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Why are 90% or mp races spa and gt2 or gt3 cars?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by drdoomslab, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. drdoomslab

    drdoomslab Hardcore Simmer

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wonding why 90% (i've not calc'ed it but it feels like it) of MP races are at Spa and GT2/3 cars? Why oh why do most people only drive gt2/3 cars? (this happened in pcars as well, another reason i stopped playing that as well as physics in it) Don't you want try something else? No, Really just gt2/3 cars? hmmm

    Here's my point of view. This is a racing sim. Not a gt2/3 car sim. Why is practically everyone wanting more GT2/3 cars? Dont we have enough already? No. oh. hmm.

    Ok i get Spa is the "new" track but really, just Spa? Go take a look at the servers, go on. i'll wait... Ok are we all back now. good. It'll be spa with maybe a nords or nords GP thowen in there somewhere. Maybe a drift track or two here and there and maybe Imola. BIG woop.

    Now i know i could join a league (have done) but i'm not really a league kinda driver (i could be proved wrong but so far its not been grate). Also the leagues i've tryed tend to have the cut track penalties system working and i hate it SOO much in AC. Such a POS. And most of the time it does not even stop the track cutters. It jsut messes up anyones race that makes a small mistake and goes wide. I would like to race around the time i want to race or can race. So its back to an open MP race then.

    Oh, so if i want to race on a different track or different cars with more than one other person (if im lucky) then its a NO. Then if i finally find a race (i might be lucky like the other day we had a nice DTM race with a hole 4 other people! woohoo. Then the race finished and then it got changed to GT2/3. lol) Also with no chance of getting AI in MP then thats a double No. I can't even run a server because my upload MAX speed is 40k if im lucky (which might support 6 people in a booking server).

    I'm just making converstion not trying to be an arse here but its just seems to be going this way in all the sims i've tryed. I really don't want to go back to iracing because of the elitist attitudes and costs they have there also you have to setup your car and i have no good idear of how to. I'm a driver not engineer. But i can race on other tracks with other people. yay. I don't really want to go back to the lacking physics of pcars (not tryed it in a bit so might have improved?) rf2 again its bloody GT2/3 cars and the online cost pissed me off especially as my licence for the one year has finished and i hardly got to use it thanks to MP not really working well for a long long long time. Actually i've no idear if MP works well as it ran out before i could check again.

    Am i doing something wrong in AC or am i just the minority? Anyways what do you guys think?



    PS: this is all in good fun, so please no flame wars. These are just my point of view ATM.
    Also please excuse my spelling i am quite dyslexic.

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  3. Kristaps

    Kristaps Alien

    This is bothering me alot, + 99% it's the damn 'optimum grip'
    And another big downside for street cars is that you can't force specific tires.
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  4. patrod

    patrod Simracer

    Well, i "hate" the GT2/GT3 cars, but a lot love them. So, i try to mix my servers for everybody.

    All are free access, no penalty (stracker show invalid lap), aids off, except maybe tyre blanket for some i don't remember.

    Name start with PX

    I you want a specific combo (except Nordschleife and no modern street cars), tell me.
  5. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    I think its because gt3-2 cars are pretty easy to drive and giving people the feeling that they are better than they actually are (me included).

    Might have misread but i think you answer your own question - there is not enough people joining servers with other cars. If i decide to host a server I want people to join up and as you said yourself, in the DTM race it was you and 4 others.

    My 2 cents. :)
  6. Mogster

    Mogster Alien

    Sticky tyres, downforce, ABS, TCS, slightly underpowered, they never do anything you don't want them to. GT3s are designed to be easy to drive, they make everyone feel like a great driver and require little finesse.

    After driving them for a while everything else feels like too much trouble, they're like sim racing crack...
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  7. youwerelucky

    youwerelucky Racer

    Because GT3/2 have lots of downforce (and don't usually slide when braking or cornering), go fast, make brrrooomm, everybody knows every turn of Spa if ever played a racing game and it still retains some Nords kind of charm without being so ****ing long and cruel? Or just because they are the fullest servers nowadays? Not sure, with the mainstream you never know which came first, the chicken or the egg. See you at Monza with M3s...
  8. It's almost certainly because the GT cars are really easy to drive.
  9. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Server setups probably reflect preferences of those who set them up.
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  10. Blame

    Blame Alien

    Obviously GT2/GT3 cars are racing cars, those are the cars you're supposed to race around a track, absolutely nothing wrong with them, if you stopped playing racing games because of people racing with racing cars, then that's completely up to you.
  11. Matty28

    Matty28 Simracer

    The reason is that GT3 cars have the balance of speed and easiness to drive. They're not slow and pedestrian like the Abarth 500 and they're not difficult to drive fast like the 98t. They also have driver aids. As someone who can drive other cars fast and doesn't mind driving slow cars I find it very annoying I end up in GT3 cars virtually every race. I do love GT3 cars though and adding more to the game is no bad thing. I doubt it would increase the number of GT3 servers.
    Spa I guess must just be because more people like Spa. It's certainly my favourite track in the game, but of course I don't want to race it every time.
  12. Trent2015

    Trent2015 Rookie

    Totally true.

    I like SPA because thats where the people go. And if thats where they go then you have to adapt, or race on servers with 3 or 4 players. Take the good with the bad.
  13. This has been bothering me as well, although not as much as the horrible wreckfests on every corner, which suggests that people actually CAN'T drive them. :rolleyes:

    Great exception to the rule tonight, had a few really great races at Mugello with stock McLaren, Merc SLS, 458, F40 and the RUF. Corsa Giants I think was the server name, and the admins made sure that repeat wreckers were booted and they also restarted races on 1st lap until people learned. Was great fun.
  14. victor86

    victor86 Racer

    Wait for Nordschleife, it should bring back the love for street cars. A true test of one's skills.
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  15. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    I'd say people race GT3 because there are multiple cars to choose from rather than full track with same cars...Well you know they are somewhat "easy" to drive, but why does it bother You? Spa? uhh don't know about that one...

    But Yeah I agree I am a bit more annoyed by the static 100% grip than anything else...Well technicly the whole AC is steril so that is what bugs me first...
  16. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    I try mix up the combos and have had full grids in a quite few different cars on many nites I have been on. I think gt cars are easy to drive and so I thought a gt server at Spa the easiest cars on the track many know best would have a better standard then it did.

    This server was one of the more frustrating, yes it fills up easy but the overall driving was far from what youd expect from what is considered an easy to drive combination.

    Not so many can stay on track in these cars at that track but surprisingly with other cars there has been some much better racing I think. Get a bunch of good drivers in gt cars it can be fun but these cars still arent what I would call idiot proof. :D

    In the end its not down to what the servers have up but what people jump into. Im sure there are plenty of empty servers with varied content. For me most things I set up if its official content and once you get 6 or more then it tends to fill up not long after if its a peak time. Mod content rarely has filled a server as not so many people seem to use even the better ones. I have had a full server with all sorts of cars from street to hypercars and open wheelers.

    Get any interesting mix of cars or even a single make and once a few people are in it can fill up fairly quickly. Guys running servers if you run some laps and try to keep the wreckers and cutters out you should be able to fill a server fairly easily. If it can be done in Australia (with a few os visitors) it should be easily possible anywhere else in the world with much denser populations.
  17. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    So if we are in this rant mood then it's my turn.;)
    GT2/3 cars are racing cars after all and I believe it's better (easier) for public racing than open wheelers (except Formula Abarth). Speaking of Abarth, why not this car? It's not too fast, if you add some downforce it's stable and allows some nice close racing.
    As much as I love Spa (I really do, but I need a brake), I'm already sick of it when I see GT2/Spa, GT3/Spa, GT2&GT3/Spa, 787b/Spa, RUF/Spa, RUF&F40/Spa, GT2&GT3/Nord, GT2&GT3/Spa...

    I'm more into trackdays nowadays, but even there are quite a lot of people that don't know how to behave on track. And it's not always easy to find a trackday server that is not host on Nord, well there's always at least one with GT cars but you know on which track... starts with S...

    Barbagallo is great for short races with street cars, the track is short but it has some tricky turns so it makes racing interesting, wide enough to overtake and all. But it's a mod track so it makes it less popular.

    Also tried to "fill" a server couple times by joining an empty one but if anyone joined it was a good result. Sometimes I'm joining the "almost empty" ones with 1/2/3 people but usually it's also turns to be a fail.

    It's good to get something off your chest sometimes.;)
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  18. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    My formula abarth server has been pretty much full the last few days. Had it at Silverstone national first which was fun but being such a short track people joining mid race become a bit of a nuisance. Then had it at Imola and each times server filled with some good driving but starts were at times terrible.

    Also at the same time had a server with a mix of street cars at magione and this also filled.

    The other week ran f40, ruf, 12c and 458 at a few tracks and each time it filled up.

    I ran m3 e30 at a few tracks again filled up, same with la ferrari, zonda and 599. Ran KTM at imola again it filled up so its quite possible. I did also run some gt servers at a few official tracks which also filled up. Had gt2 at Monza last couoke days and not many jumoed on but I didnt go on that either and with an admin that combo would be quite a mess I think.

    I havent had that much trouble getting people to race other cars. In mod content had maybe 15 at Barbagallo in a few different combos and a few in the mazda 787b at spa when I ran it.

    I dont think I have filled a server with mod content yet but quite often it seems the guys that get the mods are less likely to be very poor drivers. The casual gamers dont tend use mods so only stick to base content. This means these servers fill quicker but much more babysitting is needed to be done with lots of new people popping in. Seems about 2 in 10 are a bit of a nuisance but Im starting to weed them out.

    When I say full it would be Australian afternoon and evenings outside thise times Im not on and the servers stay pretty quiet too. Those are combos I just ran over the last week or so and numbers were better then before v1, where it was quite hard to fill an aussie server and also much messier without the basic admin tools we have now that helps keep it a bit cleaner.
  19. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    Need more people yo set up servers with good combos of street cars. F40 vs ruf servers are reasonably popular and great fun. There were a few nice ones with a selection of street cars including e92 s1 which made for a good match but they just disappear because most people don't drive them. If admin sees their server empty, they just change it to gt3 spa and put some !!!! At the start of the name
  20. Peter Burke

    Peter Burke Racer

    I have a similar observation, but coming from the other side of the car spectrum. From day 1 (for me) this sim was always for the open wheel cars. So I tend to stick with those which is somewhat similar to others pigeon holing themselves with the GTs, but I digress.

    My complaint, and there is not much that can be done, is the total lack of drivers (preferably competent) for the great open wheel cars that Kunos and modders have produced. For the most part, after 1.0RC came out the servers have been there, but they are empty with maybe 50-70 drivers stretched over three servers at peak. Again, not much can be done if there is no interest. Just frustrating. Then I see 20+ servers filled quite handsomely for the GT2/3 cars. My finger has never been on the pulse of what other Americans want; so it would be no surprise to find out it's not on the pulse of the globe's wants either.

    I suppose it's all supply and demand. If 60 people want to race GT cars at Spa then 3 servers are needed. The numbers are more like 600/30, but you get the point. Then again we drivers don't have control over the servers anyway; so it's up to the people controlling/financing them. I feel bad for some of these people putting up empty servers that I rarely see populated. I hope it turns around.

    Come to the dark side people. The 98T is so easy peasy to drive. We can all be a little like Senna now; let's go. The 98T with a good H-shifter is awesome. It's so fast, everywhere. The turbo lag sucks, but one can manage. Yes the setup matters much more, but all I have done is find others' setups and tweaked accordingly. I UL'd this Doge guys tune with some tweaks of mine. I have only used at Imola, but with excellent results. Try it out. Doge says the tune works at other tracks quite well with small appropriate tweaks. More people need to share their race trim setup in this game. It's a very critical component. It is the name of the game after all.

    Attached Files:

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  21. Ozcanuck55

    Ozcanuck55 Racer

    Sounds good!
    Whats your server name (Marty's???)?... I have some Aussie club racers that would be keen to try it out...no squids. :)
    Edit...saw your earlier post ( Marty's)..nice one. We'll check it out.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2015
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