet and a) not slowing to an almost stop on the straight leading to Dingle Dell, b) not keeping to the race pace, c) going off the track, d) not being predictable
    2. P1 for a) being impatient, b) not driving around me, c) not anticipating what I was doing
    3. Kunos
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  19. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    Guys, guys, guys …
    The fault is ALWAYS with the Austrians .
    Blame them .
    #Historically accurate (TM)
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  20. R1-Limited

    R1-Limited Racer

    There is truth to this and if you are race leaders say top 5 and your running into back markers that are ignoring blue flag, ya the expletives get plenty.
    BUT playing the devils advocate here, first I understand the frustration incurred, but its racing and the reality is this"IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OVER TAKER TO DO IT SAFELY" No one ever teaches a driver to always look behind them and worry about who is behind you. So t loose your cool and spit volitlity to a back marker is rather ,, well, snowflakish IMO
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