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Why are 90% or mp races spa and gt2 or gt3 cars?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by drdoomslab, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. drdoomslab

    drdoomslab Hardcore Simmer

    hehe. I guess you have no seen my 98T lap round lake louise :) The 98T is one of my favs. But yes would be grate if there was an option to share setups in-game. Even if it was just a welcome message you could put one in there.

    Thanks to everyone and there input so far. Some good points. I look forward to reading some more. Seems like i must be unlucky at finding servers at the right times. If anyone could point me and others to some suggested servers that would be awesome. I also find it ironic that people pick these cars with assists but then insist that they have ABS off. lol.


  2. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Yea thats the servers, I have a thread here and if someone wants unban they can contact me via pm or this thread.


    Most know public servers can be a real mess so Ive needed to be pretty strict to try and clean out the worst of them and can only be on so much and wont see everything that goes on. Its getting better but still a bit of work to do and hopefully updates will fix some of the issues in mp atm like cars stationary on grid and cars joining mid race that cause some chaos.

    On the server thread I even mentioned people can suggest other combinations but nobody has made one as yet ;) so I just mix up whatever I think may work.
  3. dauntless

    dauntless Alien

    The reason really is the same reason that is true every single time any game has online component and gt cars. The same thing has happened in all sims. In gran turismos it was the supergt cars, in lfs it was the gtr class cars (basically 90s gt1). And in rfactor. Generally there are always the baseic three that will always be popular:
    - relatively nimble formula car (usually a formula 3) on some relatively simple track
    - fast gt cars on one track (gt3/spa)
    - in any game that has daytona or talladega you get oval racers who will drive nothing else than super speedways

    Basically cars that are stable in high speed stuff, fast, have grippy slick tires and tons of aero. Probably also cars that people have seen on tv which also adds to the immersion factor (being a race car driver).

    What's the solution? Well, as long as kunos focuses on gt3 cars so heavily they are going to be really really popular. However whenever you see something different you like you should join the server. Even if there are just 1-3 players on the server. If you get lucky you may get couple more drivers and then you already have 5 drivers. With a bit of luck there is someone who is doing equal pace and you get a nice race.
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  4. RuaOnze

    RuaOnze Gamer

    Foul rotation option of tracks and cars on the servers.
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  5. Blame

    Blame Alien

    Reason why it wouldn't work, if people join a GT2/GT3 server, they're there to race GT cars, if you change the cars on the same server people just raced GT cars on, they're gonna leave and find another server to play in.
  6. RuaOnze

    RuaOnze Gamer

    I think, as there is only one option, people choose the GTs to be the favorite and has so many more servers with the GTs cars. Of course, many will still leave only the GTs cars, but if the server change, would not be the most obsoluta. Not solve but have help.
  7. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    nvm..typed the exact thing as the guy i quoted.
  8. GroteBakkes

    GroteBakkes Racer

    Anyone who needs to purify their thoughts? Perhaps take one of these :p

    First post here, want to add a bit.

    Let me first say i really like AC alot and it has a lot of good things going for it.
    When i first started online MP i didnt mind the GT2/3 overload that much as i was still learning get to grips with the cars and tracks.

    But after some weeks it came apparent to me MP became stale at some point. I agree
    Racing game needs racing cars, perfectly fine. But if from a total roster of cars only 6 to 8 racing cars are being played non stop on most servers, something is wrong.
    The most important one to blame is the developer, they need to take more control over their game, give more options/ create more game modes , tourneys competitions so on and so on. We cannot blame the community or server hosts really, the popularity vote is in play here mostly i feel because of lack of direction and creating interest for the other tracks / cars be it official or modded.

    Let me make this clear, Kunos did an excellent job of creating this wonderful simulation, but now its the time to switch it into higher gear and provide us with more incentive for the (casual) community to try something else in their game. I know they want the very same, why else did they create all the other stuff ;)..

    For me as of now... after being carried away by the "popularity vote" for a while, im slowly rediscovering the game again. Been going ham on the Ruf, F40 , E30 and also hotlapping some great mod cars on the other or modded tracks from the community when there is no server up with them to try them out with other people.
    I did notice these last few weeks and especially since the Ruf came out that more people are playing those cars as well so its getting better.
    Still will wait in anticipation about the things to come and how the balance on MP will play out.
    A lot will also depend on how effective and how fast the changes are coming in for Kick/Ban/Flag/Crashers/Penaltys system, as the amount of grieving non interested game destroyers getting online especially public GT3 is really starting to rise at an alarming rate... Kunos please make this your top priority and fix this ASAP...

    PS: any tips regarding good Servers EU based with nice track/car combos are more then welcome.. if u know let me know , always interested in racing fair and square with good people...

    Oh yeah PS PS: Hobodudepwnz i hope your PC will explode in your face one of these days , :)

    Greetings and see ya on the track

    David "GroteBakkes"Molina
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  9. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    with the DLC for sure we're gonna see the new cars on servers, and possibly the new cars mixed with matching cars already existent in the game. And of course we're gonna see more of nordschleife. But Spa, Nurburgring gp.. these are the most popular, and then imola, mugello, monza, barbagallo (mod), and then some others.

    Some people complain about the Career mode.. but for sure it has way more diversity and imagination than the popular 24/7 types of multiplayer races. Career races could or should be an inspiration for what type of races would be cool and balanced to have in multiplayer servers.
  10. PhenOm

    PhenOm Alien

    I wouldn't say that GT cars are easy to drive. They are easier to drive compared to let's say a Mazda 787b or the ferrari 312T (duhh, technology, sequential gearbox, ...) and at low(er) speeds anyone can drive them but once you start pushing and driving them on their limit it's pretty hard since you'll need a good setup etc etc..
    I personally don't bother that there are quite a lot of GT servers but there should be more other cars as well to please everybody.

    About Spa, well, it's one of the best circuits in the world, we've got it in its full glory in AC and it's still quite challenging to drive a perfect lap around it.
  11. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    You cant blame Kunos for what people choose to mostly drive or setup servers with. Just as you cant blame them for people that are total #$%€'s in mp servers. No matter what rules or penalties are given these people will try to find the best way to be a nuisance. These rules will just help more with regular stuff such as blue flags and over using track limits.

    Nothing will stop a wrecker or blatant cutter and there is a good chance these rules may be implemented badly and need to be turned off as I turn off the current penalty. And simply kick those abusing it and expect others to play fair. If they dont then they know they are likely to also get banned.

    Yes we need more admin controls and ways to detect bad sports better. But the only way to deal with them is to ban them and this is a never ending process being admin of open busy public servers.

    There is no incentive to make people race other cars, to me there isnt a single official car I wouldnt race all are done to the same high standards. There may be some that arent my first choice but no bad ones. I will gladly race anything on any track this being official content, mods I am way more picky as not many match the Kunos standard but a few do.

    I dont think people are trying to ruin public gt3 but with these servers being more popular and game sales doing quite well. More casual gamers will jump in and have no clue abour whats fair or reasonable driving standards.

    A full gt3 server for me is one I rarely get to race in as I need to spend most tine trying to weed out the bad eggs. I am using gt cars at Monza atm to make this easier. I will simply spectate the trouble sections and people doing the blatant cuts in the first 2 chicanes just get added to the banlist. This way I houod find most of then quicker and I onoy need to ban them once. There is a difference between making an error and a big cheat cut. No reasonable driver will ever do these cuts so once seen its an instant permenant ban. :D
  12. nijeat

    nijeat Simracer

    They are such a boring classes in real life too, not only as the car itself but especially for those who have followed GT for ages. Only 3 years ago by 2011 we saw GT1 in GT series and I even had no regard to seeing the GT2/3/NGT or whatever. And now the GT3 became a primary class in the GT world and I respectfully understand the story of the downgrade of GT1 -> GT3, but still seem to see them a side or support class.
  13. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I also tried to offer some dynamic grip streetcar races on frequently changing tracks.. The truth is: nobody was there.
    I still stick to street cars, but you have to be very careful about them (e30, m1, ruf) or it's always empty. Non-optimal grip conditions and your clients won't even finish one full round at vallelunga club. In fact one insulted me (for 90% starting grip) although he was alone, but I catched up the chat in the logfile.

    My theory about gt2@spa: Gt cars are the easiest cars to drive, even to master. They are insanely good balanced and you can set your brakepoints very easy because of you short distance to the corner. High downforce helps with almost everything, even recoveries are super easy. It's a lot more difficult to learn and master this with streetcars. On the other hand people feel good in GT cars, because they're fast. Streetcars are for beginners.

    PS: Am guilty, too.
  14. GroteBakkes

    GroteBakkes Racer

    AIght, perhaps i didnt explain it well or not clear enough seeing your reply your missing my point i think:)

    I know People choose what they wanna choose, given the options. Some choices are more chosen then others for a variety of reasons.
    Ease of use of the car, brand name .. racecar aura etc etc.. Thats all common sense...
    And apparently GT2Gt3 are popular because of those and more reasons. .

    Just talking from my experiences .. At times it feels like "Assetto Corsa GT2/3 Spa - Nord Edition" instead
    Maybe i dont search hard enough in the serverlist or do i go online at wrong times when there is other stuff?? ;)

    Its like the Thundercloud that follows u everywhere :D

    Im just a bit letdown by the fact that so many people are choosing the "easy" way in what supposed to be a "Hardcore" racing sim.
    Like if they dont want to explore the full package.. glad u dont though but thats the thing..
    Where are all these all round drive it all anywhere racers?

    Let me put it this way how i see it: In time perhaps a few months down the road either there will be more variety because the now casual newcomers will open up their horizon or we get stuck with this situation for a long time in public (not talking bout leagues, im in RD also btw).
    Seeing past racegames generally having followed the same trend i hope we dont have to find out this is going that way as well.

    It would help if Kunos would proactively look into this perhaps to take action / create incentive for people to try out other stuff where they can if they are willing to... It only deserves right to all the car models and tracks they have created... But I think for them its a hard task. They provide the tools, we deal with it. Its not like on consoles in the big race games where there are community events hosted by the developer... bigger /other market large developer etc. they can get this done more easily. .. in that way i dont "blame"them at all..
    ah its just me, hoping for some changes for the better ;) Hope the community steps up its game or that i find more means for my need ;)

    Regarding wreckers : they are roaches i know. But we can make it as hard as possible. Im advocate for a basic flag system , Wally PLP app combo to start with ..
    Just read the other topic with Stefano ... we will know alot more after v1.1. Dream Pack i guess..

    Have Fun Enjoying your Ban Hammer :p
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2015
  15. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Same thing for rain and night.. the servers using those features are usually the most empty servers, instead people go to cars easily driven, day and clear weather. Maybe it can be used more in single player, but still.. unless you start a server race with clear weather, and then it comes the rain and darker day. But who are the casuals who will do 30 or 60 laps in multiplayer until rain and night cycles over the clear day. Max mp races I've seen is 15 laps... and omg it gets deserted towards the ending laps.

    Most want content, tracks and cars, and more cars added to their preferred racing series. In the future we could have rain and night for single and multiplayer, but until then, imo people seek other things that improve the single and multiplayer experience, than those fancy features little will use.
  16. plaid

    plaid Alien

    The only racing"series" are GT3's and GTE's. No Touringcar-, Prototype- or Group X/# cars, that are very popular.

    Most tracks are pretty boring, besides Spa I played mostly on Snoopys Nords, Joux Plane and Lake Louise, while Spa is still a joke compared to the Nords.
    Driving a car like the SLS on Silverstone or Mugello is the definition of boring for me.
    Fun starts with fast cars (GT) on interesting and exciting tracks (rather Nords then NR GP) for many.

    I know that Im not completly alone with that opinion.

    Inlcuding more racingseries/mixed fields that are popular that are easily to pick instead of searching for single cars could be helpful:
    Things will probably change with more racecars and people getting tired of GT's.
    But we will get more and more GT's. :D
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2015
  17. F430_458_F12

    F430_458_F12 Alien

    For two reasons:

    1) They are easier to control, easier to push, a bit more forgiving on reckless driving styles than the road/vintage/retro cars, esp. the tyre models. While a bad driver won't be able to push any of the cars to their potential, even within 2 - 3 seconds of the best times, they will be able to at least get the GT2/GT3/GT4 cars around the circuit.
    2. Think GTR2...YES. A lot of the folks racing AC are fans of GT focused race-sims and sim-cades like Shift 2, GTR2, GTR Evolution, etc., all which featured a lot of high downforce GT cars. AC provides a high quality physics model for these cars and very fine graphics, so for many I'm sure it's a dream come true.
    2.1) Once many of the members realize that a Lotus Elise or BMW M3 won't corner like they did in NFS Carbon, they get discouraged and go for the cars that give the most speed for the most cool factor. Granted, the Abarth 500 is the easiest car to drive...but I'm sure most think it's a granny-mobile.
  18. Thomas Gocke

    Thomas Gocke Alien

    Agreed, plus GT cars are also very popular in real world racing.

    addition to 2.1) coming from a GT car back to a heavy low grip street car is challenging for everyone in the first couple of corners. Sadly a lot of people don't have the patience to stay long enough to accustom.

    I think there are two types of players, the ones that know what they want to drive, and the ones that join what's popular. It seems there are many people who know they want to drive GT cars, so they populate these servers. You can't blame them for that.
    But if you get a critical mass of 5-6 players in a server with other cars, more and more people will join, not like if it was a GT server, but it works. So in the end you guys wanting to drive something else just need to get your act together and populate the servers. There are more than enough servers of every kind waiting for you.

    About Spa: well, it just is a very popular track, so people will populate a server with it. But here is where Kunos in deed could do something: implementing map cycle!
    This would keep me interested in staying on a server much longer and would also finally make use of the many many nice tracks we have for AC.
  19. GT1

    GT1 Racer

    Most folks don't like driving boats, and most street cars are boats(floaty-wobbly) in a relative comparison to a GT race car. Speaking as I bet most Americans would, we like feeling of a fast car, and cars we know or are familiar looking. (I love the Abarth open wheeler also)
    Spa, big wide fast track with mostly a high speed flow that other tracks don't have.

    Tight chicanes suck and have neutered most famous tracks to the point of ruin.
  20. poet

    poet Hardcore Simmer

    Is it as simple as ABS?
    There's something about braking in AC, especially since the 1.0 that feels .... off..... not sure how to put it.
    Seems to me a lot of cars lock up too quickly and there's little gradual recovery from a lock-up. At least compared to other sims I play.
    Like there's a point in braking where the wheels lock up, but even when you've slowed down a huge amount, that lockup point doesn't change.

    Dunno, maybe it's just me, but I can easily see why people might want to avoid cars with no ABS especially online where a lockup can easily spell the end of the race, not just for you but others as well.
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